Saturday, May 26, 2012

What I Wore this Week - Zara Blazers Edition

This week I don't have many photo's of my outfits because I wore a suit 3 days this week. Black, grey, and black again. It was dull and not picture worthy, but something I did wear 6x this week? My new Zara blazers.

It's a bit hard to see in the photos but I have the same blazer in black and navy. When I find something I love, I tend to buy more than one color! I did purchase the white version but returned it, I was not in love with it as much as these.

The hunt for the perfect white blazer is endless, if anyone has any recommendations, do send them my way!! but until then, here are the two new staples of my work wardrobe.

The blazer is double lines and the exterior is a very nice soft cotton. Perfect jacket for spring and this in between rain showers/sun we have been experiencing.

Favorite outfit of the week

Blazer: Zara in black, T: Alexander Wang, Pants: Theory, Belt + Necklace: H&M, Heels: Zara, Watch: Michael Khors

A black blazer is an absolute staple! And it's the perfect item to tone down these blue capri's I recently purchased
( love them also by the way^^)
I added a gold cuff necklace for a bit of shine, loved this outfit!

A bit more preppy

Pants: Gap (AMAZING), Blazer: Zara in Navy, White Button Down: Uniqlo, Heels: Zara, Watch: MK

Sorry about the lighting. My computer is still experiencing issues so I am experimenting with editing on my phone
( this was a more failed attempt)

I wore this outfit with my LV Speedy Bag and loved all the preppy colors together.

I have also recently purchased these pants from GAP. They are called
"The Really Skinny Pant" and they're AMAZING. Perfect skinny pants for work that don't lose their shape. I need a few more pairs of these!!!

Casual Wear - Weekend

Blazer: Zara in Black, Blouse: Korea, Pants: BDG, Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

This gives you a better view of the blazer and how I like to roll up the sleeves to expose the stripe pattern and give a more lax feel.

I tend to buy clothes I can wear for work and outside in my real life, these are great interchangeable pieces.

What have you been wearing lately?


  1. Love all three outfits! The first pair of pants look amazing on you :) Definitely a great way to avoid the typical dress pant. Everytime I see the Gap jeans I want a pair but I refuse to pay full price :X I loved how you took the blazer from business casual to a daytime, everyday look. The weather's been so hot yet rainy lately so I can't decide if I should be wearing sandals or boots -_-

  2. You seriously have the best OOTDs - your style is probably the most similar to mine of anyone I follow! Love those bright pants and blazers are such a great staple!

  3. I need those Gap skinnies! I've thought about getting them so many times before....not sure why I never went through with it! They look amazing on you! I also completely LOVE the last outfit! :D

  4. Get them on sale!! Gap has a coupon code like every 2 weeks!! they were out of my size online for the longest ( im petite) so i just got the ankle version and rolled up the last inch, they're worth it!!

  5. thank you soooo much!!! similar style? no wonder u enjoy my OOTD :) hope i can bring a slight new twist on your wardrobe next week, as we prob have the same base wardrobe to work off of! :D Thanks for stopping by dear as always!

  6. THANK YOU! these are my first capris ever! hahaha i think they are against the dress code but bc im short they look more like ankle pants on me! haha i was happy to wear bright blue to work! color pants trend without being too crazy!!
    Ahh i bought the pants on sale! they have a sale all the time online just wait for a cupon code! these are the best skinny work pants i have found! the BEST, i have to buy some more! u know how much i hate pants too! so these must be worth a look :)

  7. I def have to give the Gap pants a try next time! My mom has a Gap card so they send her coupons all the time so I might have to steal them haha. You have a dress code?! Or you mean the unsaid office kinda dress codes?

  8. I <3 the blue theory pants--- they look classic but fun :)

  9. The capri's are SO pretty and I love the bag too!

  10. I always love your work outfits, they're it's a nice balance of not being too dressy or to casual. But my eyes have been drawn to your pants, I think it's due to the fact that I'm currently in a "I only have 2-3 pairs of work appropriate pants" , so always on the hunt. Pants are just so hard to find especially when you have FAS (flat ass syndrome). I have pretty much been wearing skirts or dresses to work even in winter. But I'm definitely going to check out the gap pants, they're intriguing me. I love the nice pop of blue of the theory, but theory is not easily available here in MTL.

  11. These blazers look great on you! I'm slightly obsessed with blazers - I'm finding that as I get older, I am realizing how versatile they are!

  12. I love all your outfits. The blazer is a perfect fit on you =)

  13. thank you!!! that's why I purchased more than 1 color hehehe

  14. You are my inspiration when it comes to work outfits! Love this blazer as well, I got it in navy, but also want it in white and black :)

  15. I love all your outfits! ... I must take some notes to change up my boring wardrobe :X
    The blazer looks great! I've been trying to find a nice one that isn't too expensive but have no such luck. I'm so intimidated by the zara prices >__<


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