Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Sunday Post

A week, a whole week has gone by with no's not buziness (well I am kinda busy) but you will see at the end the reason for the lack of posts

This week NY experienced AMAZING weather, people were shocked, but hey, we'll take it!

I unfortunetly saw very little sun, as this week at work was incredibly busy and the only sign of green I ever saw was in my salads

One of my 2012 resolutions was to eat more salads
( I actually previously HATED salads and never took any bites, now I find them more tolerable)
I have been trying to eat salad five days a week. Either falafel, salmon, or tuna.

Sadly I probably have 100 pictures of salad on my phone haha


My first for the year. It was the ONLY DAY OF THE WEEK, where the weather was not superb
It was actually the only cloudy day we had in about 2 weeks!
of course...

Regardless I saw my boyfriend and whenever we meet early enough we always eat Hong Kong style breakfast

He always gets the spam, egg, noodle
( which I personally don't like, and I think you have to be from HK to like the stuff...)
I always get the oatmeal. 90 percent milk, 10 oats. We always get the same thing! Right down to the same tea's. Cant beat it

We decided to get out of the city and head for a hike in the mountains

To leave the city and to take this hike, took about 2 hours of sitting in traffic...where I heard the song from "One Direction" one too many times on the radio

Here are some things along the way

This horse was hilarious, I wish I took a video. It was smart, and pretty much went to town scratching itself on a city sign

We finally made it to the mountains!!

Can you all skip rocks? I simply lack the finesse it requires

Afterwards we went to the nearby outlet mall where I purchased my first Theory item which I will probably show case in the future

On Friday I got out of work late...and took a walk before heading home

The NY Public Library, I know someone who works here. It's quite an impressive building where each time I have visited I have become hopelessly lost but always manage to find the gift shop

Weekend OOTD

I later changed to sandals, it was far warmer than predicted

FINALLY found time to get my watch fitted!!! This was a Christmas gift! Love it!

The boyfriend and I sometimes swing the bat, I am actually better than you may believe, but he is FARRR superior! lol

We drove to the beach but it was a bust so we went home early and I watched my first Old Time Star Trek movie, I was LOST but it was entertaining enough

Weekend naughty foods, brick coal oven pizza!!

Now on to the reason why I have not been blogging. I have not been purchasing as many new items though a little item from the new NARS collection did reach my door step, but I have been absolutley determined to FINISH some of the items in my current routine!

Until then, I have flat out refused to try other or even new things, but ladies I am getting closer!

In shopping news whenever I did leave work or had a break I have been going to Zara, non stop.
Why? Because of this blazer

Which I purchased this in 3 colors but had to go to about 6 Zara's to do it!
That store has become a complete danger zone.

Moroccan oil (extra large) was also picked up this week, but that's all for beauty.

Once I finally finish the last bits of my current routine I want to change EVERYTHING! and blogging will be resumed!!!


  1. Looks like you had one heck of a week! Hiking and shopping in 6 different Zaras! LOL :) I like the blazer a lot! Yeah, i know what you mean about the HK breakfast and the spam and stuff LOL I think you really must be from HK to appreciate it. :)

  2. Def I even had it HK and it tasted exactly the same, i wanted to see if it was a little diff, NOPE, i never got it again after that haha

  3. I love the Zara blazer! I have to go check one out this weekend; whenever I shop I always pass by it. You're so active --- if I had a day off, I'd probably sleep it away and not even think to head out on a hike... and go to an outlet!!

  4. That pizza looks sooo good. And I don't think I can skip rocks either. Last time I tried, it just went PLUNK right into the water, hahaha.

  5. i have the same model of watch :))) only in another color! great choice!

  6. i love a HK meal. The food you had was delicious! spam and egg noodles...DROOL. Where did you eat?

  7. That horse is too funny! The mountains look gorgeous. Was that by any chance Bear Mountain or something along those lines? I think I went there a few years back but I can't remember haha. Congrats on finishing Well Dressed! I don't know when I'll ever finish a blush....

    Also, I just awarded you with a Blogger Appreciation Award here:

  8. Loving the Kors watch! I really like that style because it can be used in any situation and works with every outfit!

  9. Zara has some amazing collection right now! (i left you a msg in a comment underneath your previous post) Loved this post! :)

  10. looks like you had a lovely weekend. LOL at HK style brekkie.. god that's what exactly it looks like!!

  11. right down to the drippy oatmeal!

  12. thank you so much kasia and i agree, WHY do we live far away!?

  13. could not agree more! im a huge fan and have 3, love em all

  14. yup! bear mt!!! yrs? we go every once in a while its a nice park to drive through, there is actually not much walking its supp to have one of the best driving roads in the states?

    i am soooooooooooooooo happy i fin well dressed i have to admit i was getting QUITE TIRED of it !

    Thanks so much!!!! i will be sure to do it soon!!!! u are too kind

  15. we eat it in flushing, hmm i dont know the name of the store T.T... cafe 86??

  16. i have the gold shade also, my ultimate favorite i think!

  17. the pizza WAS sooo good
    Glad im not alone!! last time i tried i ran back and made a big scene then threw it HARD, only UPWARDS! and it landed about 5 inches from my foot :(

  18. hahaha thanks!! i really hate sleeping in and staying home even on a day off, i sleep best at night from exhaustion! lol

  19. mine is lavender :) a bit strange, but i like it because it's not very common :) but i would like to get this model with metal bracelet - if it exists... i don't know how to clean this material... kind of resin i guess?

  20. Hey! I'm new to your blog but have already read a bunch of your posts! Lovely and your NYC pics are so fun! I love the city so much but have been unable to come in on the weekends due to work.. so I'm living vicariously through your pics! Look forward to many more lovely posts from you!
    Oh and btw Zara are really killing it these days, no? I've been ordering online because I don't live close by one and to feed my NYC cravings ;)
    Also wanted to comment on your previous post with the Hong Kong style cafe: fried dough balls and condensed milk :O I'm still wiping the drool off my laptop. I can't wait to go to Saint's Alp for some bubble tea &condensed milk/toast... *sigh*

  21. thanks so much for reading my blog and glad u are enjoying the pics!
    St Alps! wow i havent been there in forever! have a great time!


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