Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tom Ford Review: Love Lust Blush and Sahara Pink Lip gloss

I blame twitter. No, how can I blame twitter? I LOVE twitter! because I follow women who advise me on products that are AMAZING, links to reviews that are helpful, and twit pics that are make up dream worthy.

A topic that has been hitting my twitter feed? Tom Ford Make up.

I actually purchased these a few months ago, and have not been using them (shameful)
But the weather has finally brightened and I thought, time to bring out the expensive beautiful stuff to make me look pretty and not wearing anything but rosiness!
HA, if only they knew.

Tom Ford is a lux brand. If you are going to splurge, and spend extra tax money on pretty things for the vanity that will be incredible quality and perfect coloring, this brand may have you smiling ear to ear with the choices

Encased in an auburn almost hinting towards burgundy brown, the packaging feels and looks lux. Magnetic closures, secure casing that does not attract finger prints, and the oh so fancy but needless to me velvet pouch. It's all part of the experience!

I knew if I saw Tom Ford's Love Lust I would be tempted to buy it. I was already tempted with Sahara Pink the first time I saw it, but the price tag brought me back to reality and the exit.
I knew perfectly well what I was doing walking into Saks ( Danger zone!) but I thought, let me just swatch it (yeah right!)

I actually had doubts. I thought the shade I had mind would look too much like NARS O to purchase. I don't need an expensive dupe. So I walked in to Sacks feeling confident, marched over to the NARS counter swiped NARS O and walked to Tom Ford.

Time for the swatch test.
Let me tell you, Saks has TERRIBLE lighting. It looked like TWINS in the store and I thought "Nah"
My sales assistant was a beautiful, charming, 9 month pregnant make up associate.
How do you say no to a smile and 9 months???

I ended up trying on the blush and thinking hmmm (again the lighting sucks...) I looked in the mirror and thought..."I'm going to do it" The other sales rep complimented me but really it's her brand, they are complimenting people automatically, so I paid it little mind, but when I walked outside and started to window shop, that's when *magic* happened.

I have never ever in my life received so many compliments on my make up. Ever. Not one stranger, not two strangers, but four street pedestrians, and three sales associates from the Dior, Lancome, and the MAC counter.
I initially thought I had something HUGE on my face, like a crazy leaf.
WTH?? Let me get a better look at myself and what I'm wearing!!!

My perfect peachy pink blush that has the tiniest glimmer of coral. I like peachy pink more than pinky peach. I think most people who read this blog will know what that means.
In my photos I have swatched Love Lust in comparison to NARS O
The best way to see the difference is in crappy indoor lighting, meaning almost desk lamp level.

In the comparison swatches you can see Love Lust on the top and O on the bottom. You can also see when swatched side by side how much more pink O looks!
In hind sight I wish I swatched this next to NARS DT, but Love Lust seems more referenced to o in the blogging world.

Close up view of the Swatches

A little more peach than pink, a glow, not even a sheen, a glow, incredible smoothness, pigmentation, and color, well the color is just spot on people!
This shade does lean warm, so it would look fabulous on warm skinned ladies, I'm sure cool skin can pull this off to, just try it at the counter first to see if you like it.

Now, this ain't cheap, but I don't regret buying this at all!
Since purchase and use I get asked non stop in my company bathroom
"I'm sorry, but what are you wearing on your cheeks? It's gorgeous!"
Heck yeah!! the perfect spring blush has been found for me, though "Frantic" by Tom Ford also looks amazing, wish listed!!!
Perfect summer blush?? Lol.

Lastly is the lip gloss in Sahara Pink. The one I left the 1st time behind due to the price tag but I was in those "What the heck! throw it in the bag!"moments, I am relieved these are far and few!

Sahara Pink is a dark neutral pink. It goes amazingly with pinkish blushes, and brightens the face beautifully.
Non sticky, no shimmer/glimmer, decent staying power or me
( I eat and drink alot so I cannot test this well) brush applicator.
Though it looks dark, it looks incredible on pale skin, and I don't have any swatches in indoor lighting but check out out how amazing this looks in the sun!

How pretty!

Though this gloss is so damn beautiful I don't think I would get another one. It's amazing, but the price is a "Let's wait till next years tax return" kind of thing for me. But if I ever finish this, I believe I would repurchase!

That's all I can say ( hope you enjoyed all the background info!)

Have anyone of you purchased from Tom Ford, any loves? hates?


  1. love that you are showing more pictures of yourself! and no no no J, why did i read this?!? now i will most certainly pick up a couple shades from TF. strangers asking whats on your cheeks? ahhh! well that is decided...i need this and flush.

  2. I've walked by Saks a bajillion times but I've never been inside one.... When I have more change in my pocket maybe that will change :) That Tom Ford blusher sounds amazing! So many compliments!! I think I need to keep an eye out for a makeup product that will garner that much positive attention ;) The gloss looks like a really pretty stain on your lips!

  3. I had never been in Saks before too!!!! i walked by a MILL times and didnt even know it was Saks till 2011! when i got the Burberry stuff! talk about non descipt building!
    Def not something i would get if you are strapped, graduation present to one self?

  4. i was JUST googling images of Flush!! lol

  5. I enjoyed this post a lot and you are totally evil for introducing me to more Tom Ford makeup! I quickly googled some of the blushes and lipsticks to see how expensive is expensive lol Yes, it's def one of those when i get my tax returns kind of things haha I can't resist though. I should visit Saks soon! The blushes are what caught my eye :)

  6. I want the Tom Ford makeup brushes so badly!

  7. great post!
    i didn't have any products to get interested in at TomFord range. now i have it :) exactly because i love Orgasm shade and because i see the difference now on your swatches!

    btw i didn't know you have twitter! i want to follow you!

  8. That gloss is gorgeous but the blush! That's the next shade I will get after Flush! :)

  9. Oh, no... I really need that blush now! Orgasm has always made me look ruddy but this color looks like what I HOPED orgasm would look like! And I tend to love things you do... oh no!

  10. The price tag of Tom Ford cosmetics kinda puts them luxury category but we all need a little luxury now and then ;) The color of the blush and gloss are both gorg and that packaging is so decadent. Saks does have the most awful cosmetics floor lighting for a high end dept. store.

  11. Gah!!! So pretty!!! I want one of these blushes so badly!!!

  12. I love the colours and the packaging! Whilst I want to go and swatch some shades I know that is a really bad idea. So as much as I'd love to own some... Not till I'm earning considerably more! xo

  13. god, that blush is incredibly beautiful! i want it!

  14. Words cannot describe how in love I am with this blush. I HAVE to have it NOW!!! I don't own any Tom Ford yet, but I'm thinking I need to make Love Lust my first :)

  15. i heard their brushes are the BEST!!!

  16. I'm dying to try Tom Ford products!!! I find their price point so high that I'm indecisive. But next time I'm at the counter, I'm definitely going to purchase some things!

  17. That blush looks so pretty! And the lip gloss looks gorgeous on your lips! I want to try TF products, but they're just too pricy for me right now :(

  18. If I have spare cash - TF is the brand I want to try LOL. Anyway the first finger tip swatch - it seemingly looks very similar to Orgasm but they do seem differently, even just subtley. The lip gloss looks good on you.. I think it could build up into a deep wine shade right? Perfect for the autumn and winter.. now loving the bitten lips!

  19. hi hi!!1 hope you found me on twitter be prep for gym rambles, make up questions, and the constant ranting on the subway about how much it needs to improve! lol

  20. EEEEEE I don't blame you, seriously TF's color palette is like candy, hard to choose, and you can't have one!

  21. O no! you have stumbled upon what may be the most perfect coral spring blush ever! O no, you must stop by your nearest TF counter and ask for a lil bit of an application!! hehe

  22. yes, the WORST lighting!!! they can afford better, seriously its Saks....
    But the blush and the gloss together, mascara, concealer, and you look PERFECT

  23. it's hard to choose 1 color, SERIOUSLY!!

  24. hehehe love at first swatch!!!! be careful at those counters, you may leave with a good portion of your paystub, but sometimes it feels so good to be bad lol

  25. i think it would be an AMAZING first choice, though his whole range of blush colors are AMAZING

  26. Yes the price is high...but once a year aint bad right? Wait what am i saying? Guess im going BACK next yr!! lol

  27. awwww no worries hon. Most of his items are permanent so you can get them anytime in the future! These items are $ and should not be a rushed thing

  28. yes! the lipgloss can be semi built up even though I think the shade is perfect for day time I have worn a red stain under neath and a GORGEOUS wine color came out, addicted to that combo for night time!


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