Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Sunday Post?

I missed last Sunday, the truth was I had very little to post picture wise!

Last weekend was my birthday weekend!!! I was so happy and I felt so loved, thankfully my birthday was on a Friday so I had the weekend to enjoy it

I even ordered a beer to celebrate ( I normally don't drink much, I asked for one of their palest ales ha ha)

The food looks good and my boyfriend and I have decided to go back because his food was good, mine was just ok...I think I ordered the wrong thing. If you go to a restaurant and everyone is eating 1 thing, if it's your first time...just go with the crowd. Next time I am ordering the house speciality which is clams in a bucket pretty much

My office celebrated my birthday also along with two others in the same week as myself. Because none of us eats cake, they gave us a celebratory breakfast! NOM I love bagels!

Saturday I had tickets to watch the Avengers....scratch that, my boyfriend had two tickets to Avengers and I was the lucky recipiant lol 3D!!!!
( I am positive I was the only person on the planet, well at least in my theater who did not love it. I thought it was eh)

I have been attempting to eat healthier and the day started off well with this salmon salad

But I ended the night eating carbs

After the movie we saw this on the way home, adorable! too bad they are all blurry shots!

Sunday was dinner with the family. Korean BBQ, at least it's no carbs for dinner lol

The following week was uneventful but spring has really been blooming all over the city and I love it!!

Now it has finally arrived to this weekend.

This was probably the scariest thing I saw all weekend
A Wang, really???
I'm sure that's what the model walking down the runway is thinking!

I treated myself to a bubble tea with tapioca! (Don't eat too many of these tapioca's as I have heard they lead to health issues, but once in a while I have little!)

Finally fast foward to today and it's Mothers Day!!

It's a day to help make your mom feel a teeny bit spoiled!! I took photos of all the things we ate today but they were all terrible looking ( have you noticed outside chocolate, brown colored food is impossible to photograph well??)
Long story short we ate ALOT of meat lol

I am debating on if I should continue with these posts. When I look through my blog history I see so many photos taken with my iphone, granted this blog is about my life, but I want some better quality photos. I did look at new point and shoot camera's today but after the's just NOT THE SAME!!!

Well, whatever the result may be, quitting these, or having them come back one day we shall see, as I fiddle with some new ideas!

So with that all, hope everyone had a SUPER happy Mothers Day, and we all reved and charged for Monday right?? ;)


  1. I swear, you always eat the most delicious looking food! And omg, that bouquet is BEAUTIFUL!! And please, please, please continue with these posts - I don't care if the pictures are taken with your iphone!

  2. I vote that you keep doing them too (regardless of camera) ! I'm a nosey natured I guess, I like to see what everyone is up to :D

  3. Noooo I look forward to these pictures each week :)

  4. Please continue with these posts! They might not be superb quality photos but you have such a good eye that they are amazing photos regardless - and beautiful to see! Plus I'm probably nosey and I love seeing what you've been up to - especially food wise (always amazing). xo

  5. I look forward to this post every sunday, please keep doing them. I have to visit New York soon :)

  6. You should definitely keep these post. I find iphone pics add a certain charm. It's all about capturing that moment in time. Plus I love looking at you're food pics, makes me so jealous that we don't have that much yummy stuff in my neck of the woods.

  7. what sort of health problems does tapioca pearls lead to? im intrigued. i only have it once in a while but i love it every time :) where did you guys go for korean bbq? is it your fave korean bbq place? that place looks legit and old school haha.

  8. i heard too many causes some kind of cancer i heard from some Taiwanese news paper
    only once? u are fine! i think i ingested it DAILY in my youth aiy yi yi!!
    The place i had BBQ in the picture i had never been to! lol to me it all tastes kinda the same in my neighborhood, where i live there are rows upon rows of Korean BBQ places lol

  9. thanks for your thoughts! haha all the food seems to be popular with the readers! dont be jealous, we have more gyms per block than most cities have ppl for a reason!
    Lifetime member (thats me!) lol

  10. oh thank you so much Laura! i actually had no idea if anyone liked them at all!
    Please do visit! there is so much to see and do!

  11. thank you!!!!! im so happy to hear ppl enjoy this iphone picture spillage of my week ( but to me i live a very ordinary life!)
    Im glad i get to at least show my city and lift to my beautiful readers!

  12. Do you? I had no idea ppl cared... hahaha this is wonderful news!

  13. thank you for your input!!! it seems though i think my life is quite mundane ppl enjoy seeing the real lives of real ppl

  14. hahah thank you!!!!! the flowers are pretty right? haha the food explains all my gym tweets!!
    aww thank you tiff i am so very happy u enjoy these very simple posts!

  15. I love your Sunday posts! The iPhone pics are great! And yummmmm, I love your food pics! Korean BBQ and bubble tea = <3 I usually get mine without the bubbles. My jaw gets tired of chewing after awhile, hahah.

  16. Your sunday picture posts are so chilled I like em! It makes a change to your normal posts :D

    That garden is so beautiful.. hard to believe that is NYC?! Hope you had a lovely mothers day with your momma! We celebarted mothers day in March in the UK already haha but we did do some celebrations for the M in Law too ;)

  17. Wow greattt post!! I loved looking at every photo, one after the other, All the pics look great and perfect :) I really want to visit NYC it is in the top 3 places to visit on my bucket list :)

    greetings from far far away (well in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea precisely) Martha xx

  18. Wow greattt post!! I loved looking at every photo, one after the other, All the pics look great and perfect :) I really want to visit NYC it is in the top 3 places to visit on my bucket list :)

    greetings from far far away (well in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea precisely) Martha xx


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