Thursday, April 5, 2012

Preparing for Spring Part II

It's here!!! ok 50 to 60 degrees, but 70's is coming, I know it!!!

Some new items I have purchased and am debating purchase in preparation for the long awaited Mr. Sun

New Spring Make up from Sephora
( I have already returned many things in this photo)
Highlight items are the Koh Gen Do Aqua foundation and Korres Lip Butter in Plum, perfect shade!
Tarte cheek stain for a natural blush

Shiny Shoes
I came across both these shoes in person and have decided I need some metallic shoes, which do you guys prefer?

TopShop in Silver

Metallic Gold Sperry's, these look FAR better in real life, especially with black denim skinnies, not spring ish pants, but we still wear em

Zara blouse

Zara has been a complete "Danger Zone" Every time I go in I want to walk out with half the store! This is not the exact blouse I want, but the one I am lusting after is not on the site! EEK, this one is very similar!
How chic would this look with a top knot and perfect light blazer for work?

Sequined shorts

I know these can look juvenile to trashy, but I just want a damn pair! Not too short of course!

Cream or White Blazer

I've been searching for one for months! Some are too 80's some have too much in the shoulder pad area, the search continues, but I know it's going to be worth it

Suede Leopard Wedges

Leopard heels can look a bit extreme depending on the style but wedges give them a young twist. How amazing do these brighten up the black and grey outfit!! 1 step to effortless chic!

Tanned legs

I have not been wearing stockings for 2 days ( and loving it!) but noticed my ahem, lack of color on those limbs, so this will be brought back out!

Lips, Nails, Blush, hair! It's all got to change!

Spring scents!

Light, and something probably with the word "Splash" to keep in the handbag for touch ups. My favorite: "Marc Jacobs Cranberry"


Get that fluffy brush and apply it all ova!

Currently lusting the above but refraining, as I own far too many bronzers as it is

Are you prepared for spring?


  1. Love that blouse! I wish we have zara down here...Anyway, it's already in the 90s here so I guess I should say goodbye to spring...

  2. looks like you are ready for Spring to be here! those shorts are adorable!

  3. I wanted to try the Diorskin sculpt lifting concealer too but the colors were too light or too dark! -_-' I have the same problem when I walk into a Zara too LOL and I found *THE* white blazer.. in the kids section XD Good luck for your search! :P

  4. 90's!!!??? today was 50 and i went out with a blazer and no stockings and thought SPRING haha i was shivering though

  5. just need to get my own pair!! any spring essentials on your list?

  6. u found THE white blazer!! ACK!! i wish!!! ill try the kiddie section!! but my Zara's kiddie section looks like everything is for 4 yr olds!! the manequins are toddlers!

    Ahh the Dior skin scult in 2 matches my skin sort of not really brightens which is a bummer but I have yet to find a concealer I like as much as this, a repurchased item!

  7. Haha I assume you broke your proposed ban and bought those during the sale :) Looks like a really great bunch of goodies though! I'm super ready for the warm weather and it's been SO hot during the afternoons but I still have to wear layers because the mornings are quite chilly :( I love white/cream clothing but I rarely wear any because I'm super paranoid about getting stains on my light clothes >.<

  8. i know i had a ban but the sale, and my bday is next month!!! but i should be set for a while!! no white clothes, i carry a tide stick around me all the time, SAVES ME

  9. i'm a new in your blog - found it a week ago, but i love it so much! feels like i went shopping with you :))) instead of staying in my office :)) did you like Edward Bess quad?

  10. Love, love, love the silver Topshop shoes! You wear brogues/oxfords like no one else can. <3 I'm curious, what did you return from the Sephora haul? I like hearing about disappointments almost as much as I like product raves. I can't wait to get a whiff of this year's Marc splashes. In the meantime, you should try the new Gucci Flora scents - they're so fresh and light! I got Glamorous Magnolia, and it's amazing! The other two are Gracious Tuberose and Gorgeous Gardenia.

  11. I think I have the sperry shoes--- maybe an older version? But they pretty much look the same :P I haven't been to a Zara in a long time--- I keep passing by but forgetting to go in. Must not forget next time!

  12. So happy for you all that spring is coming! We are nearing winter now - but thankfully the weather is still lovely =)
    I have heard great things about Koh Gen Do - review pretty please? And that Zara blouse is so nice! And I think I would wear the last pair out of the 3 shorts- if only my legs looked like that, hahaha =)

  13. I have been busting out the self-tanner too :) Love the sequin shorts, though I agree they verge on....immature? lol <3 the new goodies! What did you return? I got a quad royale from Edward bess too and cannot put it down!

  14. hahaha im often in the office so i know how that can be!!! i have not tried the quad yet! i want to take photos of it first hahaha but i swatched it in the store, AFTER i had already ordered it and omg sooo smooth, and the color is perfect for me. Best pigmentation of the quad royals in my opinion, and just great! so happy i got it. Peach blushes are my favorite!

  15. Thank you!!!! the ones in the picture are about 3 sizes too big haha i think thats why my ankles look so thin in them, HA!
    I returned the Tarte lash primer, bc I had been using their mascara, lights camera lashes which clumps but holds a curl AMAZINGLY and thought to try their primer, WHOOSH down they went, omg, down down down, no no no! I returned Blissful cheek stain which looked amazing in the store, and amazing with Milani luminoso on top but alone after 2 hours, the color was all gone! I also returned Urvan Decay's all nighter spray, which I think DOES WORK bc i used it once and my make up looked perfect for 15 hours!!! but i heard there was a bad alcoholic ingredient in it which is drying to the face, so back it went!
    I am still playing the LM concealer, I purchased a MUFE full cover concealer bf the sale was over as a back up but im still trying to fig that LM out!

    Did u get anything during the sale? Any loves or hates?

  16. Danger zone, danger zone, danger zone! lol!

  17. When i posted the photo of the shorts i was thinking the SAME about my legs hahaha, review will be coming after I use it for a bit, but currently I am enjoying it greatly!! and I FOUND the Zara blouse!! 4 Zara's later and 45522742522258 tourists bh me, I got it! Ha Ha!

  18. omg which shade of the quad royale did you get? I have not used mine yet! bc I want to take photos and today I will be taking them so i can use that baby. I ordered it online bf i saw it in person in the store and the smoothness is amazing!! and i LOVE the color!!
    I wore self tanner the other day, and now its like 40!! back to stockings!! I returned the Tarte lash primer ( droops lashes), Tarte Cheekstain in Blissful which disapeared in a few hours, and the UD All nighter spray which I think does work, but I heard there are some drying ingredients in it, so back it went.
    Still debating on the LM seccret camoflauge, still playing with that

  19. I feel the same about Zara :) I wanted to buy that blouse as well! But I decided to get another one. :)

  20. i will be waiting for your review!

  21. where are the leopard wedges from?! i need these in my life ASAP!


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