Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Lip Colors − Current Status on the Lip Products Ban

I thought since it's Friday night and I obviously have big plans...(mmhmm) that a status on my lip product ban would be a nice catch up

The truth is, this week was stressful, after work IMMEDIATELY after work, it started to POUR, and I was wearing a white skirt with my new sandals. My boyfriend was stranded in a different city and I felt in the mood to do something productive.
Clean. ( This mood is far and few between)
I ended up getting distracted during phase 1 of cleaning and realized, it was nearly time to update my make up bag for summer!

Some of you may remember this picture when I posted it a few months ago. A few people thought this was my lip products collection and I kept them in boxes to be neat. Uhhh no...these are all brand new lip products I purchased and have yet to use.
I know, it's kinda...crazy, hence the ban! I did come to my senses!

Since that post I have only purchased two lip products. The Revlon kissable balm stains (which I regret...) If I give away the stains, can I have my two chances at lip products back???


This week I realized, I can actually break open some boxes!!! Because... drum roll please!

Oh yea!

The Body Shop stain I can easily finish this weekend, and the Dior gloss should be done by the end of June. You can see from my Saving Lip Gloss post that I am using up every bit of it! No cheating!

But with these two players out, I need some new goodies to update my bag with. So I took a bit of a dig and decided on a few colors

My definition of "a few"

I wont use any of these until the Dior one is fully done, but then I can enjoy my collection guilt free!!!

Brand new lippies + new make up rotation = Happy Lil Lady!!
( it's the small things in life)

My picks:
Dior Lipsticks in Rock n' Roll, and Singuliere, NAR's Lip gloss in Super, Revlon glosses in Strawberry and Coral Reef, MAC's Pink Lemonade and the famous Clarins Lip Perfector!
I might dig out MAC's Love Necter since I'm missing a peachy n*de...
I am also considering Becca's lip gloss in Cherry Bomb
(I'm getting carried away!)

I've actually carried around alot of these products in my bag before but never used them... I felt bad since I already had opened products... does anyone feel the same??

Anyway, it's all going to be worth it! Come July I'm breaking the seals to bring on the bright and juicy glosses!!

You can view my favorite Lipsticks for summer here, and the Revlon Lip Butters will also be chucked in a few bags, review can be found here!

How are you all been preparing for summer?


  1. Hooray! Congrats for finishing every last drop too- it's such a satisfying feeling! Such lovely new lippies to look forward to!

  2. Strawberry and Coral Reef are in my picks too. So pretty! :) I don't have the self-control to not open products the minute I buy them. And I'm working super hard to not buy anything until I finish a bunch of things off. Stay strong on the lipstick's helping me get through!

  3. Oh My God you have AMAZING determination! How do you have such a lovely stash of lip products and not be tempted enough to open them and go swatch crazy?! I commend you! I wish I had that lovely box of products stashed away somewhere in my room :D Great picks for the summer. I have both of those Revlon glosses and they're really lovely for summer! I think we have really similar taste in makeup because I have a bunch of those other shades on my wishlist right now! Can't wait to see your thoughts when you get to try these out :)

  4. LOL, don't feel bad. I do this, too. :) With 40 lipsticks and glosses in rotation, I just can't bear the thought of opening up new ones to throw into the mix until some of the old ones have completely died. That nearly empty Dior gloss is a marvel to look at. Good job! And the new goodies look like the perfect summer colours!

  5. congrats! Finishing a lipgloss is no easy feat: I'm dreading/determined to finish my MAC Prrr lip glass within the next month. It's my all-time favorite gloss, so I'll be sad to see it go . . . but it's time to let this tube go!

  6. Wow, congrats!!! I never get to finish a lip product, let alone blushes and eyeshadows which are harder to hit pan on... Keep those posts coming hun, we can all use the inspiration ;)


  7. Good on you!I've been working on using up some of my lipsticks and glosses as well, I want the Clarins gloss too it smells amazing. I like the idea of having a few lip choices, that way I use up those before I use the other colours in my collection. Never works out that way though!

  8. lol woah you do have a massive collection! I love your new picks.. Coral reef is a fave of my mine. I recently did a massive clear out for my short move back to the UK.. and I dumped a lot of stuff I didn't think I would use or were very old - felt like a waste but it also reminded how much lipsticks I don't need :P I've got tons of unopened stuff so I'm rotating on what I have "opened" before opening new ones haha. it will take forever!!

  9. I hate it when it rains and I'm wearing new shoes. Props to you , because I have yet to finish a lip product that is not a stila lip gloss. I have been rotating a couple of lip products and been re applying like crazy. How are the Dior Lipsticks? I have always been curious about those.

  10. Shopping your stash must be fun :) It seems like you've collected a wonderful set of colors and they're just waiting to be opened! Whenever I open a product I keep imagining the time ticking away (ie expiration) so I start to feel bad too.

  11. Goodness that is a lot of lip products! I admit, I'm a little jealous ;) And I just bought the Coral Reef gloss the other day, so I'm excited to test it! And I LOVE my Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector--smells wonderful and looks so, so sweet and pretty on the lips!

  12. Oh my look at all those pretty lippies! I adore the Clarins Lip Perfector, so I hope you like it too.

  13. last friday i bought Dior's Lip Balm from summer collection. and today is the second day i'm wearing it, and... i can't stop it! love it love it love it!
    i bought also a new YSL sheer candy lipstick but.... haven't even use it once. Dior bits everything this year! :)

  14. hahaha thank you! This is only my lip box, i have two drawers of brand new everything still sealed boxes of make up lol. I don't know... I don't feel a need to swatch them bc I did that in the store and knew I wanted it for a future date so I dont mind waiting if i know i already own it.
    I just use a few products finish them up, then go shopping in the drawer lol
    This is just how i use make up so i dont have 928347237127171 products open lol
    Then I would be over whelmed and give up on make up lol

  15. cool! glad im not alone, and yes with 40 lipsticks in rotation, there is no need to open up another pink lol
    Isnt the gloss cool all empty like that??? Im going to use it till the end! Dior lip products are worth savoring!

  16. oh I dont own that shade but i have seen it, its so pretty!!! if u love it, it will come back in ur life again one day

  17. awww thank you Evi! I'll try!! and yes blushes and shadows are CRAZY hard to finish lol

  18. hehehehe i know the feeling girl!!!

  19. i know!!! it's going to take me forever!!! but its more satisfying to finish things i truely enjoy!
    Glad to hear coral reef is a favorite! it seems popular amongst bloggers for summer!

  20. i have not tried the new extreme formula but i will state right now, every single lipstick, lipbalm, and now gloss i have owned from Dior I have 100 percent finished every shade!!!! Dior know what theyre doing in terms of lippies!!!
    I heard the new extreames are ok, but their regular line with the clear casing the more "glossy lipsticks" are my favorite!!! the one with the blue casing is more color opaque and less glossy but still have amazing pay off.
    The clear tubes are my absolute favorites though!! u have to try them!

  21. awwww i think i do too!!! sometimes i see new things ready but see something half done and think...let me get that one lol but i usually end up happy i finished it, and most likely enjoyed it! all my colors in my collection are colors i love, i just wanted to play with new stuff lol

  22. ohhhhhhhh i have been DYING to open my Clarins lip perector!!! i cant wait!

  23. i cant wait to try it! i think im going to use that one first!!

  24. ahh the dior lip balm! its so good!! the color is also so pretty! along with the case! i used my tube up!!! it's an amazing summer product!!!
    i have a sheer candy too but have yet to open it :( more of a fall color but in summer, dior lip glow is a complete thumbs up!

  25. You used up two glosses! You are amazing! BTW I think the Revlon lip stains shouldn't count. I had to buy a couple to try, too. I like them okay but they aren't as awesome as the lip butters. I hope it's enough if I grant you a do-over ;)

  26. thanks so much and I TOTALLY agree with you! lip butters all the way in comparison to the stains which I thought was kinda drying ironically!


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