Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Photo of the Day and Blog Challenges

Happy Leap Year Ladies!!! This day only comes once every four years so might as well say it loud and proud!

Today is the last day of daily blogging, I learned quite a bit! and may try it again in the future, but not March lol!

To recap this month, I have attached my Instagram challenge! Feb Photo of the Day! If you follow me on twitter you would have seen most of these, but they are photos I never posted on my blog before.
For those who have never tried a photo of the day challenge, it's pretty fun! And I am ready to tackle on March's! Tomorrow's theme is "Up!"

Your view today\Words\Hands\A stranger
Front Door\Self portrait\Makes you happy\Inside your closet
Blue\Heart\Phone\Something new
Time\Drink\Something you hate\Handwriting
A fave photo of you\Where you work\Your shoes\Inside your bathroom cabinet
Green\Night\Something you ate\Money
Something you're listening to

Instagram name:Lilladylife

Hope you enjoyed the daily posts!!!
Thanks to all who endured to read every single one!


  1. I *really* enjoyed your daily posts and pictures! If Instagram comes to Android (I hear it will be sooon) I will so participate in that!

  2. i am debating if i will do march photo a day. i am obsessed with instagram so it is very possible :) i loved the daily blogging!

  3. *sigh* still waiting for Android to get's taking a little too long!

  4. i loved your daily posts :) it is difficult to regularly post on top of a normal busy schedule...

  5. I think I m the only person who doesn't really use instagram? LOL! Anyway love yours! They all look really artistic in their own :)

  6. yes, i have heard that from many Android users, they are all getting tired of waiting

  7. Thanks Nic! if u ever create one id love to follow urs!

  8. thank u dear! it was a lil hard at time but planning really helps :) something i lacked sometimes lol

  9. i started march photo of the day but i think im going to skip it now maybe try again in April lol

  10. Thanks so much for such a swt comment! when u guys get instagram send me ur user name!!

  11. just followed you on instagram ... can't believe i wasn't following you before >.<

  12. I agree. Your daily posts are great:) (just started following you on instagram last week:)


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