Monday, May 7, 2012

Finished Products of March and April 2012

Could I have procrastinated more on this post? No, don't think so

Skin Care

Bath and Body Works Shower Gel: 1 more bottle guys 1 more bottle and I'm finally FINALLY done with my bath and body works stash! It feels good to be so close. As I said countless times, these are ok but expensive at full price, just wait for the sale

Bioderma: I pretty much wanted to shed a tear when this went dry :*( You can read my full review here. I will be repurchasing this once I get through my Shu Uemura Oil.
Bioderma, pretty much the BEST MAKE UP REMOVER I ever tried

Rose Petal Toner: How many bottles have I gone through of these? and another one is coming! Cheap, gentle, cleanses my face and natural. I really don't need much more from a toner than those things

I Love Strawberry Milkshakes: This brand should make Philosophy worried in the " I can make soaps smell like grandma's house too" category but in terms of quality EHHHHHHHHHH I hated this...I would rub it all over my skin and all I saw was white streaks that took eons to soak in
Would not recommend, but again, smells AMAZING

Neutrogena Acne Wash (Green): I think this is the most gentle version from the whole Neutrogena Acne Line. I think the original orange shade is just straight up acne fighting, the grapefruit is more citrus and this one was more reminiscent to green tea?
If you want to try the Neutrogena Acne line but have heard horrors on how harsh the line is, the green version is the most mild formula ( It was ok..)

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser: I made a mistake and purchased this thinking it was paraben free. Am I the only person who assumed Fresh would be paraben free?
Anyway, this is ok but definitely not worth the $40 dollars in my opinion. It lathers with semi lackluster effect and does not feel deep cleaning at all
( most gentle brands just feel clean on the surface)
I would not purchase this again, as the Avene gentle cleanser I used previously felt just as nice if not better at half the price and is paraben free
This claims a cucumber smell, I did not love the smell this had.

Dior Snow Sunscreen: One of my favorite sunscreens! I used this exclusively for years, but this formula seems different? They changed the packaging and it seems slightly thicker and does not seem to mix in with my moisturizer well when combined at all. It would leave patchy streaks all over the place if I tried to mix the two products together. I don't recall the sunscreen doing that previously...I may purchase this again to experiment, but on top of moisturizer this is lovely, and I still stand by this sun screens as one of my all time favorites.

Epiduo Cream: The last of the Rx prescribed topical treatment for acne. Eeek!

Khiels Daily Skin Clearing Treatment: Read my full review here

Laura Mercier Hand Cream: I kept this by my nightstand. Rubbed this all over my hands before bed and slept better from the beautiful scents she has in these. Quite moisturizing without a greasy feel also

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion: I have tried numerous items from this brand but this is the only thing I ever repurchase. This helps destroy whiteheads like no other!

Clinique Acne Solutions: I think this was my 3rd bottle? This is great for items that you can feel will pop up soon under the skin. Nips them in the bud, but you have to catch them early enough for this to work

Twighlight Woods Body Butters: I love to use the BB&W body butters as hand creams in the winter the mini sizes are great for this, and is so hydrating in the office

Estee Lauder Hydrationist (Normal to Combo Skin): I think the dry skin version is the best formula from this line. It's called hydrationist but it's not THAT hydrating, the combination skin one is ok, but in the winter this does not cut it for me. It's soso in spring, better in summer for me

Olay Night Recovery Cream: The first Olay product I have tried that was quite meh...I know Olay is famous for it's anti aging products and while this is very hydrating and smooth, I did not see any signs of a "mini face lift" each morning. Of course we all take this with a grain of salt, but I think Olay may have better in their line than this

Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle: A hair product???? Have you noticed a LACK of hair products in these posts? Anyway this is quite NICE the price is AMAZING ( under 4 dollars usually) the smell is like pineapples and coconut, and it does really give you some serious smoothness and shine after letting it in the bottom portion of you hair for 3 minutes. I tend to apply this to the bottom portion of my hair and wrap it in a bun for 3 minutes, release, rinse, and feel the smoothness.
Great Aussie product

Sonia Kashuk Eye Make up remover: My favorite eye make up remover on the budget side. Big bottle, found in Target, and gets the job done without much pulling of the eyes.

Make Up

Finally on to the good stuff!

Boscia Blotting Sheets: HG! Need I say more?

Moroccan Oil: A must for my hair, I finally purchased the BIG bottle. Review can be found here

Hand Sanitizer: A must in general

Palmers Mint and Dark Chocolate Lip Balm: Vaseline, too thin, smells heavenly, but would not repurchase. Again, just feels like Vaseline

Lorac Moonstone: OMG FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My favorite all over lid color for about two years is finally gone. I feel so happy I can change to something else. Granted another neutral but a change. I also have a single of this shade, because I may be tired of it now, but I will always come back to it!!!

K Palette Liner: Felt tip liner which I would not repurchase as the point is fine, and the item did last long on my eyes and in the packaging, but the color is more of a dark charcoal than black to me

Clinique Lash Power Mascara: A swap with my mother got me this baby. I was not a fan. ZERO volume, no clumping (this will probably NEVER clump on you) very lengthening and defining, but I hated removing these fiber mascaras with warm water. A little too many steps for me, so not a repurchase.

MAC's Well Dressed: My FIRST completed Mac Blush ahhh this was extremely satisfying to finish ( as sad as that sounds!!)
A baby pink that I may repurchase? This is more of a winter shade, but I am curious on how Benefit's Hervanna compares to this.

What have you all finished this month?


  1. You never fail to impress me with how much you finish! I've heard of the Mario Badescu spot thingy, but my spots always fail to even become whiteheads, they're forever under the skin.. loved this post :)

  2. How the heck do you finish a blush????? TEACH ME THE WAYS!

    Also, congratulations on finishing up the B&BW! This post is full of impossibles!

  3. well done! i shake your hand. you are the master at finishing products. ive been eying the laura mercier hand creams, the smell yummy. i love that aussie stuff too! cheap thrill for sure. once i am done with my current eye makeup removers im trying out the sonia kashuk! i hear too many good things about it. and again, well done on your well dressed!! so impressed. i have YET to finish any blush of mine. i cant use the same blush over and over again for months. it is very rare when i keep using it for even a single month. need to try out that rose water toner...

  4. always under the skin? aw i hate those, maybe the clinique is what you need. I am cureently trying the origins super spot remover instead of clinique and already miss my old's just not as good

  5. omg girl it was so haaaaaaaaaaaard to finish that thing... i got REALLY tired of using it but i knew if i didnt finish it, i wont pick it up again until winter!!! so i just kept using it and if i got tired i put NARS Orgasm on top lol
    blv me, im pretty relieved im out 1 baby pink blush lol

  6. thanks! i shake ur hand too! i saw ur posts!
    the hand creams smell so divine! seriously! i bought a set for myself over xmas last year and im still using them! love it! a nice little treat! Aussie is great!
    thanks about the blush it was SOOOOOOOOO HARD but im really happy it's gone.
    I have two more in my sites to finish. It can get a bit boring using the same blush color, i sometimes layer the colors together or put them over cream products to change the effect

  7. Congrats with all the empties! You always have a heaping bunch of finished products!! I'm almost done with my bottle of Lavendar Thayer's and I bought a bottle of the Rose scent just to switch things up :) I think I'll be coming back to Thayers for years to come haha. I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't wholeheartedly love the Sonia Kashuk eye makeup remover. I just purchased a bottle of Mandom's Cleansing Express (like the Japanese version of Bioderma) and I was so surprised at how easily it removed all my eye makeup. Have you tried the Mandom cleansers? I think they'd be comparable to Bioderma :)

  8. Omg your stash of empty products is always so impressive! Well done :D

  9. thank you!!! oh no luck on the SK? I have tried a few cheaper brands and i think that is the best of the cheaper ones i did like the Boots one but its a bit oily.
    Ah Madom's! I have seen them for years but because theyre in Japanese I have no clue which one to buy...

  10. thank you! i hope the mini reviews are helpful!!

  11. Wow, so many empty products! Very impressive. I'm collecting my empties so I can do a post on them too, haha. It takes me forever to finish this though.. hence my beauty ban this month. I reeeeeally want to try the Moroccan Oil; I'll have to wait until next month to check it out though. Whomp whomp.

    Also want to try the rose toner. I have to finish the 3 I have though (I don't even know why I have 3..)
    Have you tried any of the other ones? I've seen a bunch of different ones at Whole Foods.

  12. i cant wait to read your empties post!!!!
    dont worry about the 3 toners. I started doing these posts to get rid of my stuff bc i had 3 or ALOT OF THINGS lol
    I have seen the other types of toners and read the descriptions but the rose one appealed to me most. I also do not enjoy the smell of lavender or a few of the others offered

  13. Wooow, you had so many empties! I also happened to finish my SK eye makeup remover & Clinique Lash Power mascara in April, haha. The SK is phenomenal - definitely my HG, and I'm actually pretty fond of Lash Power since it doesn't smudge on my oily lids, and clumping is my #1 pet peeve. Btw I'm absolutely adoring your blog & I really appreciate the mini reviews you've got going on here. (:

  14. thank you!!! yes the lash power gives u a very defined and clean look but i thought it kind weighed my lashes down? I need a bit more drama i dont mind tiny clumos bc i have almost no lashes so it makes it look like volume! lol but fall out is my pet peeve!

  15. You're empties post, puts mine to shame. You actually used up full sized products. I have the same opinions on several of products you recently finished. Disliked the Fresh Soy cleanser, especially the smell. I have yet to find anything that beats the Bioderma sensibio H20. Completely agree with your comment on bath and body works product, they are expensive for what they are, but if you catch a sale its great.
    I love your empties post, every month I get encourage to go through my stash when I get unmotivated towards the middle of the month.

  16. I couldn't really tell a difference between SK and the UP&UP Target eye makeup remover :/
    I rarely follow the different labels (the Sebum one is meant for oily skin but it's so hard to find in stores!) so I just got the Bright Up one. I think they all should do pretty much the same thing :) Usually the imported products have English labels with the product name, ingredients and directions on the back ^^

  17. thank you so much!!! lol i use samples too and am just as happy when they are gone, some last me months!!

    im so happy you find use from these posts!!

  18. amazing! enjoy reading your empties so much. Clinique mascaras don't work for my lashes (not many brands work for me anyway). Would love to try MAC well dressed but I already have so many baby pinks (including Benefit Hervana).. I have used up a lot in April (split into 3 posts) please read mine too!

  19. Ummm how the heck do you go through makeup & skincare like water? You must be extra generous on application and use? I should learn by your ways of using up old products before purchasing new... I feel like I hoard too much & never end up finishing anything, you make me feel so bad lol. However it has opened my eyes now to not waste money on new stuff & use everything up. Thanks for the posts, I enjoy reading it alot! Love reading the reviews more so than hauls I think? haha

  20. A fantastic accomplishment! I have never seen a MAC blush completed like that! Did you have to ignore all your other blushes for years? If so, I think I will applying blush like a mofo until I lie in my grave. I will always be known as the girl who applied too much blush but never finished a single one! I agree that the EL Cream (dry skin) is the best! Really love that stuff!

  21. ahhh! 3 Minute Miracle! I have been looking EVERYWHERE for it. I was beginning to think that they didn't make it anymore. You just reminded me how much I want it again. Must keep looking!

    Awesome amount of empties as well. You inspire me! :D

  22. oOhhh congrats on the 1st completed MAC blush ... i've hit pan, but have yet to complete well dressed =) i've recently finished the dove essential nutrient moisturiser, gentle non-greasy every day moisturiser - would re-purchase again but i think it is being discontinued. and, also polished off the benefit b.right eye cream, feels nice but don't think it really faded dark circles.

    p.s. i've never heard or seen this 3 minute miracle deep conditioner ... and i LIVE in australia. but nice to see aussie products are popular o/s =)

  23. i love clinique acne solutions! oh my goodness, it's so hard for me to finish products. you do such a great job at it!

  24. I just finished up a tube of the jouer lip enhancer! I'm definitely going to repurchase it, but I need to get through some of my other lip balms first

  25. Wowwww you amaze me with your eyeshadow-and-blush-finishing!

  26. That is an incredibly awesome empties post, I am so motivated to use up my odds and ends now!!

  27. So many empties (as usual)! I'm still surprised that you finished a whole MAC blush! Congrats :D
    Where do you buy the Rose Petal Toner? I want to try a simple/less expensive toner, especially since I still haven't found the exact purpose toner but can't get out of the habit of not toning (if that makes sense :X).
    Was it hard for you to wash away calamine (from the Drying Lotion)? I tried the Etude House version and had such a difficult time removing the pink spot of product the next morning...

  28. Huge empties list! I had no idea Fresh had parabens either--- though I've found that many 'natural' lines tend to have parabens despite an otherwise impressive list of 'good' ingredients

  29. Wow, that's amazing! Congrats!

  30. These monthly posts frikin amaze me! I finish ONE product a month if I'm lucky! Well done you.

  31. Wow, nice work getting through all those!! I think I need to try that Rose toner soon, doubt it's anywhere in Australia though :(

  32. Ah-MAZING empties dear! I too finished up a Moroccan Oil jar this spring- It might have been early March. I was a little sad to see it end but I had a back up bottle waiting in the wings! Love that stuff! I'm pretty sure I have a sample of that drying lotion- I will need to try that out the next time I have a spot!

  33. Wow a whole MAC blush! Still trying to hit pan on my revlon powder blush of 3 years :((( Great job! For some reason, I tear through skincare products like wildfire but I'm like an aged plodding house when it comes to makeup. I've had a bb cream that I've been trying to finish for the past month and it!

  34. you've inspired me to finish a few products this month .. very satisfying!

  35. oh thank you for tagging me!!! ill try to rem to do it in the future and i saw your 31 items post! whoosh! great job!!! how are you like hervana?

  36. hahahaha i know many ppl must think i apply a crazy amount of skin care or something but in actuality somewhere in 2011 i decided i needed to STOP my bathroom looked like a pharmacy and my bedroom looked like Sephora so I pretty much decided to use up EVERYTHING i had before i bought anything else. Skin care was the eziest bc i had so many things i semi opened and used and thought didnt work and i decided to just finish things up. I have bought almost ZERO skin care in 2011 and 2012 bc I have a million brand new things to get through. Whenever I finish anything I just go to my bathroom and pick up another item i bought a long time ago ( all sealed and nonexpired) and say im going to use this now! the only thing I buy now is cotton pads, toner, and eye cream. Everything else i have so many items waiting in a queue I havent needed to buy anything.

    Make up takes me forever to finish i had many of those powder products for about 2 to 3 years

  37. it took so long to fin that blush! i think i used it when i 1st purchased for about 2 months and never touched it again until this past winter and I decided, im going to finish this. I used it everyday ( just about) for about 4 more months and i finished it. They take about 6 months of daily use to complete for me

  38. worth the hunt girl! smells great too!

  39. ahhh i have heard many Aussies say they have never even seen Aussie! i think that's crazy! anyway its a great and affordable brand here I hope one day it lands on your shores so you can try it!
    Great job finishing your items! i saw your post!!! Dolly wink is my favorite too!

  40. i buy the toner in Whole Foods
    It's not hard to wash off in the morning alot of it has flaked off pretty much and any soap and water can get rid of it with ease

  41. i know! i was so surprised and dissapointed! ill be sure to check labels and stop assuming!

  42. finishing 1 is still an accomplishment!!! it's not about how many can you finish, it's not a race, its about using and loving your products!

  43. amazon? or ebay? you dont have to get that onje though, any rose water toner should help! i just like this one bc it has witch hazel also for acne, and i love that it is gentle on my sensitive skin

  44. Moroccan Oil ahh i just repurchased this time the BIGGEST bottle i could find!! the drying lotion is great for those nasty white heads!!

  45. i know EXACTLY what you are talking about, make up omg... it just wont die! that eye shadow I used it just about everyday for 2.5 YRS! look how tiny it is!!!

  46. I'm seriously impressed with how much you get through! I just noticed your review on the Bioderma cleansing water as well!

  47. You've amazed us once again! I don't know how to do it! *Bowing down :P


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