Monday, June 25, 2012

Queen of Neutrality

Monday's we meet again

I may be alone on this ( I have a feeling I am not though) but I feel sooo uninspired on Mondays.
Every Monday, and ONLY Monday I go to work wearing pants. I go in with glasses, and because I'm blind as a bat, applying MAC's Brule all over the lid is considered "an eye of the day"
It's the eye of every Monday!

While the day may be one of the hardest to get up to
(especially since today was pitch black and thunder storming) I believe my mood may have transpired of my color choices

My Monday Suit

Blazer: Artizia, T: A. Wang, Pants: Gap, Shoes: Zara
Watch: Michael Khors

Do you see the gold in my watch? that was my "color" for the day. Hoorah!

Please excuse the corner of the photo, my photo editing program aka Windows, is still on the fritz

While on the topic of color palettes, I posted a picture on Instagram recently.
I have been on the search for an HG daily nail polish for quite some time, and have yet to find "the one" but I think you may see the color family I'm leaning towards...

I want something semi sheer, but looks beautiful when opaque. Not too pink against my skin tone, but prefer more beige or white beige. Non streakiness would be preferred (quality formula would be ideal, we are speaking HG...)
Something clean, feminine, office appropriate, and hand brightening.

If anyone has a suggestion, please do send them my way!

Currently on my nails from OPI's NYC Ballet Collection

Barre my Soul

It reminds me a bit of OPI's Samoan Sands, but more milky, sheer, and has a jelly finish. Also Samoan Sands to me, is the hintest more beige for complete NC25 mannequin hands, this one is just ever so slightly lighter, with the hint more white.

The jelly finish is quite nice, and dries glossy. It actually dried glossier than my top coat which I don't recommend *cough* *cough* Butter London!

Barre my Soul is not the one...I want something a bit more stand out ish than mannequin hands

That's enough of my Monday Blues, or should I say neutrals....but tell me I'm not alone!
Are Mondays also your "Eh" days?

Currently playing a play list created via ClothesEncounters

Let's at least get to h*mp day people!!


  1. i'm looking for something like what you described too! its so hard to find a good neutral nude polish. either they look too pink, which can sometimes make my hands look more tan which is really weird, or they would be too streaky and applying several coats make it all the more uneven.

  2. I had an eye-opening-lemming moment with your pile of nudes. Love those kinds of colors; what a great collection!! Speaking of your shoes, I went to a Zara for the first time the other day, and thought of you :)

  3. i like your style :) pity i don't have a girl like you in my office :) even on Mondays! :)

  4. Nude polish is the definition of sophisticated.

  5. awww lol thanks! I went there today too to return a pair of sandals lol
    Did you pick up anything?

  6. I'm quite enjoying the OPI New York City Ballet collection for work, in particular Barre My Soul. It looks different on me. Though they are perhaps all a tiny bit too sheer. Especially when my base coat is red tinted and turns them all slightly on the wrong side of red... Argh. Time for a new base coat! xo

  7. whoa!!! time for a new base coat! i concur!!


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