Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Looks of Love

Happy Valentines Day ladies!!!!!
I hope everyone had a good one!! Mine was not very exciting so I hope yours were all better!

Today I wanted to share some Looks I have been Loving and I am embarrassed to admit it but it's been Gossip Girl!
I've never actually seen the show, but have seen the cast countless times online. I have to admit the clothes, hair, and make up always just look amazing...

I love Blair (style wise, I hear she is quite a mixed character)
Her skin is always natural, rosy blusher, light bronzer, perfect brows and hair, and berry lips look amazing with her hair color
Very polished and put together, if not a little stiff.

It's a look I love but she seems to give nothing but stares in all the photos!

My other female obsession of the moment is French export Clemence Poesy
Clemence always seems to dress simply and comfortably but remains quite chic. She seems quite effortless and I think her blue eyes are quite haunting in a good way.
Her make up is very natural, but a girl like her, doesn't need much.

Look I love, au natural

Apparently she has been on Gossip Girl? (News to me...)

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Ending the post with some of my own pictures. Some flowers my family gave me for V day. As an FYI, Justin Beiber is only in the photo because I have his perfume sample, I am not a fan... LOL


  1. I loooove Clemence Poesy! She always looks flawless on the red carpet. Her blues eyes + her blond hair = oof! Perfect!
    Hope you had a lovely day! :)

  2. LOL about JB! I also love Blair's look, especially her wedding pics! Gorgeous! I wish they released products used :-( I've seen Clemence Poesy here and there, she is STUNNING whoever she is!

  3. Thanks for your sweet words Maggie!

  4. I know!!!!!!!!! I am dying to know what lipgloss she wore to her wedding bc I would RUN OUT and get it! it looked perfect hahaha
    she is a French model and actress I have only seen her in the HP film though!

  5. i love Gossip Girl. I'm 1 season behind everyone else though. I agree with you. Blair's/ Leighton Meester's make-up justs suits her to the ground.She always looks beautiful. Same with Serena/Blake Lively - she's just a goddess.

    The flower looks great :)

  6. I have to agree that the French are very chic. Almost 80% of them. I can just sit at one of a neighbourly french cafe and watch passerbys. Vogue in motion!

  7. lol lovely flowers~~ and i totally forgot that clemence posey was on gossip girl until u mentioned it and gossip girl does have some fantastic looks :)

  8. oh? I have never seen the show looks a bit... dramatic? lol but the commercials give me a feel for whats going on and i can tell the wardrobe and make up is stunning!

  9. Vogue in motion! ahh that's a good one!!! what do they have, I guess an essence that makes them so chic!

  10. haha i had NO IDEA she was on the show until I was looking for photos of her!

  11. Clemence Poesy is gorgeous! Yeah she was on GG - she was with Chuck when he faked losing his memory very briefly haha

  12. whoa sounds dramatic! fake losing memory wth haha seems like a show u got to keep up with!


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