Friday, February 24, 2012

Current Favorite Winter Cheek

Routine is actually something I strive for. I don't have a set make up routine but if I do the same thing for 1 week or more I find it quite surprising and time saving.
The current go to cheek combo for my still very pale skin.

I know I apply bronzer everyday, but I actually love having pale skin! I think pink cheeks on pale skin look so innocent and flattering. Winter is just about the only time I am able to use one of my favorite blushes in my collection, that gets no love once spring rolls around.

1st step is also bronzer
Edward Bess' Daydream

I always apply bronzer with the fishy face. Not really to contour because I'm lazy and late and in a rush, but just to apply color down my cheekbones using a massive brush to save time and cover a larger surface area in light speed.

I previously wrote a full review on this bronzer which you can find here. Since that review, I have come to really enjoy this product. Though I did hype this up in my head from what I read, I can completely see how this can be some one's HG and fail safe because it is so easy to apply, natural, and very flattering. It can be built up but looks lovely as a single layer over my face, which is my preferred application.
I make the fishy face and apply it down my cheekbones with a massive brush
*cue in massive brush*

This is the Sephora rounded powder brush 20 and I love it for bronzer. Since it's so big and not too densely packed, it applies a light layer, which is easily built up, but I prefer sheer layers in winter.


It fits perfectly into the bronzer!!! Love that.
I then take the remaining product and apply it on my temples, jawline, and neck. The famous "3" or "E" motion

(Please note that the Daydream bronzer has now been repackaged into a rectangular packaging)

MAC's Well Dressed

An old favorite, and constant in my collection. Though it really only shines to me in the winter, every winter I dig it out and remember why I keep this. This is truly lovely on paler skin. It has a very subtle glow. It is a Satin blush and has mini silver shimmer which does not really show swatched or applied but when standing far away there is definitely a recognizable slight glow to the cheeks.

I always thought this color was a bit too milky and cool toned for my skin, but in the winter, it really brightens my face! Also, many people state this blush is not pigmented. I disagree. I tap off all access and apply this product to my cheeks and I have to be careful because I HAVE gone to work with pepto bismal looking cheeks!!

This is best applied sheerly to let some natural pink and glow come to the face.

Many people do state this looks best when they are tanned, but on me, when I am tanned, this looks quite ashy in my opinion.

If I am feeling a little more bold and want my cheeks to stand out a bit more, I would wear Well Dressed on my cheeks and bring it up to almost my temple, and dust a sheer layer of Nars O on the center of the cheeks for a bit more rosiness.

By Candlelight

Do you guys know I love highlighter? Ha! I bet you do now!

MAC's By Candlelight shows up alot on this really is a favorite and is a peachy pink champagne color so it looks beautiful over pink blushes for a sheen. I love applying this with a Sigma tapered brush

Swatches, heavily swatched
R to L: Daydream, Well Dressed, By Candlelight

I of course wear these far more sheerly than swatched but you can see the color palette.

Do you have a go to cheek combo? Does it vary with season and skin coloring?


  1. blushes are my weakness >.< i try and change things up everyday but MAC in well dressed is definitely one of my all time favourites as well. my blush colour usually doesn't change with seasons but just ranges from light pink, bright pink, rosy pink ... every now and then i may venture into 'peach' =)

  2. I love this combination! I've definitely been reaching for well dressed quite a bit lately too. I find it works great with MAC's Refined Golden bronzer.

  3. Such a gorgeous combination! My cheek combos vary, but my favorite contour and highlight are theBalm's Bahama Mama and Mary Lou-Manizer. the summer I adore Sonia Kashuk's Sheer Liquid Highlighter. And I just started using it under my foundation this winter for a glow... Okay, I guess I don't have a favorite x_x

  4. im not a fan of well dressed :x it never shows up on me! but i havent tried it in the winter. i will have to give it a go to see if it works better on my coloring now because i tried it in the summer and was unimpressed haha

  5. I used to have well dressed but it never really looked all that flattering on me. But I do like how it looks on other girls :)

  6. Oooh I need a brush that fits perfectly in my bronzer too! I'm quite pale too, especially in the winter, and I find it very easy to overdo bronzer if I'm not careful. Sometime it tends to look orange ):

  7. I love to experiment with cheek combos! I'm more of a peachy kind of girl :)

  8. blushes are my weakness too! i tend to wear pink only in the winter and peach the rest of the year! im more of a peach girl!!!

  9. thanks soooooo much!!!! i hope i am not boring everyone with my rambles!

  10. oo000000oo sounds like a gorgeous combo!

  11. hehehe the may lou is a fave with some of my fave bloggers i need to swatch this!

  12. in the summer is looks LOUSY on me. Only when i am at my palest does it look CRAZY pigmented!!!

  13. it's ok, once spring and summer hit, Well Dressed looks awful on my skin!!! i can only wear it in the winter! not even fall!

  14. i love that brush bc it applies bronzer fast and sheerly! the fact that it fits is icing on the cake!

  15. high five!!! im a peachy girl 3/4ths of the year. I only wear pink in the winter really!!

  16. i'm a sucker for blushes as well. i looove peach


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