Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Editing Process

Have you guys noticed less and less OOTD's here?
Well that's for two reasons.
1. You pretty much saw my entire work wardrobe
( I'm telling you, there isn't much)
2. All the pictures I have attempted to take have looked awful lately

Blame it on wrinkled material, hasty shots taken in secret, and long meetings which prevent me from entering the office restroom during more "slow" hours but I looked though my collection and noticed, alot of photos I take don't make it on this blog.

Yes a bunch of photos I take are iphone (convenience is king) but if I don't like any of the photos they just get stored aside to die or deleted immediately!!

Here are some of the top photo's I had taken recently but never made an OOTD post

Do you guys have many photo's that just don't make it to the blog due to whatever reason? Do you save them? I usually delete all mine but found all these.

Editing process unraveled...


  1. I alwaysss take photos that don't make the blog... I get so disappointed because usually my make up is JUST right and it's just one of those days that the camera just does not like me! :P

  2. your boots! in the last pic, so cute! where are they from. i love your in work style and casual style :)

  3. That happens to me all the time with FOTD photos. I'll take them and then by the time I get around to writing a post I've forgotten what I put on my face! xD But anyway, as always, your style rocks!

  4. I feel like I have too many photos of the same product when I review something, so I always end up deleting a few off my computer. :P x cute style!

  5. First of all, <3 <3 <3 your ipod case!!!
    The way I cope with photos is, I first decide on a couple of post ideas, and then I take photos of everything I need. The backward situation (first photos, then put together a post) doesn't work for me! Also, I save all my photos to a hard disk and label them by months. That way I don't delete by accident any of them that I haven't yet put up in a blog post!

  6. Love your phone case! I do wind up deleting a lot of photos, but that's more because I try to get flattering angles and lighting... hard to do sometimes. It is winter after all. I think you'll like more of your photos in summer :)

  7. omg i have totally been there!!!! in real life im like wow! picture! i take the photo and think ...... maybe not! lol

  8. u can see the boots??? I did not post that picture originally bc it's so DARK! I bought them from Filene's Basement which recently went bankrupt...but the brand is called "Modern Vintage" who are still around!

  9. awwww thanks so much kayla!!!
    i admire ppl who can do FOTD's!!! it's hard to take a photo of yourself and make up i think! ive tried and utterly failed!

  10. thanks!!! i used to take a crazy # for product reviews and now im trying to take less bc I just delete too many lol

  11. thank you!!!! i love that case too!
    WOW you do alot of things with your photos!!! now i feel bad!!
    I delete many right away!

  12. thank you!!! yes taking good photos in winter or dark hours is a complete pain!!! will prob post alot more in summer!! :D

  13. aww your work wardrobe is so much more interesting than mine XD

  14. I find that incredibly hard to blv!! lol


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