Saturday, March 3, 2012


Benefit is one of those brands that have been a complete hit or miss for me.
I either completely ignore the counter, or I'm swatching the whole the entire collection!
After getting rid of so many boxed powders, hating the skin care, and giving away the highlighters
I return yet again! To the brand with the cute names, quirky packaging, and sometimes great products!

First up is Speed Brow
This is small. It's about the length of my index finger but it has a very faint tint which is what I wanted. I don't have unruly brows but I do want them to look groomed. I have tried wax, and wax pens, but so far brow gel seems the way to go!

Anastasia has tinted brow gels but I did not like any of the shades, a bit too intense for me.
This has a light tint which I can apply over my usual powder or pencil. Been enjoying this!

Though it is pretty small, I hope it lasts a long time
Against my index finger

They're Real! Mascara
Talk about a mascara with a lot of hype. This seemed to have been the mass wide new cult favorite when released.
This is ok. This is very Lengthening! Volume was adequate but it dries incredibly fast!! So fast that it can be hard to build up the length so you have to act quickly!

I have the sample size but would not be purchasing the full size as this mascara tends to leave my lashes looking crunchy which is a look I hate.

Lengthening, but crunchy!

Bad Gal Waterproof Liner
The search for the perfect eyeliner has landed me to the new version of Bad Gal. I remember when this was a fat chubby stick, I'm glad they thinned this pencil out!

The first time I used this in the store on my top waterline it did not budge for about 9 hours and I thought looooooooove. I purchased this and for some bizarre reason do not have the same effect. I have tried it about 4x and always with the same results. Smudging right before lunch time. The top line smudges on the lower rims of my eyes by hour 4 so I have to keep swiping it off, by hour 10 the waterline has given up and becomes quite messy looking (no, not a good way that only super models get away with) I look like I've cried then ran outside and found out it was raining HARD.

Her eyes are going to look so bad in about 5 minutes...

<span class=

I will be returning this because I have so many pencil eyeliners in full size, I don't need to add to the pile. I think I may be exchanging it for the YSL version. The search continues...

What are some of your favorite Benefit Products?


  1. You know for some reason, I just never got around to trying Benefit items. hahaha Too bad the super hyped They're Real mascara didn't have such a good effect. mmhmmm I think Im going to try out the eyeliner since I can always return it to Sephora if I don't like it.

  2. Omg! Where did you get the sample of They're Real! I love that mascara and adore mini products!!! I agree Benefit has been hit or miss with me. But that mascara has been in my makeup bag since I bought it:))

  3. I wanted to try They're real but crunchy lashes isn't appealing xD I went on a Benefit craze a few years ago but I was quiet disappointed and moved on to other things :) Let us know how the YSL goes if you ever get it!! I'm uber curious!! :D

  4. The eyeliner was not bad but did not last long enough for me and the color is not very black but i never care for the blackest black it just needs to be black for me lol

  5. I got it in Sephora! near the check out where they have all the little stuff!

  6. I will let you know how YSL goes!!! I never had a Benefit stage but just popped in and out of the brand every now and then hehe

  7. Ahhh such a shame to hear about the eyeliner.. it really did sound promising. That is precisely why I don't wear eye pencils that much or have anything on my waterline! >_<

  8. I love waterproof eyeliner and Benefit so I have to try the Bad Gal one. I must be the only one not so hyped about the mascara. I like the formula but like you said my eyelashes sometimes look crunchy and I also find that if I wear it more than 8 hrs, my eyes start to get watery and itchy. Weird.

  9. i am just in a pencil stage but i am suddenly remembering why the heck i moved on!! lol

  10. thanks! if i have a special event i will set my liner with powder to let it set, but for everyday im far too lazy lol

  11. Oh! Ok!! Thanks:) I hope my Sephora has the mini of it:)

  12. Hope you find it! the mini's are great for toting around and traveling!

  13. I use to love benefit products, I don't know if it was the adorable packaging that drew me in. But as of lately I have been using a couple of benefit products and they so far are not impressing me. The only thing I still like is my coarlista blush.

  14. awwww yes i think I don't like more than like of the products i have tried. I did keep their creaseless creams but sold almost all my box powders

  15. I Love High Beam and the porefessional as i kinda have large pores , i wonder why the eye liner stopped working

  16. I did find it=) Thanks for the heads up!!


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