Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Sunday Post, and some things on the Brain

Sunday...The Sunday post... this morning I realized absolutely nothing happened to me this week outside my baby cousins birthday party but my iphone says otherwise!

My recapped week

My favorite new accessory recently purchased from Zara

The item I found when shopping my stash and loving, I think this is an Asia exclusive?

Make up achievement of the week, was hitting pan on Well Dressed. Adding to the pathetically proud pan collection

New Purchase of the week

Flowers of the week! My cousin is a florist and sometimes sends us some left over "stock" so sometimes our house looks like this, my poor brother who has allergies...

Most drool worthy but proudly avoided cart of the week, Belgian waffles people!

New restaurant I tried this week, Empanada Mama (ehhhhh.....)

Best architecture of the week

Easily the fanciest TJ Max I have ever seen

Best food of the week, fried lobster stir fry!

Cousins Birthday Recap, he turned 1! and he is so squishy cute at the moment!!

Today all I did was go to the gym but afterwards, I spotted these in Victoria's Secret... do they look familiar to another brand?? Because they do to me!

When searching for bargains which I suck at, I spotted this

Famous bloggers in the dressing room move, but now you will see why I stink at shopping sales


And the worst new product I have tried this week
This really hurt my lash line during application!

WHEW ok, alot of photo's so now onto some text

Things currently on the brain!!

Re doing my make up organization again, and probably having another blog sale...

These containers look nice, but how come there is only 1 container store in all of New York??

Chanel's Emerveille

I keep passing this, swatching this, and saying "NO" not until I finish the countless amount of Champagne cream shadows I own, but this one is peachy

Lack of sunshine means no new blog photos, but since blogging everyday last month, it feels weird not to do it daily anymore! lol
I have re kindled the love, and want to blog far more often!

Make up Ban
Another possible ban...but I heard there is a Sephora sale in April? Is this true? Maybe I should wait until April...(lol naughty of me)

Lastly, the video playing on repeat (and where I learned about the containers)
Into The Gloss' Make up Routine

Hope you all have a wonderful week!!
Thank you for reading about mine!


  1. Oooh-sale in April? Then I will try to not buy anything until then! Thanks for the heads up.
    Those food pics are so YUMMY looking!

  2. That's what I heard.. .I have no idea if it's true!! but don't they usually have a sale about 2x a yr every 6 months or so??
    I ate very well this week! lol

  3. First of all, I LOVE your necklace - all angel wing accessories are awesome. Also, lucky you on all the flowers! Having fresh/living flowers in your home is an expensive adornment x

  4. What store is that sweater from? It's really cute!

  5. Thank you!!!! I just got the necklace last wk so it should be in stores!!! i LOVE having flowers in the house too bad they all tend to die at the same time :(

  6. Banana Republic, it's currently on sale!

  7. Another beautiful and delicious entry! I love the setup of your cousin's first birthday-- I hope he had fun too :) The VS bottles are funny--- I actually thought it was YSL for a second... I'm holding out for the April Sephora sale too!

  8. thanks so much!!!! i think he did! he only cried once! and when we play this traditional game where he picks objects depicting his future, he picked a microphone so i think a K pop star is in the future hahaha my cousin said nooooooo pick again!!
    The bottles are quite a copy!!! I am getting my list ready but intending to slash some bits off before April, we shall see

  9. Those are such pretty purple flowers! Do you know what they're called?
    I had waffles & dinges for the second time ever and sad to say it wasn't as good as the first :X I should learn to avoid those carts as well!
    What an extravagant birthday celebration your baby cousin had!

  10. They are called hyacinthus!!!

    I've actually had the cart as well and it is def HIT or MISS! lol
    Yes, 1st bday is a big one!!

  11. Oh my goodness. I was scrolling down and when I saw the top of the VS bottles I was really excited because I thought it was a new YSL product! xD Anyways, I love your Sunday posts. I'd do something similar if I lived somewhere with more to look at besides trees. Perhaps when I move back to Milwaukee. It's no NYC, but it's a LOT more exciting than my tiny town.

  12. heeeeeeeey i would love to see how your weeks are! we lack trees!!!id be like WOW greens!!! and i dont kno anyone who has a lawn, so if you have one, im already damn impressed!

  13. I absolutely adore these posts! It's always so fun to see instagram shots together and take a peek at some beautiful shots of NYC. I have to say that I'm in the same spot with the Illusion d'Ombre ... I REALLY want that shade and I keep telling myself I have others like it, but it does seem *slightly* different and worth the $$.

    I love the Nivea balm! I don't think it's an Asia exclusive, as I have a bunch of different scents that I picked up in France ... just not available here sadly :(
    ♥ Jessica

  14. Kayla and I are from the same place. We've been named "Tree City USA" for years :) You should definitely do it K! Perhaps when you move to the city?

    ♥ Jessica

  15. Thank you!!!! hahaha for some reason when i think of the Chanel Emmerveille I think of you! I know you love Paint Pots but this color is so wearable and seems lovely to have, watch next Sunday post, there it is!!! lol I have one other shade and love it!

    Ohh im so glad the nivea flavor is not Asia exclusive! u know we have the smallest selection of flavors here esp in Nivea there are like 3..including kiss of shimmer or something? I never get them here, they seem so dull! lol

  16. Tree City of the USA?? the air must be AMAZING!!!!

  17. where! where is the lobster stir fry from!?
    i must say for this post the lobster stir fry wins the makeup in vying for my attention.:)

  18. The decorations for your There are 2 Container Stores in

  19. OHHHHHH yea i rem the one on 58th now...the one near blommies lol both far from home, need to lug containers on the train, thanks so much! lol

  20. ............. i don't know of the name of the store :( its in flushing....right across the street from the Old Gala Manor (which is not closed) the middle of the street almost directly across they have a sign on the door hand written in Chinese, lobster any style 19.99

  21. I adore your Zara necklace. I am in love with it thanks to you. Did you purchase it in store or online?

  22. ... the air is mostly amazing ;) We have a ton of trees, but it gets a little yucky downtown.

  23. first of all, I love your hair! Did you perm it? And loving the photos of the flowers - a pity your brother has allergies. Ugh, I really don't know how you do it... I have never hit pan on any powder blusher before, yet alone finish a few lipsticks in a month. Think you definitely deserve more makeup buying... Have you considered muji drawers? They're a little bit more pricy but far more versatile. You can adjust the subsections as you wish. Great post as always!

  24. I love the pictures of all the flowers; they're lovely! Also, I've never hit the pan on any of the make up I own, so my hat's off to you! I hope I can do it this year.... the VS eau de parfums totally remind me of the YSL logo. I had to do a double take of it, haha! At first I thought you picked up some YSL things from Victoria's Secret, but that didn't really make sense :p

  25. wow I had no idea turning 1 in Korean culture is that lavish!! I guess it's the same with the Chinese.. except it's when you turn 1 month old!


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