Sunday, May 13, 2012

Today's Postcard

Happy Mothers Day!!!

I hope every mother/mama/bubby/grandma/in law/and step mom out there, felt a little extra appreciation today!

Every year I buy my mother a bouquet of flowers, and every single year she needs to take a photo with her flowers. Lol she is so cute.
Our entire fridge is only filled with photos of her and her bouquets from all the holidays of the year.
The flowers range through the years from single buds, picked weeds, and paper mache items from school projects.
She cherishes those pictures.

When in the flower shop this morning, someone asked me if this was a combined bouquet from all my siblings. I said no, just me.
My siblings will also be getting my mother flowers on their own.
The woman asked
"Really does your mom care? Because mine does not"
I said:
"Yeah, I think she does ;)"

Let mothers have whatever they want today! They all deserve more than a day ♥


  1. Awww that's cute! I got my mom a bracelet this year but perhaps I'll give her flowers next year? I never think of flowers for some reason! That's a really nice bouquet!

  2. ah these are so pretty! this year for my mom I decided to bake her a cake. Cooking/baking are really important to my mom, like flowers are to yours!

  3. Wow the bouquet is beautiful! I got my mom some flowers too and she had a priceless smile on the face :)

  4. That is a stunning bouquet. I think mum's deserve a little spoiling now and then and mothers day is the perfect opportunity. I know my mum loves being a little spoilt. I'm sure all mums do. xo

  5. thank you! i hope your mom liked the gift!

  6. oh that is soooo sweet!!!!! sometimes i bakes cakes but since its just and her, we cant ever even finish half lol

  7. oh thats so wonderful to hear!!!

  8. so pretty! i love colourful bouquets - why have just pink? when you can have pink, white and yellow =) hope she had a lovely mother's day


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