Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Favorite Nail Polish and a Quick Butter London Review

I used to have alot of crazy colors in my nail polish collection, I still have a few but if I look at my collection now all I see are beige pinks, n*de pinks, sheer beige's, you get the idea...
But among them is a star polish

Essie's Topless & Barefoot

This polish is quite well known in the beauty community as being the perfect opaque n*de ( and I think IT IS! on my skin at least) but to bring out it's best you have to remember a few things

1. This polish seems to go pretty thick in consistency in under a year so you have to give it a goooood shake, up, down, across, shake that thing!

2. It can be streaky! BUT it can also go perfectly opaque in 1 coat. I think this does go on streaky, but to fix that you have to dip the brush into the polish and get a good glop of polish on it. The one with the drooping bulb of polish falling towards the end of the brush
If you can get that, you can do all 5 fingers on 1 hand in 1 coat and it's amazing

The color is the perfect n*de beige. Brightens my hands, elongates my fingers, looks classic for work, while being chic

A Chic Beige

I love watching nail polish recommendations for future polish purchases

Now, for a super quick Butter London Review

I've used the brand's base and top coat for about 4 months and know how I feel towards them

The base coat is not clear, it looks like a murky shade, think yeast sitting in water.
This is the fastest drying base coat I have EVER tried! Once you coat all 10 fingers, the 1st hand is beyond dry! This part is AMAZING
The con? Nails are left rigid with zero strength, which leaves your natural nails brittle and splitting

The top coat is not my favorite. It's definitely shiny, but it's not as fast drying as the base coat, but I still chip in about 3 days. I think there are numerous drugstore brand who can give shine, and better top coat strength

Long story short, I'm going to use them both up, but would not repurchase either

On that last note,



  1. I was planning to get that Butter London set because my L'oreal base coat is almost finished (I've gone through about 3 bottles of the same base coat and not sure why I never switched). Sad to hear it didn't work for you and now I think I'll have to look for another base coat because my nails are already quite weak. I really like Seche Vite; have you used that one?

  2. i have only used Seche Vite top coat which is AMAZING but i stopped using it bc it had too many negative ingredients

  3. applause for Topless and Barefoot! I love it too.

  4. I prefer pinky nudes, but I love topless and barefoot! And literally just watched that zoella video - it is so weird that I caught that

  5. Ah, i love the nail polish too! I think it looks so classy and sophisticated. You've inspired me to paint my nails! I need to look for nudey beige colors!

  6. I've been on a nail polish frenzy these past couple of weeks. I like Topless and Barefoot, but it always looks so thick and goopy on me. Maybe I need to perfect my nail polish applying skills, haha.

  7. I love this nailpolish as well! Goes very well with everything and perfect for any occasion!

  8. My favorite nude is by OPI - Samoan Sand

  9. omg! thats the color i have been looking for and sold out all over! must be good!

  10. awww dont worry, me 2! one hand looks GREAT! but the other blech, thats why all my NOTD pics are of my left hand haha

  11. hahaha everyone loves Zoe, she is so cute!

  12. topless & barefoot is my ultimate favorite nude nail polish.


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