Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Sunday Post

SRING is offically in the air! Ok I've been saying that, we've had a few false alarms, but now I have the photos to prove it!


Back to my little life...

Remember me? I was actually smiling in the photo for you guys! Hi!!

This week I did not do anything outside Friday when I went shopping around the city and took all these photos.

I did finish this pint of ice cream

I did buy some things that were on deal from Urban Decay, and stood in the longest H&M line for these new bracelets

I did try on more clothes for spring, and purchase this creamsicle blouse modeled with my new HRH Collection Cuff necklace

Walked to Saks and passed by

Spotted these in Saks, cute, I did not even look at the price...

I tried on some Chrisitan Loubitoun shoes for fun while there, and WOW do they hurt!

I did not leave Saks or the city empty handed, I actually lost my mind because I purchased two Tom Ford items, FYI, SAKS is a dangerous place, floor 1 beauty, danger zone!

Finally purchased the Zara blouse I was on the hunt for, Zara number 4 had it! (Love)

Always spotting cute items in Urban Outfitters

Lastly today being Easter, I want to wish everyone who celebrates a HAPPY EASTER!!!!

Family brunch

Easter is not Easter without a bit of chocolate!

Hope everyone has a fantastic coming week!


  1. Lovely pictues! I really enjoy posts like this! I wish you lived closer :) Or that I lived there... ;D

  2. I love the style of your creamsicle blouse...The dim sum looks really good. Happy Easter!

  3. Happy easter! I love the peach blouse--- especially the shoulder. What was the lady in the feathered headdress doing?

  4. Pretty photos! :) I hope you had a lovely Easter too!

  5. Thank you so much on both counts!!

  6. Ahh I bought it bc of the shoulders and on the bck are 3 buttons which are star shaped which is SO CUTE except when u are trying to button them urself, ouch wow...
    The lady with the head dress is from MACY's I fgt to metion, it was MACY's Flower Parade Show this years theme is Brazil! They had many windows but I was tired... so I only took 1 photo lol

  7. Thank you!!! I love the blouse, and ate too much at dim sum haha, Happy Easter!

  8. I wish you lived closer too!!! i think we would have an amazing day if we ever met!

  9. Pretty flowers! I love your pictures; super cute. I've been seeing flowers in full bloom all over the city too. I love it, but that also means that my allergies will be acting up soon :(

    And yay for dim sum. Yuummmm.

  10. I love these Sunday posts of your's J! And I'm mega jealous of all the cool things you get to do in NYC!

  11. awww i know some ppl cant enjoy bc of their allergies but the eyes are having a feast!

  12. thanks so much Alex!!!! im glad to share my life with you all and hope you enjoy views of NY that are a bit outside the tourist books

  13. Ahh dim dsums! It was funny to hear you comment about C Loubutin heels hurting! I need to visit NY one day!


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