Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Sunday Post

Hello Ladies!
Weekly update this week has more photos than usual I think!

This week all I really did was practice running for my race this past Saturday but on Wednsday I did have dinner with some of my girl friends in a cute HK style cafe in China town. The decore was really cute.
Wall of tea cups and coke bottle lights

HK Style Milk tea!! It was yummy but a little too strong for me at night. I ended up falling asleep around 2:30 AM from the caffine

Appetizers are hmm fried dough balls dipped in condensed milk
Not healthy, but delicious, they really are a treat!

HK style food
I got the baked porkchop in tomato sauce

I wore my new Zara blouse and blazer which I recieved several compliments on, worth the hunt if you can still find it in your local Zara!

Now back to the race. Luckily NYC this week has been experiencing phenomenal weather. Tomorrow I heard is going to be 85 degrees??? and I'm going back to the office... it always seems that way right?

Funny ad I saw on the train

Let's skip to Saturday!!! Thurs and Friday was just more tredmill logging time

The weather was GORGEOUS! It was my first time running in a charity race and I thought it was really fun!!! except when I was trying to use my running GPS app I was constantly being interruped to be informed it was my turn at scramble with freinds! >< bad timinig! but the consolate general of Haiti also ran in the race! He had a pretty good time too!
The race was to raise funds for Education in Haiti

I did not get many photos of the actual race only the endings, I was a bit pre occupied at the time

Team Blue Moon!!

After a race they always feed you carbs!!! We walked over to a pub and was devouring bagels!

My co workers and I were all still hungry after the above and decided we needed a bit more, so we walked over to the uptown shake shack! There goes the calories we burned. Oh well! YOLO!
I love the kid in the corner with the big glasses!!

To walk off the milkshake (vanilla mixed with coffee, divine by the way) we decided to shop around the city to stretch the legs

And ended up in Henri Bendel and Bloomingdales where I showed my friend the amazingness of Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill and she walked out with one! (success!)

We decided to head home but the trains were not working (the subway on the weekends are a disaster by the way) so we walked some more and passed by the MOMA

And decided to walk down to Soho for treats to collect to give to our families

We ended up going to the semi new Georgetown Cupcakes in Soho

Revlon Red!! which I FORGOT to buy ARGH

Sakura Cupcake was my breakfast this morning, only available in April if you wish to give it a go!

Pink! They even had a pink swarovski crystal mixer!

My friend and I were too full on the shake to have any cupcakes so we headed home to dinner of spicy potato starch noodles and unagi sushi

Lastly this morning I woke up and thought... I don't want to run today....

Had brunch with the family, and headed over to the park to walk instead. Running will carry on next week!

Hope you all enjoyed this week's update! More food pictures than usual!


  1. Loved it! I wish I could join you in the next week :)
    I love the blouse and blazer! Is the blazer black or navy?

  2. the blazer is black but i also purchased it in Navy!!
    i wish u could join me next wk too! sometimes i want to go out and have no one to go with!

  3. ahhh I haven't had milk tea and those fried dough balls since I went to China over Spring Break last year! So yummy :D And congrats on your race! I hope to run a few 5Ks this year!

  4. I love Cha Chan Tang. The milk tea bottles are so cute, heh. Did you like the Georgetown cupcake? It looks super cute; I need to make my way over there. I love your food pictures btw. I really enjoy looking at yummy things :)

  5. I've tried HK style milk tea once and I love it soo much more over regular milk tea.
    Now I must give that place a try! :D What is the restaurant called?

  6. all these pictures of food making my stomach grumble!!!

    cannot get over the tower of tea cups!


  7. Your week looks so eventful :) That's really cool how you and your coworkers hang out outside of work and run races for charity! My mom and I used to watch the Georgetown Cupcake reality show together so I bet she'll be excited to hear they opened up one near us haha. Just wondering if you don't mind, what ethnicity are you? I'm not sure why I assumed you were Korean when I first started reading your blog but you seem to eat a lot of Chinese things haha. I'm just curious :)

  8. i love this your tradition of Sunday posts :) finally spring has arrived to Moscow also so i hope that next weekend i go jogging to the park :))

  9. oHHH! I would have loved to see the Museum of Modern Art! Congrats on your run too - must be feeling super and ravenous after that! Those Asian milk teas are yummy but deadly in caffiene and sugar! I had one of those and couldn't sleep all night. Love your random posts!

  10. That cup and saucer wall scares me, what if it collapses~ :X Ahh I love your printed horse blouse!

  11. Congrats on the race! Yet again, you've made me want to come back to NYC and explore!

  12. Congrats on the race!!! I haven't been to NY in ages-your posts make me think it's time to go back SOON!

  13. So cool you ran in the race! I love taking these journeys with you every week. MUST GO TO NYC RIGHT NOW. Ok, maybe not right now, but soon!

  14. great food porn! is that an American fry-up?! I could do with an English fry-up haha.

    the HK style food look really authentic.. similar to what I saw in HK..I love toast with condensed milk - very HK!! LOL.

  15. All the food!

    Well done on your run!

  16. I wanna get the one in Navy too :) I think I'm going to Zara tomorrow! Why you live so far???? I think we would get along so well!

  17. Love all the food pics! I am really into HK style food out here on the west coast, one of my faves.

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