Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Skin Care Routine

I don't post my skin care routines because of it's constant, that sounds so...serious. I just change products all the time and usually by the time I post one of these, half the routine is on the verge of change, ha!

I decided to try to share what I am using currently because I have been spot free, and am SO BLOODY THANKFUL! I wanted to share my current skin care routine that keeps my current normal/combination skin at bay.

As you can see from the photos, I use a mish mash of brands. Picking and choosing whatever catches my eye.

For cleanser in the daytime I use Clarins Gentle Cleanser with Cottonseed. I have tried two other items from the Clarins skin care range, both of which have bombed on me, but this has been my fist pleasurable product I have tried from the brand. Third times a charm!
A tiny pea sized amount brings out a quite a bit of foam, I think this is supposed to be unscented but if you actually bring it up to your nose it smells like bathroom cleaning fluid. Only if you really try to smell it, otherwise it's not so bad.
The cleanser because it's a cream is quite deep clean feeling. Not squeaky, but on the verge of.
I also have a tube of the oily skin version of this cleanser for summer, but for now, I can see this tube can easily last a person several months, and the price is extremely fair after seeing it's performance, which I am quite happy with.

Toner is Thayers Witch Hazel Toner with Rose Petal. This is my 3rd time in a row buying this. I am not a huge toner advocate but I still use it in case it does do something. This is cheap, natural, available in health food shops, and hydrates. It's not exactly outstanding, but I like it for all the reasons above.

In the AM for eye creams I layer Clinique's All about Eyes Serum, let that dry, and then layer on Clinique's All About Eyes Rich. My first eye cream ever, and I have repurchased for years. More for moisturizing properties if anything as my eyes are one of the few places on my face that get's quite dry easily.

Morning moisturizer has been Estee Lauders Hydrationist for Normal/Combination skin. I still prefer their dry skin formula but this was a gift, and I still enjoy it. This moisturizer smells fresh, feels light, and sinks in! The only con is the price. It's not super cheap, for the fact that if I used this twice a day I would finish this easily in two months. Since I only use it once a day I can get a good three months? worth of use. I wish they gave you just a bit more.

Sunscreen I am currently trying is Anessa's from Shiseido. This looks quite greasy upon initial application but sinks in and doesn't looks so bad after a minute. I like it, one of those shake up watery formulas, which I prefer in the warmer months, but I still prefer La Roche Posay's Anthelios better.

At night my cleanser is Avene's Clearance Gel Cleanser with my clarasonic. Quite possibly the most gentle acne cleanser I have ever come across. I think this would be quite suitable for anyone with sensitive skin. I don't think it's the most fast acting acne cleanser, but seems to keep problems at bay, and foams nicely on the clarasonic. I've used this for about three and half months and have only used half the bottle, so this is quite long lasting

Repeat the same toner.
I fan my face frantically to dry the toner and apply Clinique's All About Eyes Rich. I am currently looking for an anti wrinkle eye cream, once I find a new one, *insert here*

I then apply a thin layer of acne cream all over my face. I don't have a specific brand. Lately I have been using something prescribed to me by my dermatologist but Effaclar Duo from La Roche Posay is something I would recommend. A thin layer all over your face to just keep your spots under control. Nothing with too strong of a high dosage of acne fighters. Something along the 2.5 percent range in terms of acne fighting ingredients.

Lastly, for night cream I use Olay's night recovery cream. I found this in my cupboard and decided "Let me try a night cream" This one is not super hydrating but absorbs quickly and claims to give me a mini face lift each morning. I don't really see this, but it does seem to help with my laugh lines.


For removing make up properly at night I love Bioderma and will have to shell out the shipping fee to order myself another huge bottle because nothing compares to this stuff!
I have been trying the Lumene Eye Maker Up remover, but it's quite a EHH product for me, and still prefer Sonia Kashuk's.

Mask wise I am still using the Boscia Black Luminizing Mask. I pretty much refused to buy a new mask until this is done, but since I never use it. I haven't used masks much period.
I also have an Origins mask for spots called "Out of Trouble" which I have not been using, but I recall it being quite EHH as well.

And that's it! I used to be a person who used to layer skin care and had alot of lotions and potions, but this is my "simple" routine and seems to be working quite well for me!

Hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my current routine!


  1. Haha I rarely post skincare routines for the some reason as you! What were the two Clarins products that you've tried before and didn't really like? I was thinking about trying their face oil and some things from their brightening line when my current products run out. I'm up to the last third of my Thayer's Witch Hazel and I think I would repurchase even though I can't tell if it does anything to my skin either haha. I have a sample of the Boscia mask and I don't think it does anything but pull out some of the hairs on my face.... I personally love using masks but I always forget to haha. I keep going back and forth over whether I should buy a clarisonic or not :X Glad your skin has been very good lately!!

  2. Two things that I did not enjoy was a night cream which i returned, I dont recall the name but it was in a blue jar. I also did not like their "One Step Cleanser" which cleans your face without water which I wanted to use for the gym but it STINGS!! maybe i can try it in the summer bc it was designed for oily skin!
    The Boscia mask I totally regret buying. The Clarasonic I need, it's hard to see the changes but over time the overall clarity of your face is much better after the Clarasonic after about 3 months

  3. Great post! I really want to try some avene products and that cleanser sounds amazing. I see a pineapple enzyme mask in the back! Would love to hear your thoughts on it!

  4. Avene I def recommend!! it's very gentle! just find the right line for you! The mask in the back hehehe actually never opened it yet!

  5. I love all about eyes Clinique too! So creamy and great texture I want to find something that might clear up my wrinkles a bit more but besides that I love it

  6. I love skin care post! I've been using the Avene micellar lotion (similar to the Bioderma's effect-although I have not tried Bioderma) and love it! I use it on a cotton pad before cleansing with my clarisonic.

  7. So many colorful products!! I used to use witch hazel but haven't for a while now. Perhaps I should go back? Every time I see something here, I feel like I need to try it! The Bioderma is high on my list too :)

  8. agreed!!! i wish it had more power against those darn crows ft!

  9. oh sounds so good!! i will check if my Avene counter sells that too

  10. I think Bioderma will not dissapoint! esp for sensitive skin and performance!

  11. Hi! just bought the bioderma cleanser and am loving it! you can get it on sasa for $29, and if you use over $75 can get free shipping! best deal on the net!!!

    have you used dickson witch hazel before, any difference between thayer and dicksons? thx!

  12. i'm waiting for the day when i am 'spot free', by this rate i'll have break outs until i am 50!~ >.< sounds like you've had some success with using acne cream at night, will definitely try and incorporate one into my night routine =) thanks for the tip!

  13. Ohh when you used "bloody" you sounded so English - lol.. didn't know Americans used Bloody too??

    Nice routine!! Gosh I'm waiting for my skin to clear up again - nearly going back to normal >_<

    Lovely routine!

  14. I really want to try the Avene cleanser. It's on my list of things to try. I'm always changing my skincare routine too; I'm pretty fickle about it actually. What I really need to do is finish all the products I have.... I keep buying more when I have plenty of stuff at home. I think I have a serious problem, hahah.

  15. I really want to try Bioderma I've been hearing nothing but amazing things about it xxx

  16. You are officially my skincare guru. Seriously. You have tried it all and give us the real deal. LOVE it!

  17. awww thanks so much!!!! i still have to try your DDF moisturizing Dew! i never forgot!! im just trying to get through all the stuff i already own first ;)

  18. i think you wont be dissapointed!

  19. blv me, i know EXACTLY what you are talking about, all the new items in my skin care routine are not new, just stuff in my bathroom that has GOT TO GO lol

  20. thanks so much!! Actually Americans don't say Bloody ever, I just work with alot of British ppl and must have picked up some habits! haha

  21. i think a thin layer of acne cream that's not too strong every night is great. Prevents new items, fixes current items, but if i have a spot i would also spot treat on top, and recc only for night so your skin dosent dry out, or become sensitive to the sun! gluck! i know what it's like to struggle with your skin!!

  22. oh amazing deal! thanks soo much! i have tried dickson witch hazel, i have alot in my bathroom, it's ok, i just ABHOR the smell, omg... u need to get accustomed to it i suppose... lol i prefer rose petals!

  23. I may be missing the point but I am sorry!! I JUST CANNOT GET OVER THE LOVELY LABEL ON THE THAYERS THING!
    I love the old fashioned charm it has!

  24. I like the Boots Botanical eye makeup remover, available at Target. I haven't tried the Sonia Kashuk one yet though. I will when I finished the 4 bottles of Boots I stocked up when they were on sale! LOL

  25. i bought that toner too!! i was so excited to try it but i think it's way too strong for my face. i really dont think its hydrating enough for me and i regret getting the rose water.. wish i got the plain one. have you tried any other witch hazel toners?

  26. Loved this post! Wish I could put my hands on that toner!


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