Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spottings of Blue and Orange

Happy h*mp day everyone! (We're almost there!) Friday is in sight!
Midweek outfit, the wardrobe is livening up a bit

Blazer: Aritzia, Blouse: Korea, Pants: Theory, Shoes: Zara, Belt: Vintage,
Watch: MK

I really love these Theory pants for the cut, and color but I'm starting to think, they're unlucky...
Every single time I have worn these pants, the people I were supposed to meet have cancelled out on me same day, this was the third time in a I just being crazy???

A new staple in my closet is this blazer from Aritzia. I have taken photos of a it a few times but I never seem to capture the shape properly because of the color. It has a tuxedo style, an amazing fit/shape, and has beautifully structured pockets. It's love.

Today I stayed at work a bit later than usual and decided to take the long way home (my only exercise today!) and saw this lovely site.

Today wasn't so bad after all


  1. You've been so consistent this week with ootd posts :) I love this outfit! The dots, the blue hue of the pants, and the cut of the jacket. The pointy toed shoes are also really classy. I'd steal your wardrobe in a heartbeat!

  2. thank you so much!!!! i fig you guys have seen most of my wardrobe already though!
    lol tomorrow is a wish list post!
    wishing for a closet full of new clothes!

  3. I really like the styles at Aritzia, great outfit and beautiful capture at the end of day.

  4. I really love the blouse. Its pretty cute but also so smart - ideal combination. The trousers are so nice! Don't write them off yet, I'm sure its just coincidence. xo

  5. i adore these pants on you! i even want to find something similar, because it's a great variant for summer and for office. you really inspire me with your looks! i mean, you are not a 100% fashion blogger and so on, but i see your cool outfits and
    1 - i like them
    2 - i see that they are real and for a real life
    3 - i want to have something of this kind in my wardrobe

    thank you!

  6. thank you for all your lovely compliments!!

  7. Let's give these pants a few more tries then! ;)

  8. awwwwww you are so very kind Maria! I mostly wear work clothes as you can see but I am glad you enjoy my office style!! Office wear can be a bit drab... lol

  9. well, i also spend most of my life time in the office, so this is what i wear 90% of time - office style :) even if fortunately we don't have a severe dress code and i can wear jeans :) still it's not the stile you see in 95% of fashion blogs - you know what i mean :)

    well.... yesterday after work i bought similar paints in zara (inspired by you!) :) i guess they are similar, maybe not really - dark blue with belt :) will tweet a pic when i wear them :)

    please understand me correctly - not that I'm here just to write sweet comments to you :))) i really do like your stile, i really enjoy your blog :) so why not to tell you the truth? :))

    btw, i see that you like European soccer! who is your favorite for the final? :)

  10. It is very fine post. I like Lil Lady's Life so much. The products are very fine.

  11. you look so chic! I swer S Korea does the best blouses.. cheap but the quality is really good!

  12. i know!!! i want to go back and buy another OL wardrobe!! so i can have enough for the next 2 yrs!


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