Sunday, June 17, 2012

Obsessions of the moment

Happy Father's Day!! Not sure if any father's read my blog but it's important enough to state!

I looked at my pictures from this week and decided to post an obsessions entry
(aka nothing happened *cough* *cough*)

Beauty obsession of the week has been: Nail polish

(Expect a top 10 nail polish post in the near future!)

I don't know where the interest came from, but I have successfully gotten rid of about 15 polishes from my collection today, and am ready to use up favorites, and collect new loves!
Recommendations welcome!

The above picture alone was reason enough for me to add to my collection, OPI's famous Vodka and Caviar. Honestly 2007 Russian collection, one of OPI's best. is a new blog that I have been loving. The girl sports classic red nails, and incredibly Alexander Wang shoes. *drool* is another new blog which I have fallen for. You know you love a blog when you click "back" so many times you have reached the 1st entry!
This one is a winner!

Jemma Kidd's Dewey Glow in Rose Gold

I have wanted this product for months, I knew I would love it, from it's ease of use, natural highlight, and portability (this is huge for me, I need glow to go!)

I have been applying this everyday, and just love it for this summer season!


Euro Cup 2012!!

Have you all been following the games? Or are soccer fans? Most of the games play during work for me so I only get to watch the weekend matches, but am excited for the upcoming matches!

I read this week we are going to reach the 90's in temperature, so let's hope I make it out alive for next week's post!!


  1. I've been obsessed with nail polish this week too! This has been one of those change-my-color-3-times weeks. :D Believe it or not, I wasn't allowed to play soccer when I was little, so I'm not entirely sure what the big deal with the Euro cup is! I've always wanted to get into soccer, but we just don't watch it at our house :(

  2. not allowed to play? Why not?
    It's just Euro national pride, since the world cup is only 4 yrs these games during the normal years are quite exciting lol
    I saw your instagram pics of ur new shades!!

  3. Eurocup is my latest obsession! Telly on every night, and 4 hours of prime time on the 16th phase. Can't wait to now see the quarter finals!

  4. The Rose Gold highlighter looks so gorgeous - I am very tempted by it!

  5. OMG, I need that Jemma Kidd's Dewey Glow in Rose Gold!!! I mean, it's rose gold! nuff said...

  6. I've been really into nail polishes for the last few months haha. I go through phases where I don't wear any for months and then I paint my nails every week for the next few months. I'm def bookmarking the two blogs you recommended :) I don't watch soccer but when I'm at the gym there's always a crowd of noisy guys hanging around near the TVs when the games are on and making a big ruckus!

  7. As they say in Scotland, fitba! I'm not watching the Euro Cup- my guinea pigs would field a better team than England, we suck.

    I have to wear nude nails while speaking to patients- is so unfair as I have a new bottle of Schiap.

  8. Ah so glad you finally got the Rose Gold! I knew you would love it! :)


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