Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Sunday Post

Just claiming "nothing happened this week" would be an over statement

This week's highlights

It was my co worker's birthday this week, I did not know their favorite flavor cupcake so I purchased a mini variety set.

Crumbs is all over Manhattan, is it a national chain? I just know it's popping up everywhere, along with 5 Guys and Fries

I did not eat a single one *will power* but I did want the pink one...

Cute things around my work area

That was it. Haha, those were all the interesting things I did Monday to Thursday ( quite sad)

Luckily on Friday I saw my boyfriend who always makes life more interesting

This year apparently Nike is creating the uniforms for the NFL? So there was quite a hub bub in the city with Nike promoting themselves all over for a few days with several live on going events

Quick visit to a cute Japanese shop before our dinner reservation

How cool is the wall in this place??

I had a HARD time deciding between these adorable tote bags! I wanted both but got neither. I will probably go back one day for them. They are juvenile but so cute! Cute for grabbing groceries
I'm leaning towards the kitten
The bunny reminds me too much of Sailor Moon LOL if you know that reference!

Whenever the boyfriend and I don't want to eat anything too heavy, Japanese always wins
Luckily, it's delicious!

Found these, so pretty!

Saturday night's dinner: I had gnocci capresse mmm

I'm actually not a pasta fan, but I love anything with capresse!

Today I did not do anything outside the gym and errands but I did try something new
Mango slices! They are sold during the warmer seasons on the streets here, but this time I decided to try them a popular way

With salt, lemon, chili powder, and hot sauce

I liked it! but next time no lemon juice or salt, it was leaking all over the place, but that's ok. Best thing to do it eat it up before a mess!

Let's be strong for Monday all!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

What's in My Bag

A glimpse into some of the items I lug around in my life and am currently enjoying

It's always interesting to see what a woman holds in her purse to survive in her everyday world

In Style: Best of Beauty Issue! I love In Style Magazine

Michael Khors Watch: Current love that goes with my entire work wardrobe, that just looks effortlessly "cool"

H&M Bracelets: I have been wearing these everyday. Having both colors is handy because you can coordinate them with your outfits. Love these!

Essie's Mademoiselle: I have quite a collection of sheer n*dey pinks, this is not my favorite, but what I am currently using

Red Make Up Bag: Boscia Blotting Linens (the best), L'oreal Watchful Owl blush (tawny peach), MUFE full cover concealer, L'Occitane hand cream, Harajuku tweezers, Anastasia Brow Duality, Benefit's Speed Brow, Dior Lipgloss in 436

Not shown: Coffee thermas, Raybans, Mini perfume holder, Wallet

Bag: Michael Khors Hamilton Bag

That's it! that's all I carry everyday, what do you have in your purse?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Cleaning Part 2

I recently featured my desk clean up ( that was a job so big it needed a post)

I will now feature my next clean up attempt. Same desk! Drawer 1.

My "Go To" Make up drawer. The things I love to use when the everyday items are not cutting it.

Unfortunately, my drawer was in quite a state...

This will not do...I like all these products but I definetly dont reach for nearly half of them. It's time to cut out some of the excess and bring in some of my ultimate current favorites, especially for spring

Now this is more like it!

If for whatever reason my house caught on fire, and my make up all burned but this drawer miraculously survived, I would be more than fine

I know it looks like quite a bit to "be fine" but hey! this is progress!

I now have enough space to stick in some nightly skin are items, and you may have noticed a few boxes in there of brand new products to remind myself when I am done with what I am currently using, I have something waiting :)

Inspiration for a 1 neat everything I love drawer comes from this video

A Model Recommends

How do you organize your favorites?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Sunday Post

A week, a whole week has gone by with no's not buziness (well I am kinda busy) but you will see at the end the reason for the lack of posts

This week NY experienced AMAZING weather, people were shocked, but hey, we'll take it!

I unfortunetly saw very little sun, as this week at work was incredibly busy and the only sign of green I ever saw was in my salads

One of my 2012 resolutions was to eat more salads
( I actually previously HATED salads and never took any bites, now I find them more tolerable)
I have been trying to eat salad five days a week. Either falafel, salmon, or tuna.

Sadly I probably have 100 pictures of salad on my phone haha


My first for the year. It was the ONLY DAY OF THE WEEK, where the weather was not superb
It was actually the only cloudy day we had in about 2 weeks!
of course...

Regardless I saw my boyfriend and whenever we meet early enough we always eat Hong Kong style breakfast

He always gets the spam, egg, noodle
( which I personally don't like, and I think you have to be from HK to like the stuff...)
I always get the oatmeal. 90 percent milk, 10 oats. We always get the same thing! Right down to the same tea's. Cant beat it

We decided to get out of the city and head for a hike in the mountains

To leave the city and to take this hike, took about 2 hours of sitting in traffic...where I heard the song from "One Direction" one too many times on the radio

Here are some things along the way

This horse was hilarious, I wish I took a video. It was smart, and pretty much went to town scratching itself on a city sign

We finally made it to the mountains!!

Can you all skip rocks? I simply lack the finesse it requires

Afterwards we went to the nearby outlet mall where I purchased my first Theory item which I will probably show case in the future

On Friday I got out of work late...and took a walk before heading home

The NY Public Library, I know someone who works here. It's quite an impressive building where each time I have visited I have become hopelessly lost but always manage to find the gift shop

Weekend OOTD

I later changed to sandals, it was far warmer than predicted

FINALLY found time to get my watch fitted!!! This was a Christmas gift! Love it!

The boyfriend and I sometimes swing the bat, I am actually better than you may believe, but he is FARRR superior! lol

We drove to the beach but it was a bust so we went home early and I watched my first Old Time Star Trek movie, I was LOST but it was entertaining enough

Weekend naughty foods, brick coal oven pizza!!

Now on to the reason why I have not been blogging. I have not been purchasing as many new items though a little item from the new NARS collection did reach my door step, but I have been absolutley determined to FINISH some of the items in my current routine!

Until then, I have flat out refused to try other or even new things, but ladies I am getting closer!

In shopping news whenever I did leave work or had a break I have been going to Zara, non stop.
Why? Because of this blazer

Which I purchased this in 3 colors but had to go to about 6 Zara's to do it!
That store has become a complete danger zone.

Moroccan oil (extra large) was also picked up this week, but that's all for beauty.

Once I finally finish the last bits of my current routine I want to change EVERYTHING! and blogging will be resumed!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Sunday Post

Hello Ladies!
Weekly update this week has more photos than usual I think!

This week all I really did was practice running for my race this past Saturday but on Wednsday I did have dinner with some of my girl friends in a cute HK style cafe in China town. The decore was really cute.
Wall of tea cups and coke bottle lights

HK Style Milk tea!! It was yummy but a little too strong for me at night. I ended up falling asleep around 2:30 AM from the caffine

Appetizers are hmm fried dough balls dipped in condensed milk
Not healthy, but delicious, they really are a treat!

HK style food
I got the baked porkchop in tomato sauce

I wore my new Zara blouse and blazer which I recieved several compliments on, worth the hunt if you can still find it in your local Zara!

Now back to the race. Luckily NYC this week has been experiencing phenomenal weather. Tomorrow I heard is going to be 85 degrees??? and I'm going back to the office... it always seems that way right?

Funny ad I saw on the train

Let's skip to Saturday!!! Thurs and Friday was just more tredmill logging time

The weather was GORGEOUS! It was my first time running in a charity race and I thought it was really fun!!! except when I was trying to use my running GPS app I was constantly being interruped to be informed it was my turn at scramble with freinds! >< bad timinig! but the consolate general of Haiti also ran in the race! He had a pretty good time too!
The race was to raise funds for Education in Haiti

I did not get many photos of the actual race only the endings, I was a bit pre occupied at the time

Team Blue Moon!!

After a race they always feed you carbs!!! We walked over to a pub and was devouring bagels!

My co workers and I were all still hungry after the above and decided we needed a bit more, so we walked over to the uptown shake shack! There goes the calories we burned. Oh well! YOLO!
I love the kid in the corner with the big glasses!!

To walk off the milkshake (vanilla mixed with coffee, divine by the way) we decided to shop around the city to stretch the legs

And ended up in Henri Bendel and Bloomingdales where I showed my friend the amazingness of Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill and she walked out with one! (success!)

We decided to head home but the trains were not working (the subway on the weekends are a disaster by the way) so we walked some more and passed by the MOMA

And decided to walk down to Soho for treats to collect to give to our families

We ended up going to the semi new Georgetown Cupcakes in Soho

Revlon Red!! which I FORGOT to buy ARGH

Sakura Cupcake was my breakfast this morning, only available in April if you wish to give it a go!

Pink! They even had a pink swarovski crystal mixer!

My friend and I were too full on the shake to have any cupcakes so we headed home to dinner of spicy potato starch noodles and unagi sushi

Lastly this morning I woke up and thought... I don't want to run today....

Had brunch with the family, and headed over to the park to walk instead. Running will carry on next week!

Hope you all enjoyed this week's update! More food pictures than usual!

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