Tuesday, May 29, 2012

High Heat Hitters – Top 5 Products for a Summer Face

Now that high heat has arrived and I am pretty much melting I have said
"Good bye make up!" ok, not really, "Good bye now heavy feeling make up"
Nothing worse than having and FEELING your make up melt, let me tell you, it looks as bad as it feels

Here are my top products I use in the summer when everything is just kept at a minimum

The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain

01 Rose Pink

I love this stain. I far prefer it to Benetint (which I have never tried) but I think this is less watery, the applicator is easier to use, it's far cheaper, and it has better ingredients!! Also The Body Shop seems to have a sale 360 days a year, so this is one of my must haves from there.

The cap is not that great, and tends to leak, so be careful, but it leaves a really beautifully red hinting on raspberry on the cheeks, more red on the lips, and lasts all day on my cheeks. The lip stain I do need to re apply

I also enjoy Urban Decay's Lip Stain in Envious if you like something more long lasting.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

Laura <span class=

I purchased this semi recently at the same time I purchased MUFE Full Cover concealer. I can do a review on either but for summer, this is the clear winner. A large amount of product, covers to higher opacity levels, and just STICKS to your skin, through sweat and humidity

Boscia Blotting Sheets

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Any blotting sheets really! These are just my personal favorites. I recently went to an event and saw the 1st photo of myself and thought "YIKES, Boscia to the rescue!!" the rest of the pictures were salvaged ;)

Waterproof Mascara

I'm not a mascara girl. I don't wear it much, but in summer I skip any eye shadow even those waterproof cream kinds and layer on a thin coat of mascara to give my eyes a more brightened look. Because I don't really wear mascara, I don't want to spend alot of money on a waterproof one so I always get one from the drugstore.
I love Maybelline's Full and Soft! They don't leave my lashes crunchy which is a complete pet peeve!

Waterproof Liquid Liner

No thick lines in summer. Just something waterproof for tight lining and maybe adding the tiniest kitten flick. I love the Dolly Wink Liner but heard Stila's is also amazing!

Things I want to try this year:

Mattifying Moisturizer

La Roche-<span class=

I have La Roche Posay's Effeclar M waiting for me in my bathroom once I finish my current moisturizer!

Oil Control Spray

Skindinavia's No more Shine, I'm looking at you!!

Things I avoid in summer:

Too much bronzer! You don't need to apply near as much or at all, your going to get some natural color!
Highlighter: I LOVE highlighter but for day to day, I really try to avoid extra shine on the face
Too much powder: Notice how I don't have a mattifying powder listed? I like Maybelline's Dream Matte Powder, but I know if I over powder I get over oily. Try the blotting papers and see how much powder you really need. Usually the little or no powder I put on, the less I need it!
Foundation or Tinted Moisturizer: Take care of your skin, wear spf, and apply concealer because most bases feel a bit heavier, and can melt off (not attractive)

Anyone have summer favorites/recommendations?


  1. I have heard tons about Skindinivia, wish it was more widely available though! I tried the Laura Mercier concealer before, it was just too thick and solid to work with, perhaps it would work much better during the summer!!

  2. it took me a WHILE to like the LM I actually returned it TWICE! but i found that if u apply a very very thin layer, not only does it cover, but it lasts, and sticks on the skin like crazy. Just have to apply a very very thin layer, and blend out with a fluffy brush.
    A bit more work than I like but the best result I found. I usually just blend with my fingers though, lazy me! lol

  3. Thanks for the tips! (: I've heard good things about the Maybelline Full and Soft but I haven't had the chance to try...I'm skeptical about most of their mascaras because they tend to smudge on me.

  4. Great products! I've been wanting Secret Camoflauge for the longest time. I like that it adheres to skin through thick and thin =)

  5. i swear by maybelline's full and soft!!! i'm like u i dont do mascara, plus my eyes are really sensitive but this one makes it look natural and my eyes dont get irritated and its waterproof!!

  6. oh, I'm trying to skip the powder and bronzer but it's hard for me for now.
    as for the so called recommendations - since I'm not a guru to give any))) - i find HadaLabo BB emulsion quite an interesting thing for summer - it's light, spf50, right color for a tanned summer skin.

  7. I LOVE Effeclar M. Think I'm going to have to try that LM concealer too...and maybe the Boscia blotting sheets...uh oh. Lovely picks :)

  8. You must, must, must get the Skindinavia spray! It's a total lifesaver. I have oily skin and wear it out anytime I go dancing and it keeps my face relatively shine-free.

  9. I'm so tempted to try Skindinavia but I heard it has alcohol in it and I try to avoid alcohol laden products :( I've been loving lightweight tints as opposed to tinted moisturizers or foundation. I've been using Perricone MD's No Foundation Foundation and I quite like it :)

  10. Ahh I need to try that mattifying moisturizer! No More Shine Spray FTW! I love that stuff. On my 3rd bottle! I agree, I go for a less-is-more on my face all summer. Otherwise I will like like a Popsicle that's been left out of the freezer too long aka all melty. =P

  11. I actually hate all Maybelline Mascara's outside the Full and Soft Waterproof. Wait for a BOGO deal so you can also grab something you know you like in case!

  12. its the best natural looking mascara I ever tried and they really do keep my ashes soft looking, LOVE that

  13. I can't help myself with powder. Loose powder...just a tiny bit! I really should cross over to the finishing spray side already. I'm on the hunt for the perfect liquid liner that gives a smooth but oh-so-thin line. Stila looks like a good shape...I'll be looking into that one.

  14. i just ordered the skin dinavia spray!! i hope to love it too!


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