Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Tuxedo OOTD

As mentioned in my last post here is my latest OOTD featuring my new shoes

Summer Tuxedo...when I wore this I felt a bit like a penguin, HA. But I thought it was still pretty cute.

I wore this to a summer brunch in the city. I never know what to wear at brunch, I always think "dress??" I guess it depends on who you meet.
I met a few young professionals so I ended up looking like I was going to work!
(This was on a weekend! My office dress code is a no no to shorts)
Due to the incredible heat that day I swapped slacks for chiffon shorts and my new shoes for "color"
Yes, in this case, grey, is my hint of color, oh yes and the hot pink soles!

Blazer: Artizia
Peter Pan Shirt: American Apparel
Chiffon Shorts: H&M
Shoes: Dolce Vita
Bag and Watch: Michael Khors

I finished off the rest of the outfit with a top knot on the head (it was sooo hot)
Raybans to cover my make up free eyes

Anyone else for the penguin look?


  1. So cute! I can't pull this off with my haircut, though.

  2. With the haircut, we are definite no-no's. Plus I'm 5'7" so I really really think I couldn't pull it off.

  3. Love the penguin look, especially with the splash of hot pink from the shoes . I'm a sucker for black and white, but sometimes I feel like I'm a waiter when I wear black and white.

  4. 5'7??? you would look like a model with this look!!

  5. hahahaha i know what you mean about the waiter comment!!

  6. love the look and I want your bag! :)

  7. oh Heather dear!! so good to hear from you!! thanks so much for commenting, how are you! :)

  8. Love the effect of your shoes with the shorts. I always love menswear inspired outfits :)

  9. classy outfit! love the bag and shoes! xx

  10. love the masculine chic! love your blazer :D

  11. Love the shoes, blazer, watch AND bag! <3 of course!


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