Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New In from the Drugstore

The drugstore has started to become quite a dangerous place for me. With constant new launches on decent and even sought after products, I find myself caught in the beauty aisles for longer than in the past.

Two Newest Editions

First up is Maybelline's Bad to the Bronze 24 Hour Color Tattoo
This color was a bit hard to find...I went to about 8 drugstores and gave up. I remember buying it and the following day seeing it EVERY WHERE, what? does everyone re stock the same day??

Anyway, back to the gorgeousness

Isn't it pretty?
My personal opinion. I do like these more than MAC Paint Pots which I find a tad bit drying, especially as they age. I think the texture is almost as smooth as more comparable to Benefit's Creaseless Cream shadows. They are also not as dry as the Make up Forever Aqua Creams.

The shade Bad to the Bronze is not bronze in my opinion. It's quite Taupe. It looks very similar to the MUFE Aqua cream in 15 which I previously owned.

I do need a primer with these. They do crease on me without one, but the lasting power with proper priming is good. Not sure about 24 hours but definitely a full work day and dinner out!

The shimmer is pretty, not too garish for daytime, and these spread easily! Especially with fingers. They have an interesting array of color choices, looking more like MUFE now! with Pomegranate and Teal colors but I think the more neutral shades are the ones selling out.

I also own Tough as Taupe but I may give that away as it seems more grey, but is matte. It is one of the few matte's in the collection.

Also new to my collection, The Rimmel Natural Bronzer in 27 "Sun Dance"

I own alot of bronzers...but I wanted one to keep in my gym bag. I wanted something affordable. I drag that gym bag all over the place, and if something expensive broke in there I would be upset. This grabbed my attention because it stated America's #1 selling Bronzer! (REALLY??)

I also actually missed a bit of shimmer in my bronzer. My skin has been looking a bit dull

Confession Time: The TRUTH
After the gym, I get PALE. I know some people get red after the gym, NOT ME. I usually am ghostly white for some reason I think all the blood rushes out of my head! Anyway...I left the gym once with my normal light make up routine and went to the mall.
The lady at Chanel, the woman at Sephora, and the associate at the Body Shop ALL tried to sell me a bronzer...I got the clue, and purchased this shortly after.

The color is the darker of the (2) shades they offer. It looks like quite alot of shimmer in the pan but it shows up far less on the skin. It's actually not bad! With a big fluffy brush I apply this all over and give myself some life again.
Though I do love my higher end bronzers, this one is actually a nice addition to the post gym routine!

R to L: Rimmel Bronzer, Benefit's Birthday Suit Cream shadow (for comparison), Bad to the Bronze

The bronzer in this photo is coming out quite orangy but I don't see this in real life on my skin when applied to the face
The Maybelline is very heavily real life it looks more like Birthday suit and that swatched mixed...
ARGH terrible swatches *kicking myself now* for realizing so LATE

I have to apologize about the quality of these photos. They were all taken at different times. Will try to get organized this weekend! I'm not used to taking this many beauty photos!
In terms of blogging daily, I think my photo quality has been going down continue on...?

What are some of your new drugstore buys?

I am still out on the hunt for the Peach Baby Lips!!


  1. I've been congregating in the drugstore beauty aisles lately as well! I feel like there's this more heightened thrill when you discover an amazing product at the drugstore as opposed to finding an already-appraised high end one.

  2. Oooo, Peach Baby Lips! I hope you find it soon so you can let us know what you think. I just bought Peach Parfait Revlon Lip Butter. I'd been looking *every time* I was at the store for two months and finally found one. I didn't instantly fall in love. I'm a bit of a peach fanatic so now I need someone to give me the 411 on Maybelline :)

  3. That Maybelline cream shadow is on my wishlist atm :) The Rimmel bronzer looks really good! I have they Stay Matte pressed powder which has lasted me ages and is quite good. The only issue is that the packaging sucks as it comes apart too easily!

  4. Omg I wanted to get MUFE's aqua cream shadow in #15 but now that you say that Maybelline's bad to the bronze looks similar, I might go for the Maybelline one instead =P

  5. I can't wait for the Maybelline cream shadows to hit Australia. You chose a lovely colour! x

  6. Omg, the Maybelline cream shadow is gorgeous! And I completely agree, the drugstore has recently been so dangerous for me as well.

  7. I love this bronzer! I really love it :D I have all 3 of them and i interchange them depending on how light out it is :) After the gym, I am pale too! I think all the blood rushes to my legs lol

  8. That bronzer looks kind of awesome for drugstore! I will need to investigate further!

  9. I was hibernating at home, and your post just MADE me put on my coat to go visit the Walgreens, CVS(es) and DR near home!

  10. thanks for the comment, have you found anything great at the d/s recently? :)

  11. will do!!! but I heard the peach baby lips s quite nude..

  12. I get really red after I work out, and I stay that way for a good 45 minutes. It's nuts because I look like I'm sunburned or something. lol. Love the look of the bronzer though, perfect timing since we are all getting spring fever! Also, that Maybelline shadow looks lovely!

  13. oh I had that pressed powder, you are right the packaging was AWFUL i only used it a few times and got a bit fed up. Maybelline Dream matte powder FTW!

  14. yes do it!!!!! I think the MUFE creams are a bit dry and this color is very similar for a better price!!

  15. I hope you love them and find them soon!!

  16. you got to try this shade girl! perfect for daytime!

  17. it's quite nice for a good shimmer, if i wasnt such a chicken I would bring the Edward Bess one we both love out for touch ups!!

  18. ohh I only get red after spinning bc they turn off the AC but in normal conditions I turn snow white!!! it's weird! haha how is your leg? I heard you had a pain? I hate when that happs and it effects the work out!!!
    The Maybelline color tattoos are really fun! and i like them better than paint pots!!

  19. Peach is peach. I love it in any variety :)

  20. the cream shadow swatch reminds me of the benefit creaseless shadows! Taupe is so my colour haha - and yours too I guess!

  21. I want some of the Colour Tattoo eyeshadows, why aren't they out in the UK!

  22. this one reminded me of the benefit shadows too! although benefit is a bit creamier, this is an excellent alternative!

  23. Why indeed!!! hope you get them soon! this color is a taupe winner!


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