Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Review

The famous Soleil Tan de Chanel

Everyone knows it, it's the big Chanel bronzer in the tub, but Chanel being French, thought of a much more flattering name :)

I purchased this a few months ago but only recently have started using it, and will share my thoughts.

Texture: Best stated by Lorrain Stanick I believe. This feels like hard soap. Not the most elegant description but the best I ever heard to describe this texture. It's hard, but semi pressable. Harder than any cream cheek product I have ever seen but the deposit of color is adequate by simply "bumping" your brush onto the hard texture as opposed to the traditional swirl or swipe.

Size: It's huge. Content and mass wise. This is not a travel friendly product. It literally is a tub of bronzer. I don't think I ever would expect someone to walk around with this as a touch up product. It's just not practical! This comes with 30 grams of product and the picture above shows about 2.5 weeks of daily use. Let me re iterate, it's huge.

Price: This retails in the states for $48 dollars for 30 grams. If you do the math, it's actually not an outrageous price! The only problem is you are paying it all at once so it seems like alot of money ( it is alot of money for a bronzer) but you have to breathe in as you hand over your credit card and repeat to yourself " If I do the math, it's actually quite a deal!"

Lasting Power: This does not last all day on my hair line for some reason, but down my jawline it does. Well 11 ish hours. I do deposit more color down my cheekbones which may pro long the wear of the product but I add a more sheer layer on my hairline and chin which seem to fade in about 7 hours, with a primer underneath
The results are the same with or without powder to set

Color: This only comes in one shade. It is supposedly "Universal" I don't think this is true. This seems like the dream cream bronzer for those of fair to medium skin. Leaning more on the fair side ( personal opinion) I don't like to look "bronzed" especially in winter, but I find myself adding on quite a few layers of this stuff to get the desired effect of just warmth to my newer paler self. I am getting pale NC 20 territory and I find myself layering this. I don't see people with deeper skin tones finding this to work on their skin.
Those of you are are fair, this is AMAZING. Only if you fit into that category. This has to be the most unbelievably natural shade I have tried. When applied to my skin, since it is a cream product, it seems to blend into my skin more seamlessly than a powder and I am pretty addicted to how natural it looks and brightens my paler skin tone.

I will note that I have seen some Youtube videos on this product and in my opinion, if you are fair and apply this on camera it looks like it has an orange lean. Not all the time, but for those who are quite pale it does seem to cast some what orange.
If you are more medium skin, I do not see this being an issue, and it would look better on camera for medium skin tones

You can see in the below photos the hint of orange, this seems to be emphasized on camera and only on paler skin

In real life on my skin, it's an incredibly natural brown which I do not detect orange in once applied to my face

Bronzer on my skin after two layers with a very dense brush

Bronzer on my skin after three layers, to see how the color builds.
Again this was applied with a very dense brush

Application: It seems everyone has their own method and brush to apply this bronzer. The MAC 109 and 168 are popular but I knew they were not for me. I HATE brush hairs in my cream products. They drive me insane so I tried a few other options.

Try 1: Sephora Airbrush #55 : This was ok. It does not deposit alot of color but since the brush is not too dense this made the color application light and I would always bring it up onto my cheeks for an all over color effect, but I don't use this method often. It takes a long time to build up the color, longer than I have time for in the morning.

Try 2: The MAC 130 brush: I purchased this JUST to use with this bronzer after hearing it made quite a pair. It was ok....the brush is good, but it's small. It takes again too much time for me to build the color so I will have to find another use for this brush.

Try 3: Sigma F82, Yes I found it! A brush big enough to cover a larger area faster, and dense enough to deposit a fair amount of color in less time. A con of this brush with this product is because it is so dense you have to be careful you don't end up with two stripes going down your face and hair lines. It takes a little more arm work to get this around the face and you do have to blend it our a bit after wards to spread the color, but this is still my preferred method, for now.

You can see in the above swatch photos how richly this brush deposits the bronzer on my skin, so I do have to spend time to blend it out. It does deposit it strongly with less time needed for it to be built up

Comparison of the Sigma F82 to the MAC 130
As you can see the MAC 130 is significantly smaller and looser, so getting to larger areas of the face can take longer

In terms of application, I do the famous bump the brush on the surface method a few times and start applying it to my face. I don't deposit residual product on my hand because this is a bronzer I find I have to add layers to, so I am not afraid of it coming out too strong on the face with direct application.

Overall Thoughts: I like this bronzer, it's not my HG but I do like it. I like the color, which I think is great, and build able. I like the fact that it is not too pigmented due to the texture and application methods, because sometimes some bronzers are just too much, especially in the winter. You have to look realistic when there is a snow storm outside! This bronzer brings realism of a warmth than can be layered with ease to a real tan for summer months.

I am not in love with the fact that it seems to come across with an orange tone in photography. I hate orange bronzers, but I take solace in the fact that in real life it definetly looks brown. It looks so natural, people are not even aware I am wearing a bronzer.
Major props on that to Chanel.

Would I repurchase? Unsure...I do like it. I know it's going to last a long time, but I need more time.

That's it for my "flash" review. Hmm I should re name that. Seems a bit wordy but this is a $48 dollar investment, people need to know details!

So, tell me, have you tried the Soilel de Chanel? Do you love it? What brush do you use???
The last question is the one I would love to hear more answers to!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!
I've linked below the song that I currently have on repeat non stop. Who doesn't love Cold Play?
Also a cover song by a Youtuber I have followed forever. Evertime I hear this song I think of my Chanel Winter Nights palette which was used in the movie this song was in, but was discontinued. So sad, isn't that crazy, that's what the song reminds me of ??


  1. Oops... I think I have to get that Sigma brush! I was using the 130 brush by Mac with this bronzer and yes, it took me a lot of time to deposit some colour on my skin! But I attributed it to the hard texture of the bronzer, guess I was wrong... Pfff, now I HAVE to find a use for the 130 brush, hate to leave it unloved cause it was expensive! lol

    I feel the same way about this Chanel bronzer. It's okay, it may run a little orange on camera, but it has to be pointed out that this is in not "universal" as the name suggests, or even as long-wearing as some people on Youtube suggest. Great review, doll! It ain't "flash" in no way, it was pretty thorough! xx

  2. This is a definitely must-have in my kit! I can NOT go anywhere without this! I do layer MAC Harmony on top when I use it though because I do find that it doesn't last all day but otherwise I love it :D

    Thank you so much for your review, I always hearing what other people think about products I love :D

  3. I can't find this to purchase anywhere! So, I just bought Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Toffee and Caramel. I heard Caramel is a dead-on-dupe of this but I don't have it to compare. It does work nicely as a "cream" bronzer on me, though :)

  4. I love thi stuff :) i think you're right about it only being suitable for fairer skinned ladies though. Lucky me :) I use the F82, the slanty one to apply from sigma. Hello Cheekbones! xx

  5. I really want to try it with the Real Techniques Contour brush like the Pixiwoo sisters do it. Just don't like the fact that you have to buy the entire Core Collection kit to get that one brush!!

  6. Jessica, that Contour brush is worth it. It is my favourite face brush! I love to use it for blush (ideal size), the taper works well for applying contour (when I do it) and bristles work well together for blending. Also, you could probably use the tip to apply highlight as well! Even if you didn't use the other 3 or 4 brushes in the set, this brush is worth more than the $20/kit. Go for it!

  7. Everyone loves this bronzer, but I'm afraid it would look orange on my snow white skin. :D Very informative review tho!
    And btw, I love that round kabuki brush by Sigma as well!

  8. I love the smell and texture of this product but have completely been neglecting it! Thanks for reminding me to bust it out again. I use the Sigma F80, but I like the look of the rounded Sigma one you are using better!

  9. I love that gigantic pot of bronzer! It took me months really to figure out how to use it, but now I use either the MAC 187 or the Trish McEvoy mistake proof sheer application brush (they're both large duo-fibre brushes). I tried using my MAC 109 for a while because that's what the pixiwoo girls were using, but it sheds in the product and the hate that. I think the stippling brush is too small really.

  10. Sometimes I use the 130 for blending cream highlighter, like nars multiples and things. I used to use it for powdered highlighters too but now I like the trish mcevoy 48 blending for that (it's the BEST highlighter brush ever, honestly).

  11. i've been lemming this forever and was actually planning to pick it up with this week ^^ since i don't have it yet i don't know which brush i would like using with it but i plan to try the sigma f84, the real techniques contour, & prolly the sonia kasuk blush brush ^^ and i'm totally with you on hating hairs in my cream products. xD

  12. i think i'm gonna start wearing bronzer because of you!

  13. Do it!!!! when u come we can go bronzer shopping!!

  14. if u find a good brush, plz do tell! i think the brush is VERY important with this bronzer! hope u like it!

  15. the 187 is too small? oh no way on the 109 that brush sheds like crazzzzzy lol I heard Trish McEvoy brushes are great! but always fgt to check her out bc her counter is so far

  16. hehe i tried the 180 but it was pre occupied with my foundation so i grabbed the 82 and like it so far!

  17. i hope you find a bronzer u like, but your skin is SO BEAUTIFUL pale!

  18. i agree with everything. not HG for me but definitely a nice product to have. and it is massive! i just got the mac 130 for it recently but i havent used it yet. i have to say i WAS surprised at the small size of it, i didnt realize the head of the brush was going to be so dinky. but i just hope it doesnt shed. that sigma brush looks perfect but i refuse to endorse them haha.

  19. AHH I totally want to try Real Technique brushes!!!!!

  20. I tried the slanty one but i like the 82 better, i was surprised since the slanty one is better for contour. Im still looking for my cheeksbones HAHA

  21. it's nice u found an alternative! Me 2 i couldnt find this for the LONGEST time, and u know what I think alot of Chanel counters I have no idea what this is. You have to say "The big bronzer in the tub" and then they go ohhhhhhh YEAH T.T

  22. glad to hear other ppl love it too!!!! im not alone!

  23. Everyone speaks on how amazing TM brushes are! i need to investigate further as I have been looking for the PERFECT highlighting brush!! must rem TM 48!!

  24. Sounds like an interesting product! I'm not that big on bronzers but i've heard a lot about this particular product!!

    Ohh I'm a huge fan of Bruno mars it will rain :D

  25. i know! i got the MAC 130 like... ok can u blv it was introduced as a foundation brush?? how long would that take?!

  26. Bruno Mars that man can sing!!! esp ballads and blues haha
    When I went to Japan and most of Asia I did not even SEE bronzers it was very interesting! much more pink blushes than I can ever recall though! lol

  27. Yeah the only brands that do bronzers are more gear kind of makeup brands and canmake!

  28. oh yes I have seen the Canmake one, contouring powder

    WHAT!!!!! tell her I AM TOO!!!!

  29. No, the 130 is too small. The 187 works great!

  30. You should definitely check it out! It's shaped perfectly and I think it makes even the more glittery/grainier highlighters (i.e. MAC mineralize skinfinishes) somehow look softer and more refined.

  31. I have this brush, i think the shape is GREAT but it may not pick up enough bronzer for me. I use the MAC 188 for MAC Skin finishes and cream blushes!

  32. I think its time to make my purchase :P


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