Monday, February 13, 2012

Spring Wardrobe Wish List

I went shopping today (surprise surprise) I bought ALMOST nothing, but have been recently been looking more into clothes than make up. I noticed:
1. Clothes are ALOT more expensive than make up, ALOT
2. Pastels and spring colors have EXPLODED on the shelves

Here are the items I am currently on the hunt for to complete my spring wardrobe!

Colored Jeans

Friday Favorites

Scout chino


Aviator Raybans

Waterfall Skirts

Tulip shirts

The PERFECT striped button down
and loose white blouses

I saw the below blouse in person today, $118!!! WHAT!?
Still looking...

Silk <span class=

Gold hair accessories

What is on your Spring Wardrobe List?


  1. Ahhh! We have such similar lists for spring! I'm searching high and low for some coral pink skinny jeans. And red. Must have red! Also I want a ton of breezy blouses, waterfall skirts, and I'm dying to wear neon pink wedge sandals with Illamasqua Gamma on my toes!

  2. J Crew and Zara had hot coral pink jeans I saw them today! Gap had cool red ones but i dont see them anymore! Urban Outfitters has the rest of the shades!
    Neon pink wedge sandals? You are bolding out for spring!!!

  3. I have some of the same items on my list! I want some bright peach/coral pants and lots of yellow anything. And orange, I need more orange in my life.

  4. Great picks! I'm definitely into the whole bright denim and waterfall skirt trends myself :) I find that a lot my clothes are actually quite cheap and it's makeup which is my downfall... I stock up during end of season sales and I always make an effort to go to Nordstrom Rack, Century21, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, etc. :) For "normal" stores, the sales at Zara, Club Monaco, Banana Republic, and Gap are really good!

  5. peach colored pants i think are SO YOU! bright and cheery!

  6. i went shopping today and just got some "special price" shoes at Zara haha
    I have not been buying many clothes, esp work clothes....i think theyre so boring and unbelieavbly expensive!
    omg I SUCK at shopping the sale!!!! i go in and just walk out T.T too messy

  7. I really want to get a pair of red jeans!

  8. Ahhh I'm SO obsessed with waterfall skirts at the moment! I just bought one a few days ago!
    Love the look of the peachish/pink colored capris!<3

  9. i totallyyy agree~~ clothing is muchhh more expensive than makeup! X_X i think makeup is expensive until i go buy clothes lol the gold hair accessories are cuteee and i totally want bright colored denim and i actually tried on a pair of sperry's yesterday while i was shopping ^^

  10. The Gap had a very flattering pair!! but I cant find them anymore!! noooooooo

  11. oh where is your waterfall skirt from? They look so fairy and fresh!

  12. did you get any sperry's? I am trying to get more into clothes but the prices are NOT helping! lol

  13. Forever 21 ... it was only $14 too! :)

  14. I just picked up a waterfall skirt (looks exactly as the black in the picture you posted) from F21 today - go grab on - such a bargain!

  15. ohhhhhhhhhh GREAT price! must check out F21!! thanks for the tip!


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