Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Sunday Post

It's that time again, this weeks edition on my weekly happenings

Instagram photo of the day challenges still going strong!

This week we had great weather! We actually hit a high of 52!!! Not normal for this time of year, and we were all ecstatic taking 10 min walks at lunch

Reading material of the week

Thing I will probably haul next (anyone try these??)

New Thing I tried this week
Apparently 100 flights of stairs is only 2 miles. It felt like it was ALOT more.

Favorite new polish of the week
To wear while in my gym trainers! (Color post coming soon!)

Best Ad of the Week

Favorite new clothing combination
( My skirt is not short, I am just sitting and it rose)
Polka dot stockings with tough Frye boots for rainy days
(The great weather did not last)

Place I frequented the most this week

Drink of the week ( My usual, Skinny Vanilla latte)

Favorite purchase of the week
My new Starbucks cup

Valentines Gifts of the week

Favorite Make up Look of the week
I am not a fan of her music (apparently unlike the rest of the planet) but her make up here is gorgeous with her hair color!

Dissapointment of the Week

I saw Blair's wedding photos and fell in love with her lipgloss. I tried a few at Chanel this week (1st time ever) and was not a fan of the colors. All the ones I tried had NO COLOR. Can anyone recommend one with pigment to try? I wish they would just release what shade she wore
Watch it be the lipstick that had all the color...

Person of the week (APPARENTLY)
This PERSON. I am not a sports fan but the last month I have watched more basketball than in all of my entire years of existance. Meaning ALMOST 2 whole games!
This may be a NY thing...but this is the person of the moment. Strangers are constantly talking and asking me about him, so we can talk about it...

Today there was a Knicks game when I attended the gym ( I was unaware because I don't care)
Note to self and all others: When there is a sports game on the air do NOT go on the machine next to the person wearing the complete FULL ON team gear! They will clap, and cheer, and make comments to their TV and it will surprise you off your machine.
This went on for miles...I had not realized how long these games are...

You can try to change machines but if you attend a co ed gym, you probably cannot escape Jeremy Lin

*WHEW* Glad to get that off my chest HAHAHA


  1. lol jeremy lin is all over my fb feed everyday xD and i live on the opposite coast of NY lol and i totally agree with lana del rey(?) i think she's pretty enough but iunno abt her music...and i love those tights! i'm looking for some cute patterned ones ^^

  2. Across the whole country!! quite an epademic! This week a random bus driver stopped this bus in the middle of the street, opened his door and say "Hey you!! You see Jeremy last night! That's my man now!" I just stood there like... do I look like some kind of basketball fan??? Im wearing a pink dress...HAHAHA

    Her music is a bit.. I don't know not for

    The tights are from TARGET!!! love em!!

  3. I'm jealous of your workout ethic!

  4. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!!

  5. I'm pretty sure the lip color is from a lipstick because I think she's applying a Glossimer in that photo, and those just don't have that level of pigmentation. I wish I could get my hands on what was used because that color really is gorgeous! The Glossimer might be Pink Peony though. Which would be fitting since peonies are Blair's favorite flower and that's what her wedding bouquet was! Yikes. I'm not even obsessed with this show, I swear! xD

  6. HAHA I was reading your comment and thinking wow this girl must really be into the show, till I read the last bit!! lol

  7. Jeremy Lin was allover the Taiwanese news (and weibo so I was a little tired of hearing about him on the feed), I suppose he his amazing at what he does but it gets so annoying when people go ooh and ahh over every single bit of thing about him, like the youtube videos he did (I am sorry but I don't find it that funny)...

  8. Skinny vanilla latte is my usual too, & how cute are those Starbucks "Love" cups?! :)

  9. I did not know he made those videos until I searched for his picture lol I don't know much abt him lol

  10. love the cups and *high five* on the drinks!

  11. I'm a proud owner of asics running shoes! They are VERY comfortable and offers great stability. I love the gel cushion and it absorbs the shock quiet well! Perfect for jogs and aerobic classes :D

  12. Good to know! i currently have ASICS also but I think they are dead now, it's been about 3 months, time for a new pair!!

  13. I really hate when we see makeup that celebs wear and they always say 'you can create this look by using so and so' SIMILAR to what they were wearing. Why can't they release it?? I know how you feel.

    Californians are apparently smitten with J Lin too :p Theres a huge Asian fan base since he's from Palo Alto (i live near there) so I know how you feel... esp at the gym. :)

  14. LOL, I wouldn't call myself Linsane ;) But I definitely support him and it's a shame I'm usually scheduled to work everytime they have a game (the msg and time warner contract dispute was also not helping). Haha, I just imagined your experience at the gym with the cheering crazies lol. I'm so excited for spring now that the weather looks so promising :)

  15. <3 all your pictures! I don't get the Lana del Ray thing either. The only thing I know about her is all of sudden she is popping up in my YT and twitter feeds. I googled her and found her God-awful performance on SNL and that was enough. No thank you!

  16. the weather should be great this spring bc it was so warm this winter!
    at the gym every TV was non stop on the game which i dont care abt since i have my own tv but mine was off and the fan next to me was very.. LOUD

  17. hahaha Rae told me about that performance which I did not see bt i saw alot of ppl FAVORITE ing that video for some bizarre reason. I looked her up on Youtube and watched half a music video before shutting it off bc it was SERIOUSLY making me depressed!

  18. lol @ your lana del ray comment - ditto!! I think her music is rather dulla nd depressing but she is a looker and her makeup artist has done an awesome job!

    I LOVEEEEE your boots. I have been searching for something similar for a long time... nothing yet!

  19. hahaha i guess i am not alone suddenly everyone loved her music and i was like who???????

    Those Frye boots I bought so LONG ago! they took me a long time to break in but they're finally soft enough to stomp my way through the city daily! My current everyday shoe! They better last me forever! lol

  20. LOL! pink dress?! ootd :DDD haha sounds adorablee and i <333 target! the tights must be comfortable cuz i was at target today and the lady in front of me was buying tights and thats the only thing she bought lol

  21. I thought I would share...Blairs isn't using Chanel gloss in her wedding scenes. It's actually Revlon Pink Pop lipgloss. It looks very similar in packaging to the glossimers though.

  22. Thank you! u just saved me alot of $$!! lol


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