Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Inglot palette

Yes ladies, I have joined the band wagon!
I had been to the Inglot store a few times but have never been interested in creating a palette, but I have been on an eye shadow kick, so off to Times Square I went!

If you have never been to Inglot, it's just an absolute explosion of color every where

I believe one of the favoring aspects to the store is their "Freedom System"

If you buy a palette from other brands, you always have that one color you just never use or just dislike in general, but the other shades are nice, right?
Not here, you choose everything. How many items you want, the colors, mix and match blushes, with shadows, and a custom lip palette.
A variable make up candy store!

I walked out quite happily with my own 5 pan custom palette. The staff was extremely helpful, non pushy, and had nice non critical opinions.

My creation

The palette comes with magnetic closures that are very secure. I have extremely little doubts these would ever really fall off, and they're actually quite hard to pull off if you are in a rush, so I recommend you slide.
The palette's have a nice weight to them. Surprisingly they are heavier than I had anticipated, as I originally created this for travel, but the magnets must be heavy!

My picks:

Yes, all the neon, flashy blue, green, purple sparkle shades were amazing
(Their blue selection was outstanding) but neutrals for me!

A downer for me, (and this is personal) is their naming system.
The names are not cute nor catchy, their sound more mechanic and seem similar to
Shu Uemura's.

Also, the sales assistant created my palette for me in the store which was a huge mistake on my part. All the names of the shades were on the back, and I tried to sneakily save the packaging in some sort of order but she threw them out. Ack.
These are not very easy to remove once in the palette, but a safety pin and some patience yielded me with my shade names, all for YOU! Lol.

Left to Right
Matte 330, AMC Shine 21, Pearl 421, Pearl 419, Matte 348

I walked in there knowing what I wanted. A matte highlight similar to MAC's Brule. A matte dark grey, similar to MC's Print to use as a liner. A fun green for nights out, a shimmy n*de color, and a medium brown.

Surprisingly I did not find a shimmering n*de/champagne color I liked. They either leaned gray on my skin, or too gold, so two shimmering browns are fine with me.

The Inglot shadows have different finishes. Matte is obvious. AMC Shine is more glittery shimmer, and Pearls remind me of MAC's Veluxe Pearl finishes.

Matte 330

AMC Shine 21

Pearl 421

Pearl 419

Matte 348

The shades are all incredibly pigmented, super smooth, huge pans, minimal to no fall out for my shades, and most importantly, I am hugely satisfied with my palette. The pearl I think, may be my favorite finish. I think the price is quite fair for the pan size, the pick as you go mentality is quite fun, and the finished products is something unique and only for you made by you.

All in all, a superb experience and end product.

Have you tried Inglot? Do you have any shade recommendations?


  1. I love your choices! If I hadn't bought the naked palette or was on an eyeshadow kick I'd definitely go make an Inglot palette for myself! :D

  2. Pearl 419 looks absolutely divine. I'm pretty sure I would have picked the same shades as you if I had gone in the store!

    I appreciate you mentioned your experience at the store, with the SA. It's always good to know this kind of stuff!!

  3. Inglot shadows are amazing!! It's so dangerous for me to go to that store because I want to get everything. Great choices, you can go from day to night with those colors =)

  4. Lovely picks :D Pearl finishes are my favorite from Inglot as well! Since you've been on an eyeshadow kick, care to show us some of your favorite combinations or a possible eotd? :D

  5. I've never seen an inglot store, so it was fun to see your pictures! I like how you've mixed a soft grey with a copper tone in the same palette.

  6. Your selections 'go' so well together, I love it! I already have way too much eyeshadow, but I might need to order my own palette...

  7. Lovely palette you've created, there! I absolutely love Inglot and their shadows (:
    If you want to get your eyeshadows out easier, use the magnets on the lid of the palette! They'll attract the eyeshadow pans out of the palette and you'll be able to find the names of the eyeshadows on the back. Hope that helps!

  8. I love Inglot! you got gorgeous shades, I am definitely checking out AMC Shine 21 and Pearl 421.
    I have a few to recommend: Pearl 405, Pearl 406, Pearl 422,Pearl 606 and AMC Shine 43 :)
    Let me know what you think of those!

  9. Love the shades u picked!! The browns are amaazing! I have an inglot event today! Can't wait coz I really like inglot.. Especially their gel liners, nail polishes, and lip crayons!

  10. I absolutely love my Inglots, I have a few palettes and I can honestly say their eyeshadow quality is better than MAC IMHO. I love the shades you've picked, especially the olive green one, gorgeous!

  11. I've noticed that whenever I see pictures online of Inglot stores/displays, everything always looks so neat and orderly. I love it! I can't stand when displays are all messy and in the wrong slots--drives me crazy! And I am so needing to make my own Inglot palette now!!! I wish there were a store near me, but I guess I'll have to make due with the one in Macys.

    And I love all the shades you picked! That must have been SO fun! I'd probably spend about 5 hours in there trying to narrow it down :P

  12. You picked some lovely shades. I love inglot eyeshadows especially for the price and quality. I have to buy another palette soon.

  13. the shadows you chose are lovely!!i should probably try inglot since i'm not satisfied with the quality of Mac-it's their coulors that makes me crazy!

  14. Wow, it does seem like a color explosion. I've never been into the Inglot stores nor have I seen any around the place I live. :/ I love that Pearl Green color. Pretty~ It seems like trying to put together your first palette would be stressful without the help of the SA.

  15. wow you picked such nice shades!! I visited the INGLOT store in Poland ( where INGLOT comes from ) few weeks ago and the price there is really cheap ;D I had such a good time creating my palette!

  16. Love your choices and excellent swatches! I feel the same about the naming system which is why it initially took me SO long to order. It actually gave me anxiety thinking about it!

  17. I like Inglot a lot, they have very nice shadows. I use them pretty much everyday :) I really like the colors you've picked! Especially that green one! And I hate their "names" as well :/ I think here in Poland it's cheaper tho. One pan costs around 3 USD.


  18. I recently swapped for 419P (my first Inglot and my first green eyeshadow) and I love it. The boy loves it too (which is a surprise).
    I always feel cool when I have something that a person whose blog's I follow has as well.
    *nerd blush*

  19. Kasia, you're lucky to get those prices. I'm heading over to your blog right now in hopes of Inglot swatches and reviews. :)

  20. I am desperate to try Inglot eyeshadows, they need to open a store closer than London, damn it! The apricot shade from Nars Ramutuelle is much loved but the texture is chalky, difficult to blend on me and I have high hopes Inglot will have a dupe.

  21. Man I wish I could go to a store to create a palette! That green is gorgeous <3

  22. woahhhh I need to get myself some Ignot, NOW... move over MAC LOL. Love the colours your picks! I'm so going to get a palette when I head to London!

  23. Very nice shades you picked out. I have been looking forward to checking out Inglot products when I finally leave for my NYC vacation. There aren't many inglot stores around in North America!

    I love your blog btw, I'm your newest follower! Feel free to check out my page

    - Alma



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