Friday, February 3, 2012

Beauty Foods for Foodie Friday

Hmm Friday, I never write posts on Friday because that's the day I eat out and enjoy the night life. Freedom after five straight days of my cubicle.

This week I was on the verge of being sick and missed several days at the gym. To help fight my coming cold I decided to fill my body with some power foods.

Beauty is inside and out ladies, you really are what you eat. So I am going to share a very random Whole Foods haul.
( My blog, today is not make up, but inner beauty, ok?)

By the way, after I ate some of this and slept, I was fully healed the next morning! :)
It was the power of food and rest, I don't take pills for sickness

It seems at the start of a new year one of the most popular resolutions I hear is
"I want to eat healthier"
The truth is, when you eat junk, you probably feel like junk.
Whenever I eat too much candy, I feel sick...I cannot handle drinking soda any longer,it burns my throat like crazy, and if I consume too much fast food, I pretty much am out for the rest of the day with stomach pains.
Actually when these things happen, it's pretty good! ok it's immediately bad, but good in the long run. Your body doesn't know how to process these things. It's starts rejecting these foods, and everyone likes to avoid pain, so you just start avoiding the foods that cause it. By eating as healthily as you can as often as you can, you will notice an increase in overall health.

I am not a dietitian or know more about health than the next person. I just read Fitness and a few random diet books for the structure of a diet. I follow my own kind of "Diet" but here are some of the things I regularly try to consume.

Also a few new things I am trying to strive to be better health wise. One can never be too healthy :)

Ok for some reason, this trip resulted in alot more cheese than usual...

Whenever you feel like you need some sugar, curb cravings with a nice bar with less guilt, even though many of the bars on the market are full of sugar and calories. Be mindful of labels and ingredients

As a general rule to myself at the market, every time I shop I try to buy one new thing

It's not always successful, but I am always glad I gave it the good ole college try
This tea by the way tastes AWFUL and I would not recommend it to anyone. I am not fasting by any means, I just thought the description sounded interesting. It smelled good but this has the worst after taste and after about 2 sips, yeah I called it quit.
Now I know. Avoid.

Trying Truvia. It's not bad! Better tasting than Splenda. I don't consume artificial sugars often but I just wanted to give it a try in my breakfast or protein drinks around gym time.

Things not pictured but almost always purchased:
Greek Yogurt 2 percent: I am not hard core enough for zero percent, excellent for your digestion and a perfect snack! Especially with pineapple, honey, and almonds!!
Kale: because they make amazing chips for a more healthy substitution, and dark leafy greens are the best kinds of greens you can eat!
San Martzano crushed tomatoes: because tomatoes are good for the skin, especially after being cooked, and San Martzano fire roasted tastes delicious over anything...
Almond butter: A bit pricey, but a tasty alternative to traditional peanut butter
Pomegranate juice: I mix this water to refresh my palette, and consume anti oxidants
Lemons: Because when added to water really help detox the body

Last things to note:
Shopping at Whole Foods doesn't make a person healthy

Eating healthier does tend to be a bit more expensive, but it is worth the cost

Eating healthy doesn't means only salads, protein shakes, and oatmeal. Introducing 1 healthy new food habit into your life at a time is a small step to big change

If you don't know if you are hungry or thirsty, drink water

Again, this is not a diet post, or a preach on how to eat. Every person has the right to choose what they consume, but remember, you are not forced to eat something, everything consumed by you is your personal choice, so making mindful ones would show your actions more than words.

Do you guys like health food posts? I really have no idea... I used to be quite addicted to dieting but that lifestyle is hard to maintain if you are not a celebrity. It seems so many women are constantly struggling with body image and confidence. Food seems to be an enemy to so many. It's just food. It's always going to be there. No need to be afraid of it.

If you guys like health posts I can try to post more, but for tomorrow, beauty blogging will resume!

Happy weekend all!


  1. Haha, I recently started a blog that's really just a food log, but also I wanted to show what a real-person almost-vegan eats. I'm hoping to embarrass myself when I eat terribly so I'll feel even more motivated to choose good stuff. So far it's helped... a little :P I love that Almond-coconut milk. You can really taste the coconut when you use it over cereal and it didn't ruin my go-to corn chowder recipe (made it just a little sweeter, which works with corn). It was nice for a change :) Thanks to Tiffany at Will Work For Makeup I'm mad about kale chips now, too! Do you, like me, find your skin looks infinitely better when you make sure to eat lots of greens i.e. kale and spinach? Sorry for the novel!

  2. i like long comments! What is your food blog name?? I follow many food blogs for inspiration and motivation. I usually write down all the items i eat in my planner. Im not a vegan, but I admire that you almost are! I am more pescatarian but need to eat meat bc when I don't eat enough of it I tend to have fainting spells, so i eat meat once in a while just to avoid that!
    love coconut soy milks and all soy milks. I dont eat too much dairy ( again no idea why i got so much cheese) haha
    Your corn chowder idea sounds great!!!
    When I eat more greens I dont notice anything with my skin :*( but i do notice when i eat less meat and more water i get less spots and a far better glow!

  3. I like these posts! You have quite an interesting food haul there! I really need to get to the grocery store more often and explore.... I think I eat pretty unhealthily but probably healthier in comparison to the average American. It's a good thing I don't really like drinking things other than water. I want to try drinking tea because some are intended to help detoxify the body and whatnot but I'm not sure if it's all marketing :/ Do you have any teas to recommend?

  4. That's good u like it! haha I go to the grocery store about 5x a week or more. I really hate to eat anything old. Buying 1 new items is exploring but slowly!
    Oh thats good abt the water, i think water is a bit blah so i have to add lemons or cranberry juice but i do drink alot of tea at work. The office is quite cold. I like Yama mota Tea green tea with brown rice is my favorite and its very cheap, under 2 dollars a box in flushing. Comes in like a lime green box with a cartoon picture, the brand makes the same tea even the green tea with brown rice in diff variations but i like the one with the cartoon picture
    I also love chamomille tea, and peppermint tea. I do have to be careful with teeth staining bc i drink coffee in the morning but i try to drink about 6 plus cups a day at work and a few liters of water if i work out

  5. I've had to cut back cholesterol in my diet (well, in my boy's diet) and it's been KILLING me. I miss meat! So I've been trying to incorporate beans and other things to replace it. It's hard though. And I totally agree - eating healthy costs so much more! Especially if you start really getting into it. I'm trying to get quinoa to taste decent - I'm getting there!

  6. if you can get quinoa to taste decent, send the recipe MY WAY bc i have yet to fig that thing out. Awww im sorry about the cholesterol, it's nice you are with him and supporting him in your diet ways. I actually don't really like meat too often bc if i eat alot of it i feel... oily?? I dont know how to explain it but my stomach feels oily haha. Beans im also not a fan of!!! i know im so bad with the protein! thats why i buy the powder but i do like bean burritos!!! with some pepper jack cheese and jalapenos! im getting hungry!

    Hope you and your boy find some decent foods that you enjoy to good health

    Yes it is much more $$ but it's important enough for the splurge ;)

  7. This was really interest! I'd love to see more of these :D I find it hard for me to change my diet because it's more convenient for me to just eat my mom's cooking =.= But I could probably start with lunch (since it's the only meal I have full control over right now). What is that dried up food? A good diet and rest can fix your sickness that quickly? :O And here I am always looking for medicine to cure me hehe >__>

  8. I like seeing different posts on your blog--- I think I never quite know what to expect next, and that's exciting. I don't think posting about a variety of topics works for everyone, but it definitely works so well for you!

    I think I try to stay healthy and natural, but lately I've been craving a lot of junk (like brownies and chips and ramen noodles). Fortunately most of that can't be found in my house so I don't fall prety to those cravings. I guess that's an effective tactic too :P

    I liked your comment about drinking water. I think its easy to confuse thirst with hunger!

  9. I love the almond/coconut milk blend it taste so great in my morning Puffins :) I use Stevia in the Raw much like Truvia but I am trying to cut it out of everything except my morning coffee. Sun dried tomatoes with a little olive oil,mushrooms,onions cooked on the eye over spaghetti YUM! heheh I agree I have been a vegetarian for 15 yrs and in the beginning I was a junk food vegetarian and bought all Organic Veggie Junk Food so Whole Foods is great if you use it right :)

  10. Yumm! All those food looks soo yummy! It's definitely one of my New Years Resolution to be a healthier person and this makes me want to run to the nearest organic store and buy everything out! :D

  11. Actually, I made this guy and it was quite good!

    I'm going to make it again without the olives - I'm not the biggest fan. But it's really really good!

  12. I totally agree J! You are what you put in your body! I have always felt that way but since the new year started I have really been a lot more selective about what to eat, especially for breakfast and lunch. I make sure I get plenty of fiber, fruits and veggies in during the day so that when I go home to work out my body has had the proper fuel it needs to keep my going!

  13. THANK U!!! Actually I am not a big olive fan either!!! lol

  14. the dried up food is sun dried tomatoes!!! it tastes so good with goat cheese and greens in a sandwich! its def YUM!!! yes
    rest, proper eating, and hot herbal tea usually fixes me in about a day or so. I never take medicine unless im pretty much dying! i believe the body knows how to heal itself if treated properly. A healthy body relapses quicker, and gets sick less often. I only get sick bc everyone in my office is sick and since we are in close proximity the whole day the germs travel lol

  15. aww thanks for the compliment Dovey. Actually posting this and future posts such as this was an internal debate. I did not know if anyone cared abt this here, and i did not want to sound like i am preaching wheat grass! lol
    Keeping offenders out of the house is the BEST thing. I have a major chip weakness and in every mkt i go to i just AVOID that aisle bc i know the big bags are 99 cents and I just need to walk away lol

    yes! water is the golden source!! admittingly I am not a fan of the taste but i jazz it up with lemons, or splash in cranberry or pomegranate juice when cold, and herbal tea non stop when I need it hot. Water really helps my skin glow which is addicting!! but hard to maintain as to get that glow i need to drink about 5 liters or more a day lol

  16. Puffins!!!!! they stay so CRUNCHY right??? i love the whole food peanutbutter pows! u got to try em if u nv did. Yes I am curious about these sugars but try to not ingest too much sugar in general, but in coffee yes, i need it hahaha or hazelnut creamer which is so bad but sooooo good
    ur pasta sounds so good!!! i usually have the sun dried tomato with goat cheese and greens on bread, but in pasta YUM also! 15 yrs? I commend u, MAJOR PROPS!

  17. surrounding urself with healthy food reminds u all the time the better things u need and can consume! i hope you find something incredibly tasty!!

  18. ahhh i have noticed more and more healthy tweets from u! :) love following ppl who mention those things bc it reminds me when im being lazy im not the only one suffering or trying! lol
    I hope this yr u get to new heights with your health, with ur mind set and determination, I have no fears u will undoubtedly succeed!

  19. I loved this post and I'm asking for more! :) I also like to drink pomegranate juice, because it's healthy and good for our skin. I've been wanting to try Kale for so long, but I can't seem to find it here. And now (after reading your post) I have to try almond butter as well! I wish we had Whole Foods or... I lived in America ;D
    I'm glad you got better! xoxo

  20. I L.O.V.E. this post! So many people are tired, worn out, have skin issues, diseases, chronic viruses, don't sleep well, etc etc etc and never think to look at what they eat. I'm trying to (slowly but surely) introduce more healthy/natural ideas into my blog. I started a "Coping Naturally" series and posted a couple quick ways to get nutrients. Two of my favorite secret ingredients: raw local honey (no more allergies!), and almonds (great snacks for on the go or to ad to almost any food). I'd love to see more things you learn and try along the way!

    P.S. The biggest help to anyone's health: Water, water, water, water, water!!!!

  21. you know i am not really a fan of sun dried tomatoes! which is weird because i absolutely love anything tomatoey. maybe it is something that needs to grow on me. i always have lemons stocked up in my fridge too! i love making homemade vinaigrette with it (lemon juice, garlic, pepper, salt. so simple and delicious, esp over a salad with grilled chicken!!) and you are so right, eating healthier is much more expensive. but like you said, worth it! i cut out pop from my life a long time ago in high school, i never miss it. i used to miss it when i ate pizza or ate at restaurants but now i really prefer water over anything. just last year i cut out fast food, that i still miss every now and then, just because i am a huge burger/fries junkie!

  22. thanks so much! maybe i will do some health posts! i have alot to say but tend to ramble. Kale is so good if u find some, snatch it up!!! Almond butter is a very nice change and a thumbs up from me! if im very hungry at work i will just have a spoon full for energy!

  23. ahh i have been VERY curious about local raw honey but have yet to purchase. Can you use it the same way in drinks and such, melts the same? I love honey!!! Coping Naturally sounds like an amazing segment!!

  24. sun dried tomatoes are so yum! but sometimes they are a bit *chewy* haha your vinegrette sounds amazing! i need to try it over fish. I am not a chicken or poultry fan lol cept fried chicken! haha i know its soo bad i only have it like once a yr maybe haha
    Cutting soda and FF from your life is GREAT. When I pass those franchise places I wonder why in the world i EVER ate that in HS???
    Having burgers and fries are ok! haha just sometimes, I CANNOT live without French fries, not happ!! lol id rather run the extra miles!

  25. This is a pretty informative explanation:

  26. Thanks for the recommendation! I'll definitely try it out when I can find it :) Wow you drink a lot of fluids! I constantly have to remind myself to drink water because I always forget to :X


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