Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Dream Team of Base Basics

Here they are ladies, the current "Dream Team" in my make up arsenal that have been preforming and blowing me away each time non stop

All products shown I have been a complete fan of from the beginning, but when combined, I have found the trinity of long lasting, and perfect looking base make up.

My boyfriend like most men doesn't like me wearing make up, I thought. Apparently he doesn't mind, he just doesn't like me looking cakey. Well...he usually sees me after work, after commuting, after a day of meetings, conversations, and more work. Fast forward 13 hours and my face is looking like...I've been wearing something for 13 hours! Dryness, small separation, concealer long gone.

No more!

I have found with this combination of products, after 15 hours it still looks as good as when I applied it at 6:30 AM, so what's the magic combination?

Step 1. Fix Plus

This is one of those love it or I don't get it items. I used to be in the latter category. I used this about 10x didn't understand the hype and put it away. I brought it back out when I wanted to empty it out to Back 2 Mac it and I fell in love.

On bottle number 3 and going strong.

I spritz this on my face in the morning after moisturizer to give my face a bit of a hydration boost and I have found this helps in my make up longevity. I pat the liquid into my face to absorb.

Step 2. Laura Mercier Primer Oil Free

Hands down my favorite primer by far. I have used several of her varieties but enjoy oil free. I hate silicone based primers but because this is water based it feels light and absorbs into the skin. Unlike most of her brand, I think this primer at 1.70 fl oz is fairly priced at $30 which should last a good while with daily use.
I use a nickel sized amount and spread it all over the face.

I then apply any base I am using. It can be as little as just under eye concealer, a tinted moisturizer, or a foundation. I have found the results to always be the same with these bases. Amazingly long lasting.

Step 3. Chanel Loose Powder

You can read a more in depth review here. But I have since writing that review fallen even more in love with this powder and have no desires to try any others for a long time. This is called, complete satisfaction!!

Step 3.5 I forgot to photograph this, but I apply a thin layer of Bare Minerals Mineral Veil around my nose and pore area only. My oilest area.

Step 4. Fix Plus Again
Yes again. The Chanel loose powder does not leave a powdery finish, but a spritz of this really removes any traces of make up, and blurrs the lines on the face to look like you are really just glowing. This spritz also helps in longevity.
I vigorously fan my face with perfume paper samples to help dry the liquid faster and leave no water marks on my face

I spend most of the day worry free going forward. Sometimes depending on my foundation of choice I have to blot at lunch, and only around the nose but other than that, I am worry free!

If you have plans at night:

Right before heading out to meet your plans, spritz Fix Plus again, yes this comes out often! I love the travel sized version (god send). This will remove ANY traces of cakiness and refresh your make up so you look fresh and alive.

**NOTE** Every time I use Fix plus in any of the above steps I use about 6 spritzes.
(Three across the top, and three across the bottom of my face)
That may seem like over kill to some, but that is how I feel is most beneficially hydrating, and removing all traces of make up cakiness.
The bottle still lasts me several months!

By hour 15 look in the mirror to see your face as good as it was at 6:30 AM!
Now I just need to find a dream worthy concealer for the perfect base!

What are some of your best base items?


  1. Ooh, have you tried the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer? I'm hoping you haven't because I'd like to keep up hope that I don't need to run out and by the Laura Mercier, haha. Interesting idea to put the Fix+ on before the primer. I think I'll be adding that to my routine; thanks for the tip!

  2. I have tried the Hourglass in the store and it feels AMAZING but it feels very silicone based which is the reason why it feels so incredibly smooth, but I am not a fan of that feeling and like primers that feel like nothing on my skin. This is a personal preference but i know that HRG one is a total HG to many!

  3. have you used embryolisse lait concentrate? is it good as moisturiser/ primer- do you still need a primer on top of it? have just purchased online, am eagerly awaiting for the delivery...would avene facial spray bee same as the MAC Fix+ in setting the makeup? Thanks!

  4. I have heard of that cream but have never seen it in stores here. If I ever do I would but it!
    The avene spray did help in removing the cakiness and hydration but for make up setting and longevity I think MAC fix Plus is better. as the Avene was more skin care benefits and the MAC is more make up benefits
    Hope that helped!

  5. That was really helpful , i do love the MAC Fix+

  6. Sounds like a perfect combination of base products! I've been looking for a great setting powder and i think i will check out the Chanel one! :)

  7. i hope you give it a try and enjoy it! luck on ur search!

  8. these products look so nice and high quality too;)=)

  9. Wow! I can (oddly enough) actually visualize these products working well together. I've never tried Fix+ (or any of the setting sprays) but I've been curious lately so I think I need to check out the ingredient list and see what it's all about. I've been using an oil mattifier in my T-zone lately. I just feel SO OILY. Sometimes I worry that over-doing the "for combo/oily" skin products will actually make me even oilier. You know...mattifier/primer, then foundation and powders geared for my skin type. I bet the Fix+ helps balance things out. And that powder...every time you post about it I want to use my loose powder! But *unfortunately* I have some pressed powder in my "to finish" basket thanks to SOMEone :P

  10. I've been seeing a lot of the Chanel powder lately, and now I'm even more intrigued to try it. I can't decide which I want to try first - I've read a lot about the La Mer Loose Powder and Nars Loose Powder and hear they are great as well. Have you tried either one?

    Great post. :)

  11. You make them sound so I'm tempted to try them all xD I miss using Fix+ ... must get a bottle soon!
    Have you tried the hydrating primer before? Is the oil-free version good for combo skin with some flaky/dry spots?

  12. they work great together! have you tried some? :) of have other favorites?

  13. haha i can sometimes imagine things working too!!! i dont know if they were limited edition but I have a travel sized fix plus which is a nice way to test out the product for a cheaper cost if you never gave it a go
    Powders are something so hard to finish, once you are done give the Chanel a whirl, it will be worth the wait!

  14. I really love this Chanel loose powder, and I have heard amazing things about the La Mer and NARS one but I unfortunately have not tried either...I have only tried MUFE Loose Powder which I thought was over hyped.

  15. I have never tried the hydrating primer bc I always assumed that one was for dry skin. I use oil free because it's best on problem skin which tends to be oily/combo!

  16. I love the oil-free primer! I have Fix+ but didn't think it was all that great...... until I tried your method of spraying it after the moisturizer (I used to only spray it at the end to set my make-up) and oh my gosh, what a difference it made! I don't have the Chanel loose powder, but I'm definitely considering getting it now.

  17. YAY im glad these things are working out for you! i used to not understand Fix plus either, but now its looove

  18. I use Kiehl's Rare Earth Pore Refining Tonic which is a toner with clay that needs some shaking of the bottle to mix the products. It sucks up any excess oil. Have you tried Urban Decay's All Nighter? It's really amazing too!!

  19. I'm definitely into the whole face mist / spritzing thing! I'm really glad that Japan offers a bunch of choice with face mists since MAC is so pricey. I remember it being really good!


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