Monday, May 21, 2012

What I Wore This Week: Work Attire: Trying this Color Thing...

So after my last showcase of what I wear to work aka grey grey grey

I decided to try to incorporate more color into my wardrobe and get out of that winter hue rut

Cardigan: Korea, Necklace: House of Harlow, Dress: J Crew

Bright Blue!!
It's hard to imagine I have such a bright blue dress in my wardrobe! This was actually a gift LOL.
From my boy friend who told me
" Trust me, I have seen on the streets, 1 solid color, brights are in"
OK! lol. This dress does have texture. It has multiple sewing designs pieced in, jigsaw puzzle style
I have not shown the bottom of this dress because in the photo's it was quite long and I just had it tailored on Saturday. It looks FAR better and will show you the whole thing next time.

If you are short, and love the piece, or it's of high quality. Tailoring it will make a world of difference.

Dress: Theory, Shoes: Zara

Grey again? Yes again. I bought a new Theory dress and was excited to wear it! I later exchanged it for a size smaller, and now I wish I purchased two sizes smaller but it's ok.
I receive compliments non stop at work when I wore this.
It does not look very impressive in pictures but Theory's cuts are incredibly flattering

I added these Chanel inspired shoes for some color interest. They have a chunky heel which you would think is easy to walk in, but I walk SO SLOW in them, I don't think I have yet mastered chunky heels.

Top and Cardigan is from Korea

ORANGE! Ok I actually don't own this sweater. I stole it from the mother's closet but I quite liked it! I paired it with grey slacks which are removed from the photo because they no longer fit and look mortifying on me. I REALLY need to buy some pants...but you all know, I hate work pants.

Ignore the mini coffee stain on the buttons which I had spilled on myself about 2 min after entering work and attempting to open my coffee cup.
Great morning start, NOT. Lol.

Dress and belt: Korea, Shoes: Zara

Friday is date night! Dress up time! A little bit. This is actually my mother's dress from years ago which she never wears and I occasionally steal. It's a very thin knit, with beautiful puff sleeves.
I added a belt to help define my waist.

So how did I do this week with the color incorporation?
I'm going to try to repeat this week until I am fully immersed in office appropriate color!!


  1. Awww I love all your outfits! You dress so cute! I especially love your grey Theory dress - absolutely perfect on you!!

  2. That Theory dress is GORGEOUS! And I love the bright orange cardigan and that cobalt blue dress! I love the bright colours a lot on you. P.S. Your mom has good taste!

  3. The two toned Zara heels are to die for. Oh so elegant x

  4. Love the Theory dress, I do love a well cut set of pockets.

    That sounds weird but you know what I mean.

  5. You're heading in the right direction, blue is the perfect color to start incorporating color in your wardrobe. It's perfect for the spring sunny days and great for when the clouds roll in and it starts pouring. At least in my head that makes sense, I always feel weird when it's pouring rain and I'm in bright spring colors. Love the J Crew dress, man we really need a J. Crew here in MTL.
    The blue dress with the puff sleeves is so adorable, it just goes to prove a point. Never throw anything out. I purged so much of my clothing throughout the years only to have all these trends come back! Now I'm just going to keep everything even if it doesn't fit for those just in case moments.

  6. That Theory dress is incredible on you. I know the brand, I love the brand, I believe you when you say you get lots of compliments!

  7. You dress SO much cuter for work than I do! I don't care if it's grey, you still have style ;). I love your BF's comment about brights - it made me chuckle a little. My office is much too chilly to be wearing dresses and cute flowy shirts. In fact, I have a down blanket covering my legs everyday (even in the summer) and usually wear my winter coat when at my desk. It's quite sad lol :)

  8. ohhh loving your colour OL coordinations!! making work more interesting huh!

  9. Love all of the outfits! That orange is gorgeous! I have that same necklace- it's such a stunning piece. Whenever I wear it I surely get questions about it.


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