Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Sunday Post

Re capping the week via instagram!

I always think I lead a pretty dull life but looking back on the week always makes me grateful for the life I have

In the best city in the world! (Personal opinion!)

Let's play tourist

Rockefeller Center (again) I just always wind up here walking...

Best Lego structure of the week

Best Message of the week: Made out of Lego's!
Yes I have many categories!

Walked through Times Square

I've never actually gone in this store...

Inglot Times Square, never purchased anything!

Best portrait of the week, Miss E!

Best wall of week

Best Ceiling of the week

Best dish of the week
Pad Thai, I had it twice!

Biggest tempation of the week, which I walked away from!
Actually after reading the description sounds clawingly sweet...too sweet for me! PASS!

Best snack of the week
I also got new sneakers!!!

Best sweet treat I did not walk away from

Magnolia Bakery

Best healthy discovery of the week

New thing I tried this week
Tastes like smokey peanut butter

Puchases of the week

Event of the week
Today's is my mom's bday!! Yay to moms!!

Person of the week

Whom I had the incredibly pleasure of meeting this week! She is lovely and adorable in person!
Welcome to NYC :)

Favorite new Youtubers of the week to rewatch over and over

New fashion blog obsession of the week

OK!! WHEW that should be it!!!

This is the last week of February! A few more days of daily blogging, how are you guys liking it so far?


  1. As always admiring your weekly photos is SO much fun! I need to get to NYC this year. NEED TO. If I start planning a trip I will let you know, hopefully you will be there so I can have little tour guide ;)
    So cool you got to meet up with another vlogger!
    Also, noticed your OJ was no pulp, do you dislike pulp in it? My bf likes the kind with most/lots of pulp and I am somewhere in between. :)

  2. if you come u NEEEEEEEEED to call me OK!? hopefully i wont be out of the country this time like when Kelly came!!
    Yes it was cool!! I never met another person from this internet community before!!
    Oh no pulp? I just grabbed one bc i thought it was funny i actually dont drink many juices. But I will drink fresh squeezed!! I do like in btw too, today my bf had a fresh one with SO MUCH PULP it didnt tastes like juice anymore it was just ORANGE in that cup haha

  3. seeing your weekly photos always makes me smile. i also saw the balm set at my marshall's here in so cal but resisted and now seeing your post i wish i had gotten it, lol. love your new sneakers btw :)

  4. I love your weekly photo posts! Makes me realize I should take more pictures. I actually love using instagram! And not to sound creepy, but I know where you took the fan picture! Haha, I passed by it last weekend, but didn't snap a photo of it, boo :(

  5. im glad they make you smile!! that's the point of em!!
    I always see the Balm in Marshalls but most of them have been tampered with I actually only wanted Hot Mama the rest are just kinda there but for half the price! Needed a blush to carry around in the bag and the packaging seems sturdy!
    Thanks! haha I have NEVER had pink sneakers in my life! this wk I realized how many blue tanks I owned!!! I need more white and black tanks asap! lol

  6. Not creepy at all!!! lol I went there on Saturday??? i think! lol omg my memory is going...yes I take instagrams of everything! if u ever see a girl blocking ppl traffic taking an iphone photo, that's prob me! bloggers duty!

  7. I definitely will! :) Orange in a cup lol, I like the sound of that, except when I'm really in the mood for OJ I really want juice and not a whole orange.

  8. loved your month of daily blogging! i want to try it but it seems so hard. i dont have much to talk about! cant wait to hear your thoughts on the nars TM! been hearin good things about it. where do you get your pad thai fix? my sister has been looking for good thai food in NY but it is rare it seems because she hasnt liked any place she has tried so far.

  9. hmm there are actually alot of thai restaurants where i live so it's always close but in manhattan the restaurant above is called Rohm and it's semi near union square! it's little but packed during lunch! hope she get's to try it!

  10. You do live in the best city! If I were in NY, I'd love to go walking everywhere :)

  11. So much to love! I think my favorite might be the OJ container :D The cupcakes, Sunbutter (never tried it!), Pad Thai, and hanging fans are also so delicious/beautiful/both

  12. I loved your daily blogging, I knew that each day there would be something new :-)

  13. omg i love rocker feller center! I always stay at the Jewel when i go to nyc and that is right there :)

    great post!!

  14. Oh that pad thai looks so yummy! Love pad thai!

  15. it's def a walking city flat shoes all over the place! Heels are only for SATC!

  16. hahaha i loved the OJ too even though I did not buy it!! i think you would LOVE NY! next time your man comes down, you come with him!!

  17. THANK YOU!!!!! i was thinking i was sounding a bit boring with the constant talking!

  18. the Jewel? Is that a hotel??? Lol sorry I am kinda clueless on that kind of stuff :(

  19. its sooooooooooooooooooo good when u need a carb fix! *slurp*

  20. please let us know your thoughts on the NARS TM!!!


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