Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre Review

Better know as Chanel's Loose Powder to us girls here in the states :)

This has been the newest addition to my make up rotation, and let me just say, I am one satisfied customer.

Purchased in the shade 30 Natural Translucent 2
Chanel does carry varying colors of this powder. It doesn't really offer coverage in terms of color, but I suppose it melds better with your skin if the color of the powder is similar?
This color blends seamlessly on my NC 20 to NC25 skin tone.

The powder itself is ultra fine. You receive 30 grams of product so this would last with daily use an expected 1 year to 1.5 years. It will probably last me eons.

You don't need a lot of product to cover your T zone or your whole face. So this will last the test of time in terms of investment and use.

The powder itself absolutely melds into the skin instantly. It does not leave a powdery chalky cast or a powdered look. It leaves a more semi matte finish, meaning you won't look flat, and as the day progresses, your natural oils do surface, but it seems to do it in a more glowy way, not a grease slick way
The oil control properties are varied. Chanel never claimed this can help with oil control but when I debated purchasing this or the Laura Mercier Translucent powder, Chanel won, because I heard it overall better controls the daily T zone slick over the Laura Mercier's

I notice with this powder, after about 6 hours I should blot, but I don't really have to. I do know my pore area and nose definitely needs to be re powdered but my forehead and chin are not as shiny. So blotting & re powdering may be dependent on how oily you get, but I think six hours is admirable for a powder that does not claim oil control. *Note* This only happens when I set my face with liquid foundation underneath.
(I have tried this with 2 seperate liquid foundations)

To rectify this problem, I don't re powder. I want to keep this powder's natural glow in tact so in the morning I apply bare mineral mineral veil around my nose to keep that area at bay. It may seem like extra work, but it takes about 20 seconds and my overall face seems to keep more of a radiance effect which I prefer, than a re powdered one. But I can choose to blot if I wish to control the shine more


When I just apply primer, concealer, and this powder all over, I stay matte. Granted my skin at the moment is more normal verging on combo everyday, but I don't need to blot, I don't need to powder, not even close. By 5 pm, I still look MATTE. It's pretty crazy!
Since I am not in love with the matte look I notice when I add fix plus to this more simplified face the more natural human shine appears but without this added step, I haven't re touched at all, and don't even come close to needing to.

Blended out to Translucent
Semi matte finish, not flat

Application wise, my favorite brush thus far to apply this hefty priced powder, is the Target Sonia Kashuk Powder Brush

The powder comes with a poof which I do not use, but it is quite soft and keeps the powder safe under the cap and prevents a mess

Do I love this powder? Yes.
Is this the best loose powder I have ever tried? Yes, GRANTED I have only tried one other, MUFE HD ( FLAT CITY, never again)
Would you recommend this powder: Yes, I would.

I think the price is a little high but 30 grams should last me a loooong time. I love the finish I receive when I wear this over liquid foundation because it gives off a natural radiance as the day progresses. I also love the fact that if I am busy and don't feel like re touching up I can simply swipe this powder on over concealer and primer and be pretty set for the day!
I like having separate options!
I don't know how this powder will preform in the summer when I am definitely more oily, but as of now for my normal/combo skin, this one is a winner!


  1. I've actually debated on whether to get this or not in the past. It has a lot of product and of course it's Chanel :P But with all the powders I have currently...I think I'm going to wait haha Not too many people reviewed this product. So glad it's worth purchasing! Is that sonia kashuk's signature engraved onto the brush handle? o.O

  2. it's nice to see a loose powder in such a sleek compact - they're often bulky! Sounds like a great product.. I'm still using my Lunasol one after 18months - it's going strong.. definitely look into this if I ever finish that one lol

  3. is the compact sleek? I actually think it's a bit big lol I mean I would not carry it around but almost all loose powders are so large!! I rem u love that lunasol powder 18 months!! wow! that's great! worth the investment! esp since u live it. I also purchased the Chanel pressed powder, I was in duty free when I purchased these so I said, why not! lol

  4. I've always wanted to be a loose powder kind of girl, because I think it's so glamorous. (Lol, I know.) But I tend to *look* powdered if I don't use pressed. I'm a big fan of SK brushes, though so maybe I should pick up her powder brush. I have sooo many, but that might be the key. Glad you found a powder you like with the bonus of being able to wear it in more than one way!

  5. Yes, I don't see many reviews on this! i dont know why! lol
    The signature is really deeply engraved i think it's just spray machine print but i do feel a slight indenture? lol

  6. Really? I look more powdered when I use press!! lol that's the whole reason why I tried loose! go figure! I actually did purchase the Chanel pressed powder also but have not touched it yet bc I don't need any touch ups! lol maybe in the summer I can review!
    I love the SK brushes!! I like this one better than the MAC 150

  7. I have always been curious about Chanel's loose powder because it gets high marks. I am in the market for a new loose one and are skin types are so similar I think this will definitely work well for me. Thanks for the rec and great review, as always!

  8. If you do get it I would love to hear your thoughts, but at the moment I am really enjoying this powder and now that I found out I stay matte without the liquid foundation, laziness will be taking over more often hehehe! haha btw this and the bronze universal the make up collection looks a bit bulky but i think the effect is stunningly natural in the best way!

  9. my bad what I saw in the second picture is just the lid! LMAO! yeah I know loose powders are generally bulky as hell. I'm carry an alternative pressed powder these days too!

  10. I don't blame u girl, i dont think anyone does! imagine me and u pulling out our loose powders in the restroom to touch up?? HAHA heavy and high maintenance much??

  11. :)) Thank you so much for your last comment! Love you girl, I told you, you're my lost sister LOL Great review as always! You're the best at makeup!

  12. hehe i loved your make up posts too! i bought Dallas because you so highly recc it and i love it also! THANK YOU!

  13. sold! this will definitely be my next purchase. my dry skin spell is over and i am back to being an oil slick! this sounds so promising. thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  14. Oh i hope you like it!!!! I know Sandra also did a review and she is also enjoying it! oily skin girls are running to Chanel! If your skin is super oily the bare mineral mineral veil helps me in July and Aug!

  15. ooh pretty~ i generally dislike loose powders because they're not easy to work with but this one does look tempting :)

  16. Thanks so much for this review!! Sounds like a great setting powder~ love how you said it gives you a nice radiance to the skin. I'm quite curious now!

  17. Woohoo, I just ordered this yesterday! Now I definitely can't wait for it to get into my hands! :) And I totally agree with you about Mufe HD... and it leaves a HORRIBLE white cast in photos... Trust me, I was a major victim. hahah

  18. I've been looking for a new loose powder and I just can't seem to resist the call of those interlocking double C's :) Thanks for the review!

  19. Chanel is pretty tempting in general lol :)

  20. oh yes i have seen many a victim to mufe hd, i hope u love the chanel powder!!!

  21. No problem!!! most women just cannot turn away from the double C's!!

  22. Oohhhhh... I don't know if I should be reading this post. I've been using Marcelle loose powder, but the Chanel looks glorious.
    Do you have any recommendations for pressed powders? I'm looking for something that works as brilliantly but in a portable form.

  23. For pressed powder foundation I like Lancome's Dual Finish powder (in Fragrance Free), for oil control I like the Maybelline Stay Matte powder, for dry skin which needs illumination I like Physicians Formula happy booster!
    I have been interested in trying the Loreal True Match powder, but I have a new Chanel pressed powder waiting in the wings while I finish my others
    I hope this helped!

  24. Yes, this helped a lot. Thank you. :)


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