Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Perfume Collection

Presenting my humble (to some) perfume collection

I consider myself lucky. Perfume doesn't really excite me like clothes, shoes, and make up do ($ eaters!!) I tend to not buy perfume often. I will usually use up several bottles before purchasing a new perfume, I will then go out and purchase several new bottles at once. I seem to be an all or nothing person in this category!

I will state as a disclaimer. I know nothing about perfume. Notes, undertones, musk?? What is musk? I always think musk is smelling manly?? As you can see, I am not kidding about this disclaimer.

You will see from my descriptions of my perfumes what I mean, I pray they make sense.

The majority of my perfume

As you can tell, I am a Joe Malone loooova

Red Roses: The only scent I have in the mini form *damn* I passed this for years and always debated on purchase. I finally bit the bullet and bought the tiny bottle thinking this was sensible. Now I kick myself for not getting the larger bottle 3x the size...

This is the strongest Joe Malone Cologne I own. This seems to be a complete hit or miss scent.
To me, it smells like older roses, slight potpourri, lace, pearls, and your grandmothers vanity when she was young and glamorous
( she probably still is)
The scent is not a light scent which is different for me, slightly warm, comforting, and better in chilly months.
I have heard this scent is one of the most popular to layer with the other colognes in the line

Yes. Quite possible the most personal description I can give on a scent.
( I told you, re read the disclaimer, I know nothing about perfume)

Wild Bluebell: One of the newer scents. This smells slightly crisp. Not fresh or bright, but like quiet afternoons, or very early morning. How the air smells then. You smell something sweet. Not candy sweet but like a mix of blueberries, and honey suckle.
This scent is very soft, not too feminine, but I doubt a man would want this scent.
This seems like a perfume to wear with NARS Doucer and a comfortable sweater

Orange Blossom: This is more oriental. Warmer, I smell honey suckles, and the faintest hint of orange rinds. I purchased this because we used to grow honey suckles in our family garden when I was younger, and this perfume brought me back.
This is a very comfortable smell that makes you feel more relaxed, and ready for a nap, not because you are tired, but because you are comfortable and happy.

Nectarine and Honey Blossom: This is the brightest one out of the bunch. It's not fresh or crisp enough. No citrus notes. Nectarines are soft and sweet. This smells bright and youthful. This smells feminine, comfortable, and non offensive. I think this is worn by women who seem to love to smile, and listen more than speak. Nectarines, honey, and brightness.

Most of the scents I gravitate towards are bright, fruity, and cheery. I am not a floral fan, but I don't mind a bit of floral as long as fruit is the main component. I don't like things that are too warm, too intense, too vanilla, no no no. Definitely not me.

L'Occitane Cherry Princess: Not a fan of the packaging with that lame sticker on the bottom, and the cheap cap also the name is a bit...I don't know...I want to say juvenile? Seems a bit harsh but.. yeah the scent is what's important

This smells young, a little more intense than all the Joe Malone colognes but only because it starts with a bit of a splash to the senses. Definitely feminine, springy, slight floralness. I am guessing the scent is derived from Cherry Blossom trees because I don't smell any cherries in this. It is definitely my sweetest smelling perfume, and usually I hate sweet, but this was bright enough that when spring comes this will call in great weather!
I also smell 1 last thing.. I don't know what it is...I want to say pepper...HAHA I dont know why

Marc Jacobs Cranberry: Wow this bottle is HUGE it will last me eons...
This is a huge bottle but a light scent. It smells like cranberries! Not in your face at all. As if you saw those Cranberry juice commercials where the two guys are standing in the lake surrounded by cranberries, it would smell like that!
Cranberries all over, but none in your face. Definitely my go to scent in the summer.
If you are not from the states and have no idea what commercial I am speaking of, the above made no sense and I hope it's on Youtube.

YSL Parisian: Very ladylike. what my boyfriend smells when I wear this. I smell some violet? It smells like lychees and honey with a dash of sophistication and warmth.

Travel Sized
These are the perfumes I keep in my bag to spritz in life, before surprise dinners, and work meetings

GAP Stay: Just bright and fresh and I wear this after the gym
Ralph Lauren Romance: Ladylike, very floral, and soft and strong at the same time
Zara Blue: Neutral floral scent that is not over powering

My most used perfume which I just finished my X'th bottle of is Elizabeth Arden Green Tea. There is a LONG story behind it. I personally don't think it smells all that special, but the boyfriend loves that the MOST and has a nose more sensitive than airport canines, so I have back ups upon back ups of that scent.
It smells slightly citrusy, a bit of lemon, and an herb garden rolled in one.

I just recently chose this perfume, and received it as a Valentines Day gift from my mom. Have not used it yet

I also have some perfumes wish listed at the moment which is so UNLIKE ME but maybe I am growing up? Or developing another obsession!!!

Do you guys have any favorite perfumes or brands? Or even a signature scent?


  1. My favorite is Chanel's Coco Madamouselle (im sure i spelled this wrong). I have always been curious about Jo Malone perfumes because they look elegant and so classy! :)

  2. Really? my mom got me Coco Madmoiselle first ( i think i spelled it wrong too!) but it was too strong for me :(

  3. I REALLY need to get some Jo Malone. I'm trying to go through some of my perfumes (I've finished one or two already), but as soon as I finish another bottle or two I'm going to purchase one!

    Lovely collection,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. ooooh do tell us in the future which one you choose!!!! it's pretty hard, many smell divine!

  5. Oh but Green Tea is MA favorite too!!! I am sad you dun find it all that special lol.
    btw i blame you i walked past a MAC store and bought 4 lippies and 2 blushes, at one go!! just like that! I blame your post with those MAC goodies in the background.=P

  6. I love Chanel Sycomore, Jo Malone Grapefruit (spritz after Lime Basil & Mandarin Body Lotion), Tom Ford Santal Blush (and I fancy Cherry Princess, bought the body gel and love it) x

  7. LOVE Jo Malone! I got Orange Blossom because we had an Orange Blossom tree in our front yard when I was little so it reminds me of my mom and growing up. You've got a great collection there!

  8. Ahh, those Jo Malone perfumes all look so lovely. Mmm <3

  9. That's quite the collection! I know nothing about perfumes and tones, or notes, or...whatevers. But I get YOUR descriptions :) It takes me soooo long to go through a bottle. My friend stopped wearing perfume so she gave me a new bottle of Coach (I guess their signature scent???) so I've been wearing that. But my hands-down-all-time-favorite was actually by Bath and Body Works. It was their Love scent they put out 10 or 12 years ago. I remember it being *perfect* and people went out of their way to tell me it smelled amazing. I have a super sensitive sense of smell so finding something I like as much to replace it hasn't happened yet :(

  10. I have the solid of Cherry Princess... it is really mostly grapefruit but has enough floral to keep it from being too candy-like. I have to use a light hand with that one! I really enjoyed your descriptions and actually found them a *lot* more useful and relatable than "top notes, musk, blah blah" descriptions. I like fruity/fresh scents but too-sweet makes me feel like I'm wearing a child's perfume, too. I've got to go sniff out hose Jo Malone scents :)

  11. This is really interesting. I actually like your descriptions - you're giving the perfumes some character!

    I wish I could wear perfume but my boy is extremely allergic to most. I tried the YSL Parisienne at a store once and when I got home, I had to wash because it caused him to sneeze and cough! Sadly, I will never own it even though I love it! I usually stick to Body Shop perfumes such as Vanilla or White Musk. He likes those ;)

  12. I think you did a good job describing the scents :) Unfortunately I can't base what I like off of descriptions and I always have to try out the perfume in real life to see if I like it :( I see a lot of Jo Malone bags all the time so maybe I should look into some of their things.I have YSL's Parisienne and I always thought it smelled like lychees too! I thought I was the only one because I ask my mom and my boyfriend when I wear it if it smells like lychee and they think I'm crazy.... Glad to know I'm not alone haha. I loveee Dior's J'adore which I had two small samples of. Every time I wore it I felt very happy and it was a nice pick me up late at night as I'm heading home on the train. I definitely recommend it to everyone :D

  13. I love the tray you have all the perfumes on. It's super feminine and such a great idea.

  14. hahaha i just don't think EA is my favorite bc I must have gone through AT LEAST bottles, gets a bit routine for me! lol
    oh did u???? HAHA i have totally done that! not walked by for months and pop in and walk out with like 11 things, im like o yea.. i wanted this too.... its crazy sometimes! crazy dangerous!

  15. WOW it seems like you have some very sophisticated taste!!!! def writing those down! THANK YOU!

  16. YAY we bought the same perfume for almost the same reason! its a scent full of happy memories for us!

  17. They are divine!! I recc the brand! take a whiff the next time you pass their counter!

  18. Do those Jo Malone perfumes last pretty long even though they are colognes? They look so pretty! You did a great job explaining the scents : )

  19. I have the Marc Jacobs eau so fresh and I absolutely love it! I wear it everyday and I only own 2 perfumes XD This one and the Ralph Lauren (blue bottle). I've been wanting the Marc Jacobs Oh! Lola but I can't seem to find the rollerball! I prefer the rollerball size because I find it so easy to apply and you can control the amount (I'm so afraid to put too much perfum on me)

  20. I'm like you - not big on perfumes hehe but it has grown on me! You have a very elegant and classy collection - I want to try Jo Malone some time!

  21. Just wanted to say I love your descriptions of the Jo Malone perfumes, they sound gorgeous! I'm a fan of heavy gourmand/vanilla fragrances usually, but I will definitely be giving some of these a sniff next time I'm in Selfridges! x

  22. me too. i only have a handful of perfumes. i like smells that are 'familiar' .. and if i have too many even my nose will be confused! at the moment, i really love MJ daisy .. hope you like it too. so sweet your mom brought you a v-day gift .. moms are awesome!

  23. thank u girl! 10 to 12 years??? oh no! and they keep coming out with more scents im sorry urs is not re promoted! i hope you find an alternate u completely are head over heels for! then the wait would be worth it!!

  24. thanks! i was thinking my desc sounded so weird that only i would understand! *WHEW* i have the solid too!! nice to carry around!

  25. allergic o no!!! actually my bf is allergic to just about all perfumes too i was SURPRISED he didnt mind the YSL!!!!! I was pretty shocked lol

  26. Yes do try to look at the JM counter when you have the chance. Hahaha I did not think it smelled like lychee, my bf did but his sense of smell is FAR superior to mine so u both are prob right!

  27. ive wanted one for years and i found it at a flea market! worth the wait! i LOVE it

  28. hi hi! they last to my sense of smell about hours but my bf who has a superior sense of smell to my own CAN smell it 21 hours after application! so it deps how strong ur nose is i guess but it does seem to hold the test of time!

  29. oh good to kno u like the MJ!!!! I did not try it yet!!! oh! Lola, I have not seen the roller ball either... i hope u find it soon! its nice to carry around lil ones!!

  30. oh thanks Nic!!!! I hope you try it, and find something u like! im quite a fan!

  31. Thanks girl!!! i think he may have one with vanilla...he has quite a few scents!! i hope you find the perfect one for u!

  32. moms are awesome! daisy is nice but on me for some reason it smelled kinda STRONG even with 1 spritz so i got the eu fresh i dont mind if scents are lighter or not as strong or long lasting, those dont seem to suit me :( maybe bc im a tiny person?? lol

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