Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Favorite MAC Blushes

Today's post inspiration comes from THE SUN!!!
It's been cloudy, grey, and gloomy for days but the sun has come OUT! meaning photos of beauty products!!

(Of course my 1st photo has a shadow cast!! argh!)

Just a quick post on some of my favorite blushes from MAC. MAC is not my favorite blush brand, but due to an incredibly wide selection of permanent colors, I own many MAC blushes, and they are some of my most used.

Though MAC makes blushes in different finishes, the texture of MAC blushes themselves are quite soft, but when I swirl my brushes in them I don't get an overly large amount of powdery residue all over the case, so that is appreciated.


I think this may be my favorite MAC blush ever. I know if you are pink toned, this may just come up orange on your face, so you may want to try this in the store, but if you are warm toned, well you're golden ;)

I love this in spring and summer, it really wakes up my face and lifts it. Also, I wore this blush the most often when I had quite a bit of acne. Due to the fact that it's matte, and orange toned, not pink, it did not exphasize or bring out any redness nor scarring on my skin.

If you have redness in your skin a pink blush can really emphasize this, and large pores should stay far from shimmer. This was definitely and still is a go to!


This was probably my most least exciting MAC blush purchase does not look like much in the pan. When the SA showed it to me I literally said "That's it??" because I couldn't find it. I didn't even recognize this color as being on the display
In person let's just call this passable...

But, oh I am so happy I purchased (reluctance be damned!)
When I apply this it's quite , ok its very natural. It really brings out the contours of my face and is one of those instant cheek bones shades
Perfect for office days and high top knots

Frankly Scarlet

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum we have this pink based red that looks quite scary!
Unlike Tenderling this is quite easy to find in the display!
Although it looks like something more geared for an artist kit for clowns this is an amazing shade. I prefer this red over Exhibit A from NARS which I also enjoy.
Exhibit A is more of an orange red, this is a pink almost raspberry red thst just makes you look girly and rosy. Needless to say, caution be warned during application, with a stippling brush in hand this blush will give you an amazing shade on the cheeks, and the pan will last a life time!


Margin is another color I purchased with reluctance. In the pan it looks like a tawny brown based peach with gritty glitter. Well it's shimmery for sure, but on the face its more of a flattering tawny peach and when I wear this I often get questions on the shade. Apparently people don't see too much of the color on my cheeks they see a very flattering almost there color blush and a nice amount of glow.

Though this is nice when tanned, I actually prefer this when I'm pale. The face is plain, but this blush brings a glow on my winter skin, and in the dead of winter, yes the shade does show! Thisblush does all the color talking

Warm Soul

A gorgeous mineralized blush. So gorgeous my mother has stolen this from me and it has been keeping a permanent status in her make up bag. Evidently a color that can be worn during many ages.

It looks like a peachy brown shade, but there is a tone of mauve in it. Laced with gold shimmer it just looks stunning. It does not come across on the cheeks as peach, more dirty and neutral toned but the shimmer in it really adds life to the shade, and this is one I love so much I may have to buy another one just to have in my own collection again!


Quite possibly the only "plumish" blush that has ever worked for me. It is described as a golden raspberry, but am I the only one that think it looks more plummy than raspberry??

A complete winter favorite, this looks incredible in the winter when the face has lost a bit of color, it just brings life back to your face, and I think it incredibly flattering when my skin is at it's palest (NC 20)

Honorable Mentions

These are either limited edition or discontinued. I am only mentioning these products if by chance you have them in your collection, SWAP for them, or find them in a CCO
Also the famous MAC re promotes!

Happy Together

Do you remember the "In the Groove" Collection. You know the one with the crazed Stereo Rose, and Petticoat.
I think so many people were focused on those items this may have been missed which is unfortunately because it's amazing!

This can be worn either individually where the more brown based peach is your blush shade, and the highlighter shade can be used on the cheekbones, or I swirl them together to create a shimmery shade.

The matte side is softer, and more smooth in texture (I know I know duh, it's matte) but no, its quite extra smooth for MAC! lol
It is more of a neutral brown based peach, and the shimmer portion is just a plain more opalecent shade with golden shimmer, but I think this look incredible with a red lip. It's neutral enough to wear with a red lip, but the color is slightly brighter than most n*de blushes so it does have a more rosy effect to the face. It's a balancer blush!


This used to be a permament shade, so many of you may own it. When they brought in the new cream blush formula's this shade was not included in the repromote which is a shame. It was a beautiful neutral pink. I suppose the current Brit Wit is as close as you can purchase of this shade from MAC but I believe Brit Wit is much more mauve. Some people describe lillicent as more peach toned, but on me it goes on a very neutral pink.

You can really see the shimmer in some of these!

Bottom to Top: Peaches, Tenderling, Frankly Scarlet, Margin, Warm Soul, Gentle, Happy Together, Lillicent

Last but now least, if you liked my photos of the blushes with the MAC logo from the shadows please check out Dovey's blog! She takes the most incredible photos ( to whom I took the inspiration) and is a contender for the Allure Beauty Blogger awards! ( For a reason!)

So lastly, what are some of your favorite MAC blushes?


  1. Pretty colors! =) I have only one blush from MAC and it's Mocha. I love it (: It looks good with everything!

  2. Frankly Scarlet, ahhh I want it so bad!!! I remember a Mac makeup artist had mentioned on Mac's website that his all-time favourite blush was Margin, and the name has stuck with me ever since. It must be one of those old faithfuls that don't look as exciting in the pan and everyone misses them :(

    Oh, I'd love to see your favourite non-Mac blushes too!

  3. Love my stereo rose! The bf loves it on me as well.

  4. ah i was thinking of doing a favorite NARS blush post! one day! it will be swatch crazy!!! but i love just about ALL I OWN of those

  5. Oh, I love this post! You're so original, and you don't tell me things like Dollymix, which I don't own, but know about because the entire Youtube goes Dollymix.

    I don't own many MAC blushes, and out of the very few I have, none of them are my absolute go-tos.

  6. Lillicent is one I missed out on and I wish I had it! Warm Soul is one of my faves as well! Great pics!

  7. Oh, wow, how much your list of favorites has changed! I was JUST reading your post back in 2010 where you raved about shimmering pinks and said you did not like Peaches. Love the pictures and details, as always.

  8. So many beautiful blushes :D I need to swatch these all next time I'm at Mac (and when I allow myself to buy makeup again). Peaches, Frankly Scarlet, and Warm Soul are already on my wishlist :D

  9. I can't believe out of all of your favorite MAC blushes, I only own Peaches! :( I've always wanted Warm Soul, though!

  10. thanks for sharing your fave blushes and providing swatches...i always wondered what peaches would look like on me...i just may go and check it out

  11. ahh Dolly Mix i have seen it but a bit blue toned for me! I hope you see some reccs above you may check out in the future!

  12. aww shoot! maybe u can find it one day or they bring it back! dont know why they would get rid of something so nice!

  13. hahahaha i was unaware someone looked at my old posts as far back as 2010. Did I say that?? omg lol now i love peach and stray away from pinks mostly!! times have changed!

  14. Warm Soul is a complete winner!

  15. i hope you like it, but if not try NARS Taj Mahal it would look stunning on you i think!

  16. I gave up on MAC blushes quite a while ago - really like your collection though - they look pretty and versatile to use!

  17. I LOVE Mac blushes I do not know what it is but they stay on forever! I really like mixing my bronzer in with Gentle I like toning down the berriness

  18. wow the frankly scarlet shade looks awesome!

  19. ah i should not have read this post. i have mac blushes but barely reach for them! i think it is because i have them in palette form and that makes me not reach for it (out of sight, out of mind). but i do love warm soul!! one of my favorite blushes ever :)

  20. and when i say i should not have read this post i mean it is because it makes me want to run out and buy all your favorites! haha even though i dont reach for my current mac blushes :X

  21. I don't own any MAC blushes! I read below that you have a lot of NARS blushes. Does MAC Peaches compare to NARS Gilda?

  22. Peaches and Tenderling are so pretty! Now I KNOW I'm going to swatch them at one point... and will be tempted to buy them... >_<

  23. Thank you so much for this post! I went out and bought Warm Soul and have been loving it and getting so many compliments!!

  24. I just own Peaches from here and I LOVE how long lasting it is, and of course the color! Margin looks the best in here, but will likely be joining my kit with Frankly Scarlet :)
    Loved this post!

  25. I would love to try peaches,it looks lovely! melba would fit into your collection nicely...check out my review here if you are interseted.

  26. thanks so much, i hope you like peaches! its great for the upcoming warmer season! i actually have melba but i still prefer peaches lol


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