Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I think within the last three ish years, roller balls have started to become quite "trendy" in the world of undereyes. Reduce puffiness! Reduce bags! Cover dark circles with ease!

Well, I finally hopped on the train so to speak, and here are the current roller ballers that have been gracing my under eyes.

First up is the Clinique All About Eyes Serum (Gift from the mom in Duty Free) I have been loyal to the "All about Eyes" cream for years but the serum seems to offer slightly different benefits. While the cream is more for hydration and prevention of fine lines, the roller ball was designed to help with puffiness and dark circles, hence this is a AM product.

I forgot where I heard it, but it's all lies. Something about the metal against your skin reacts and semi calms down puffiness due to the temperture?
(This is what I have heard, I have no clue the truth behind it, if you know, please do tell)

I know this comes out a clear serum, and I apply it under my eyes in the morning and I could be dillusional but I do see some puffines go away. I don't have bad dark circles or puffiness in the morning but this really seems to cool the area and help flatten the skin.
I have been using this for about a month and it looks like I have barely used the product. This should last me several months.

Would I repurchase? No, though it's nice to have less puffiness under the eyes, it's not a real problem of mine so my results with this are minimal. If puffiness is an issue of yours, this may be your answer!

Next is the Garnier Roll On. I purchased mine in Asia so of course its "BB" I don't know if this came in a shade range of colors, but the color I have seems to do just fine!

Swatch of the shade on my NC 20 to 25 hand

I previously wrote about my under eye concealer issues here, so I unpacked this Garnier item and decided to give it a "roll" (yes, I am so clever, hard de har har)

I swipe across the under eyes is all your need. A little too much product comes out but really it is workable.

Yup, I look real awake, NOT
This is how much product comes out with 1 roll under each eye (Photo in natural light)

The color is light but does not look fake and blends easily. I actually find that it does not crease
(I set with a powder) outside my eyes natural creases which you see in the photos. I always have to "scrape" that out before I powder but other than that I am set for the day
I blend this product out with my fingers.

Here is a photo with flash photgraphy. As you can see its actually quite brightening! You can also see what I mean by the natural crease below my eyes argh...

Overall I am quite happy with this product. It's readily available (BB version or not), it's somewhat affordable, easy to use, and you know what, it aint half bad. It does not really take place of some of my favorite under eye concealers but considering the ease and results, I would get this again.
This has also now become a gym bag staple to refresh myself after a long workout during the day!

So, have you guys tried any of this roller ball technology?


  1. I LOVED the name of this post! "Ballers" so cute! I use the Garnier one all the time and really love it. One of the best undereye concealers EVER. I should try that Clinique one. I have heard a few things about it (all good) and maybe on those days I'm feeling extra tired it will give my eyes a little boost? I will definitely be checking out!
    I have also LOVED your daily posts. I will miss them. Unless, you feel like doing them more, in which case I will cheer gratefully. :)

  2. YAY thank you Danielle for such lovely compliments!!! My spell check did not work on this post so I was attempting to double check everything! lol I am a TERRIBLE speller.
    The Garnier was surprisingly nice!! Clinique as in the air brush concealer? I want to try too! I know Lisa Eldridge uses it often, and it's very reasonably priced!
    I wrote many posts in advanced that I never published so March should be busy on the blogroll!!

  3. I've been wanting to try the garnier roll ball because a lot of ppl have been talking abt it.. I don't really have problem with my under eye area (Thank God.lol), but in case I might have needed a roll ball one day, I'll buy the one by Garnier ;)
    thanks for the review btw xx

  4. I want to try out the Garnier one, I've heard great things about it. x

  5. I've tried the Garnier and really liked it. My mom "borrowed" it and also loves it! I will def be repurchasing:)

  6. welcome! hope you like the Garnier one!!

  7. Yes, it's not bad for the price and easy to use! Just not the most incredible coverage so if your dark circles are not bad, i would give this a go!

  8. I have the same clinique eye serum as you - I am the same - don't love it and won't repurchase it ever again. There's so much it'll take me forever to finish it though haha

  9. Totally eradicating the eye's puffiness would be a dream. But i have to say that the puffiness of my eye bags had at least been lessened.
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