Friday, February 10, 2012

Starting to Move and being "Realistic"

I am writing the below and potential future posts based on personal experience. I am not a dietitian, nutritionist, or personal trainer.
I am trying not to sound like a preacher but a person who really did have to start moving to see a difference.
A person who does not have an incredible metabolism, and born to be consistently 99lbs. (or even close)
I am person who has to maintain a certain lifestyle to fit into her clothes.
I am writing this in the point of view of not a know it all, or someone better than you, but actually of someone who has probably been there, and is trying to reach higher for herself and no one else.
These posts are the very few lessons I absorbed, which I did not learn from reading diet books( to which I have a personal library of) nor from watching a 80's - P90X DVD's in spandex ( which I have also admit tingly tried)
but a person who wished someone just told her these simple things to realize how physical change actually happens

If this is not a topic you are not interested in, please feel free to skip the post :)

Many people every year decide "This is the year I'm going to get healthy"
Many people also make the resolution "This is the year I'm going to lose X lbs"

I can assure you, a majority of people in the latter half of that sentence never reach the goal. Some do, but many have greater reasons. Health problems, Dr's orders, nagging wife, etc. to those, I applaud, but for everyone else, it's ok. You are in the majority.

Whether your goals are losing weight or getting overall fit. Realism needs to be factored in.


For people who haven't " worked out" since HS gym and immediately think to themselves, "How long ago was that…"
You have to be "realistic"

Many people come up with an incredible fantasy number in their head of their "ideal" weight loss amount. It seems the general consensus is, "if I was X lbs lighter, life would be better"

I too have fallen into this mindset numerous times and often still do. Especially in the dressing room. Thank you inventor of the skinny jean

It can occurs at various points in a person's life
Maybe you just had your baby and thought miraculously 30 lbs would fly off, but your baby was only 8lbs…yeah, that math works
An upcoming wedding and photos that last a lifetime and beyond
Not being able to run with your kids
Or an incredibly rude comment that makes you realize…

"It's time for a change" and this time you mean it.
Something pushed you over the edge, and this time it's for real.

Some people go so far as to get brand new gym equipment, buy machinery, rent tapes, order DVD's and enter into a costly gym membership.

" If I buy all this stuff, I'll be motivated to go!"
You go a few times, you feel embarrassed of your shape next to the body builders, and huff and puff your way through a treadmill work out, and stare at machinery you have no idea how to use but don't want to look like a fool by asking, so you Google it on your phone in private desperation

Fast forward two months, and find yourself not much lighter, and you have given up. The gym equipment is becoming a clothes rack, and the only thing about the gym you see is the monthly fee on your credit card statement. "Oh yeah…"

Suddenly losing "X" lbs flies out the window followed with Easter marshmallows, Birthday Cakes, 4th of July BBQ's, and then the holidays begin. You may attempt some kind of of gym relapse before summer starts but the gym is packed with a swarm of people who have come to the same realization. You just cant deal with the crowds so down is attempt two. Before you know it, the year it over, and the resolution becomes a repeat the following year.

The above scenario does not happen to everyone, but those are the people who didn't mean it.
I'm sure many were motivated, but they were not ready to commit.
This is where being realistic comes in. You have to know yourself, you have to be ready for change, and really actually be ready.

To be successful you can't do it for someone else, it has to be YOU who wants change. Once you are actually ready to commit, change will come.

People who are successful in gaining health, create healthy habits, continually attempt to try, and just keep going. ( Google habits of healthy people, you will find similar traits)

The scale may move, it may not. The weights may not get heavier for months, and after 2 months you may still huff and puff at the 1 mile mark but guess what?

You ARE getting better. If you did not keep trying you wouldn't know your starting point, and wouldn't strive to to be a bit better next time.

People who are successful at gaining fitness every year, always just keep trying. You are not competing with the person next to you, or that family member who competes in marathons weekly. This is your pace. Stop looking around at people who are better in races, or skinnier in clothes. There is always going to be another person like that. It's a big world! That's their life,not yours.

By striving to just be better, to be healthier, to be a little more conscious of food. All that adds up in 1 year. Just because you do or do not reach your fantasy weight does not mean you failed.

You are just not there yet.
Some people like goals and time frames so they have something to strive for, and for some people that works. It doesn't work for everyone.

There is a difference between going to the gym and sitting on a Bicycle for 2 hours on the 2nd lowest reading "Glamour" and actually going on a machine and trying for 20 minutes until your legs burn.

Person 1 says I went to the gym for 2 hours, how come I'm not losing weight? -- this person needs to try harder and get real. ( Please note this comment is for people are of able bodied and not suffering from past injury or health issues)

Person 2 did not stay as long, but tried harder. They may not expect change after just 20 minutes, but at least they tried and are realistic about it.

Once it is absorbed in your mind and actually decomposed to the simple fact, it just seems crystal clear.

This year I'm going to TRY and be REALISTIC about the changes that will come forth.

People who have this mantra in their head and actually follow it, will notice changes do come. Not always in #'s on scales, but in reaching past your previous running pace, in lifting all your families grociers without help, in being able to run up the stairs when the elevators break without huffing and puffing, to be able to open jam jars!

Look for these things, realize these things, and notice small improvements. Now you will also realize " I'm healthier, and life is better for it!"



  1. Great post! You're really motivating and I definitely agree with what you say! I always tell myself I'm going to try to be healthier but I always get lazy and give up before even really trying. I'm thin but I'm the squishy kind of thin of you know what I mean. It's all fat :( I know I'm really weak so I'm taking baby steps to start myself off. I think it's much more motivating to think of it is being healthier rather than in terms of pounds one needs to shed because healthy just sounds more positive. Next time I put on my running shoes I'll think of your words! :)

  2. goood readd :) i know i'm one of those ppl who are not motivated but i figure i need to find the motivation first. i think staying motivated is key in athletics & fitness always a mental battle first i t hink xD i think goals definitely help tho :D looking forward to more posts :)

  3. You are so inspirational!! I am realistic now, but if you'd ask me a year ago, I'd be like, "yeah I need to lose 25 lbs in 1 month" lol That is unrealistic (and unhealthy). But I try to constantly keep active and eat foods that are mostly natural, high in fiber and low in fat but I have my days ;) haha Good luck to you :)

  4. this is a motivating posts.But in all honesty, I am not a gym fan. I have become motivated in trying other sports and that is really helping shaping up my body more (mostly leg and butt mostly since my upper body has always been the skinnier part). Without my husband's push I would have tried, nevermind fathom the idea of continuing! I owe it to him. I do actually like playing and learning it now! I even like snowboarding, it's funny how a person can motivate and push you to do something! I have never been a sporty person either. i think your post will definitely inspire others :)

  5. excellent post. constant reminder that i want to be healthy this year is needed to keep me on track. motivation, discipline and commitment is important as well. i've ditched the idea of signing up for a gym membership or fitness classes. all it leaves me is a slimmer pocket! :p running outdoors is a good option. it allows me to explore places which i've never walked to before! looking forward to more of these posts!

  6. Amazing post. It motivates me to finally become realistic about my health resolutions. Thanks! :)

  7. Aiming for health is always more successful than losing lbs, not everyone want's to lose lbs! some ppl want to gain weight to be healthy. I hope you find something that works for you, just rem to keep trying!

  8. whew, so glad you like. I really don't know if anyone would care if I wrote these, but motivational posts from REAL PPL always seems to inspire me far more than some success story from drinking some shake, or watching some DVD lol

  9. it's so good you have your husband to help push you! Yes, the gym is not for everyone and sometimes I get quite sick of the place and try alternative things, but for me it's just the most mentally effective for my lifestyle. Thanks SO MUCH for reading!

  10. running outdoors is great! and cheaper! I do it in the summer and spring and its HARD hahaha running outside is harder than on a tredmill!!! but we have snow here so I have to wait a few more months to get back out there but I cannot wait
    Also running outdoors is easier for the brain, you are not staring at a mirror for X amt of time! u actually have scenery!! that's the best part i think! it REALLY helps lol

  11. thank you thank you for posting this!!! i loved it!!! and i love all your health/fitness posts!!! please do more :)

  12. Thanks!!!! i am debating if I should do more, but I am interested in the topic! I hope this post helped!! I have written a few more for the future, and try to post them throughout the blog esp on Fridays!
    Thanks SOOOO MUCH for reading my words!

  13. it definitely motivated me and was just what i needed!!! i am being serious, i love reading your makeup and fashion posts as well and have for a long time, but i love these fitness/health ones. your gym bag necessities post was also quiet motivating so yes, please post more of these if you can :)

  14. Thanks girl!!! encouragement is well appreciated !!!


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