Friday, February 17, 2012

Make Up Forever Face and Body Review

The search for a Holy Grail foundation seems almost never ending but here is my current "Favorite"

I have noticed the trend of lighter and thinner foundations on the market. Unlike Revlon Color Stay and Estee Lauder Double Wear but thin, watery foundations, many of the shake variety where you let your skin show, or the catch phrase seems to be "Like Second Skin"

Here is my current go to liquid foundation for that look

The Make Up Forever Face and Body

Originally purchased in the summer to be a light layer, I quickly switched to mineral foundation because my skin was just an oily mess and anything liquid I thought would slide off. This is supposed to be water proof but wiping perspiration seemed to be moving the make up around a bit. This was beautiful, but put away.

I actually am not the biggest fan of liquid foundations, which explains why I have 4 unopened ones...

But this, this is so...THIN. This is so light and you need only enough to barley cover and to really just even out your skin. This is not the kind of foundation to use if you have skin issues
(spots, severe redness)
This is what you use if you skin is pretty decent, and you just want to perfect it.

This foundation can be built up in layers to provide more coverage, but it will not have very high coverage for sever skin issues
Coverage to light to medium at best. Layering would increase the coverage.


THANK YOU MUFE for including a PUMP! Easy points scored!
Booo for glass bottles. Heavy, and fear of cracks leaves this baby home and weary of travel.

I usually use about 1.5 pumps for the face and neck, and you need to give this a good shake. It's a gel consistency and tends to separate so give it a shake brings it all together again.
The pump is decent and let's me do 1/2 pumps

My favorite brush to use this with is the ELF Flat Top Brush ($3 bucks! try it!)

Color Range

This foundation actually has quite a selection of colors, which is awesome. Unfortunately I seem to fall in between shades. I am normally a MAC NC 25, but in the winter I do lose some color and shade 20 is perfect! When I am back to NC 25 the shade is ok... I need a bit of bronzer, but it works. The next shade up 32 is too dark and yellow.

If you live in NYC the MUFE store may custom color some shades for you if you get color matched ( I have only heard this, I cannot confirm all the employees do this)


For $38 US dollars you receive 1.69fl oz. Normal foundations are 1 fl oz.

Texture and Wear Time

The texture of this is a mix of gel and water. Even if I use this foundation daily and shake it each time the first pump always has a little gel ball which I just avoid. You can see it in the photo, bottom left.

I take the product and place it on my face using fingers, then I use my flat top kabuki to distribute all over evenly.

Since this product is so thin, you have to be careful of buffing. I have used my Sigma F80 with this foundation but it seemed to buff alot of product off. I have tried a few stippling brushes but I felt it was a bit streaky. I like a nice semi dense flat brush.

On the skin it looks natural. Not too matte, not too dewey. It does not take long to dry and once dried, it looks like your skin. Even when I put myself in front of a magnetized mirror and see my skin with this foundation on, it looks like skin ( Love that)

Not too dewy or matte. This does have a natural slight "glow" to my skin, and I do powder my T zone. My pore area gets a bit oily with this foundation but powder fixes that up in 1 swipe.

I chose this foundation over the MAC Face and Body because the MAC version was a bit too dewy for the summer and looked like it needed to be powdered immediately

If worn with a primer, and powder this lasts on my skin all day and just about all night. At about the 12 hour mark it does look a bit worse for wear so I spritz MAC's Fix plus all over and it looks alive again!

Skin Reactions

Another reason why I chose this foundation over MAC's version was because MAC foundations break me out like crazzzzy. This foundation is made up of almost all non comedogenic ingredients and one ingredient does cause some people skin issues, but it is amongst the last of the ingredients and on a scale of 1 to 5 for skin reactions, it was designated as a 1. I took those as good odds of my skin tolerating the product.

Overall Views

I like this foundation, alot. I have tried a few liquid foundations and many feel like something is on the skin. I like how light this feels, and how incredibly natural it looks while being long wearing. I have recommended this to a few people who did not like it, and thought it felt heavy. If you are accustomed to only wearing mineral make up, then yes this will feel heavier, but I guarantee it is not a heavy product.

I would recommend this, as this is the only liquid foundation I would actually repurchase out of all I have tried in the past.

What are your favorite foundations? Do you prefer natural light ones, or heavier versions?


  1. I used to love this one, but now-not sure. It's so heavily scented now! It wasn't before, years ago when I first tried it. Plus it seems that the shade I used is too light for me now too. But I used to really love it. I like lighter foundations better than heavier ones.

  2. Your post makes me want to try this out! I like lighter foundations yet the one I love the most (Estee Lauder Double Wear Light) is quite heavy. I used to like the Mac Face & Body a lot because it was so light and natural looking but it did make me oily pretty quickly and would need to constantly powder throughout the day.

    PS - just discovered your blog :) I'm Teresa!


  3. Great review. I just might have to try this. What mineral foundation do you recommend?

  4. This is a foundation that I really want to try. I have so many on rotation right now that it's not even funny :p It looks really good though!

  5. I want to try this now. Your recommendations are always good. I tried the Lancome Dual Foundation. I like it.

  6. I definitely have to get some of this for my kit! I"ve been hearing so many great things from so many make up artists that I think it's finally time for me to get some! :P

  7. I tried a sample of this hoping that I'd love it but unfortunately I didn't. Sometimes it would look really flawless and natural but several times it ended up looking cakey. I had the same shade as you though and it matched me really well. I just got a sample of Mac's Face and Body but have yet to try it out. I asked the SA about the breakout issue and she said that it's usually the thicker, heavier coverage Mac foundations that cause breakouts so hopefully F&B will be okay. Glad you found a favorite because it seems like beauty junkies are never satisfied :P What mineral foundation do you prefer for the summertime?

  8. hello dear! i rem you not having much luck with this one :(
    cakey eh? hmm that's too bad :( maybe fix plus can fix that if you ever try another foundation with the same effect
    Hands down favorite mineral foundation for summer is Lancome's mineral foundation!! no one even knows they make one!! i have a review somewhere on this blog lol

  9. Ahahaha, sweet! I also find that elf flat-top brush is the best with these kind of watery foundations! It feels good to have opinions corroborated <3

  10. It's a really great one! ( I think) i hope you find it with great success!!! it looks soo natural!

  11. That's wonderful about the powder!!! try getting a sample of this foundation first to try it out in case, powders u cant really sample, but these u can!

  12. Hiii Teresa!!
    Thanks for coming to my little blog and commenting!! ;)
    Yes I would grab a sample of this to try! it's great for warmer months! the MAC version had a nice dewy effect on application but as the day went on i was pretty much powdering every 10 minutes, which is not something i want to do
    The MUFE version requires less work! which i am all for!
    hope you come back to my blog again!

  13. ahhhh yes i FGT to mention the scent!! i actually dont smell it much anymore...maybe i got used to it??
    Lighter foundations that make the skin show and breathe are def the better option in my book!

  14. it's always great and funny when you have something expensive work perfectly with something super cheap! lol

  15. this foundation seems to match your skin tone really well! I haven't used foundation for a long time now - my skin is doing pretty with only BB creams.

  16. ahhh this foundation! I've seen fuzkittie with this foundation before but I never paid too much attention to it. Personally, I tend to sway away from foundations at the moment since I haven't mastered the skill to match the colors. Then again I have really problematic skin right now and foundations tended to look too cakey on me. :( ughhhhh

  17. Great review! I'll definitely be checking this out :)

  18. ahh i have a back up of my nanoce bb cream! i will be using it in the spring! i like to rotate, haha i checked my email and saw so many comments from you, THANKS for taking time to do this!!

  19. oh yes if you have acne this is NOT the foundation for you, and also no foundation when your skin is spotty it just looks cakey u are right. Best a bit of concealer and some powder, hope you skin gets better soon!!

  20. grab a sample and give it a whirl!!! i hope u like it!

  21. Thank you for the review! I think that I'm going to grab a sample of it soon! I usually hate liquid foundation but this one seem to be interesting! I have the same problem as you - I can't use MAC base makeup! They give me these small red pimples >_<" Oh and I discovered your blog not long ago & I love it! I'm a new follower ^_^

  22. Thanks so much for coming and commenting on my blog! i do recc a sample in case you have some kind of skin issue with this, as usually samples at Sephora lasts me about 3 applications! Good luck! and welcome!!

  23. I just bought this in my recent haul in preparation for spring! I tried it last summer and it stayed on even on the hottest of days.
    Def works better than MAC F&B on combination skin. I had to return that sucker because it would melt off in a few hours for me!

  24. Agreed!!! the MAC versions is prettier when first applied but then unless you have dry skin it really starts making you look greasy!! glad i was not alone on that, that one seems better for the body

  25. I just bought this foundation yesterday and I LOVE IT! I'm in the shade porcelain 2 and it seems to be a great match, as well as a lovely finish. Thanks for this great review!


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