Saturday, February 11, 2012

In Sight In Mind

I get asked every month how I am able to finish so many products in my monthly empties posts. While I am contemplating a full post on how I am able to finish so many things ( I actually have no idea on what to write for that post) I thought I would share how I finish my lippies.

1. Look through your collection and pick out things that are sample sized, items that are half done, or items that are close to expiration

2. Pull those specific lip products out, and take the rest of your collection and put it away. In a dark deep drawer, that is out of sight, out of mind.

3. Take the selected few and put them in a visable place. Interchange them in your everyday make up bag, interchange them for date night, interchange them for the night out with the girls, but keep within the small rotation.
( Try to pick a semi variety)

4. Use those few selected lippies every single time you apply a lip product. If you picked a varied enough rotation, and wearable shades (which most of us love to collect) you can probably wear them to just about any occasion.
I typically just pick one, finish it, and go on to the next one, but feel free to swap out, it's important not to feel suffocated with limited choices

5. Try layering products. Maybe a lipstick you are trying to use up looks great under a lipgloss that is also in the rotation, 2 uses in 1

6. Don't feel suffocated with your less limited choices. If it's a special occasion and you want to whip out Russian Red, do it. Enjoy it, smile! but the next day, let's put it away and get on with what we are trying to accomplish

7. Eventually all your lippies in your rotation will run low, and you can get bored, but the excitement of almost finishing things, tends to push me to finish it up. I hope this is a phenomenon we all share ;)

8. Rekindle your love for a product that was lost in your back drawers, you purchased it for a reason, because you liked it. Now it's time to use it and remember why

(Current Rotation) R to L: Ample Pink, Lancome Flush, Rimmel Airy Fairy, Tarte Lip Surgance in Enchanted, Dior Lipgloss in 456 (not pictured, it's a peach), NARS Dolce Vita L/S (Not pictured)
Al wearable for all occasions

I generally do this kind of set up with most of my make up, and eventually just end up finishing things. I do rotate out items before I finish them because sometimes it just takes too long, weather changes, skin conditions, and moods change. But I always end up bringing it back in my rotation!
But since lip products are more semi easy to get through, let's finish a few, get the motors going, and keep the adrenaline high on finishing product after product.
Believe me, it's a satisfying feeling!

*Fun fact* I collect Starbucks cups from all over the world. This mini one came from a co worker who visited the Philippines and its just perfect to house my lip glosses :)

Incorporating your collections for storage also makes things personal and fun


  1. haha good tips ^^ i usually rotate my items but i think i rotate them too often to get close to finishing them ^^" i will try to finish them up now as well :D

  2. Great tips! I will try to do that. I rarely finish anything and it feels awful. I get distracted too easily.

  3. Great post! I can't wait till I finish up my products!

  4. I love the cup. PHILIPPINES thats where i come from... you did a good job to finish those product, haven't done taking photos of my empties product yet maybe someday. enjoy ur sunday...

  5. Love this! I'll try it out soon to finish my mountain of make up stuff :)

  6. Great tips! I try to do this every week, but I think I need to extend it longer. Also, I need to reapply my lip products more often. Most days I apply them once, maybe twice and then never again so it takes a looooooong time to use one up. lol.

  7. try it!:) I don't rotate until most of the things are finished! it can be a little long sometimes, but it pushes me to use em up so I can change!

  8. I have been there girl, this is the method i have found to help restrain myself lol.
    This makes me remember why I purchased something, and i feel much more satisfied when I finished it bc I learned to appreciate it fully

  9. I saw your latest post! it looks like you are almost done with many things! esp Hush!

  10. Excellent!!! i hope these tips work for you!! :)

  11. Thanks! the cup is the PERFECT size for my lipglosses! it came in a set i have another one with a diff picture on it! they're so FUN to collect!!!
    Hope you had a great wknd!

  12. Great! i hope you chip away at that mountain! I have one of my own! haha

  13. Thanks! i know! i only apply lipstick in the morn and gloss the rest of the day seems to be chapstick!! but i try to rem, some of my other lippies are quite hydrating as well!
    I usually change the rotation when all the products are gone so it lasts a few months! lol

  14. Fantastic post! The only thing I go through regularly is mascara x_x. I really need to fix this, but that would involve coming up with a more every day look and I've gotten a little ADD with color lately. Maybe I need to challenge myself! The fact that you collect Starbucks mugs is simply... I have no word. But I love it! My favorite mug is my glass Sbux. It always makes me feel fancy. Geeky, I know, but I figure you of anyone can understand :)

  15. really? omg the LAST thing I ever finish is mascara hahaha i only wear it like 2x a week?? MAX haha so i only open 1 for a loooooooooong time lol
    Glad someone understands the sbux cup love!

  16. great tips! your posts on "finished products" are always astounding... i seriously am in awe of your skillzz. hahah! and such a cute idea about the mugs :)

  17. thanks! i hope my tips helped i dont have much skillzz otherwise HAHA


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