Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Sunday Post

Just claiming "nothing happened this week" would be an over statement

This week's highlights

It was my co worker's birthday this week, I did not know their favorite flavor cupcake so I purchased a mini variety set.

Crumbs is all over Manhattan, is it a national chain? I just know it's popping up everywhere, along with 5 Guys and Fries

I did not eat a single one *will power* but I did want the pink one...

Cute things around my work area

That was it. Haha, those were all the interesting things I did Monday to Thursday ( quite sad)

Luckily on Friday I saw my boyfriend who always makes life more interesting

This year apparently Nike is creating the uniforms for the NFL? So there was quite a hub bub in the city with Nike promoting themselves all over for a few days with several live on going events

Quick visit to a cute Japanese shop before our dinner reservation

How cool is the wall in this place??

I had a HARD time deciding between these adorable tote bags! I wanted both but got neither. I will probably go back one day for them. They are juvenile but so cute! Cute for grabbing groceries
I'm leaning towards the kitten
The bunny reminds me too much of Sailor Moon LOL if you know that reference!

Whenever the boyfriend and I don't want to eat anything too heavy, Japanese always wins
Luckily, it's delicious!

Found these, so pretty!

Saturday night's dinner: I had gnocci capresse mmm

I'm actually not a pasta fan, but I love anything with capresse!

Today I did not do anything outside the gym and errands but I did try something new
Mango slices! They are sold during the warmer seasons on the streets here, but this time I decided to try them a popular way

With salt, lemon, chili powder, and hot sauce

I liked it! but next time no lemon juice or salt, it was leaking all over the place, but that's ok. Best thing to do it eat it up before a mess!

Let's be strong for Monday all!


  1. where did you find those tote bags? I need to know! the cat one is so cute

  2. The store is called Kinokunya! 42nd street near Bryant Park ( I hope I spelled that right!)

  3. My Monday through Thursdays are usually incredibly mundane and it's pretty much all routine. I had to google what capresse was but I actually really like mozarella with tomatoes :) Sometimes I just eat them with some evoo, salt, and pepper as an afternoon snack.

  4. glad i was not alone!
    I eat tomatoes every single day! im learning to love cheese! ur snack is mm mmm good!

  5. Fun, yummy, and delicious pictures! I didn't know Nike is doing the uniforms this year---- has it been Reebok for most of the time? I'm so impressed that you were able to avoid the cupcakes. I think I might have taken the whole box and ran ! The pink one does look especially yummy :)

  6. have you ever tried not ripe mango slices with dry pepper and fish sauce? sounds gross but it is amazing!!! one of my favorite snacks but i dont eat it often because mangos are expensive. do i spot haru?? :D

  7. yes thanks! I should stop there later today :D

  8. The flowers! The food! *sigh* So pretty, all of it!

  9. Those bags are soooo cute. And how do the mangos taste with the salt, lemon, chili powder and hot sauce? I see the stands all the time, but I've never tried that combo. Got pineapple once with just lemon juice, and then I got sick from it so I've been afraid about buying from the fruit stand ladies.


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