Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Sunday Post

Time for us to all have a seat for the weekly catch up

I FINALLY got my hair cut. One thing about me is, I HATE getting my hair cut. Too many bad experiences led to buy my own pairs of trimming shears and I usually give myself a trim once in a while, but with summer coming, I wanted to make sure I had an even cut ( I never said I was great)
It came out ok, at least I did not leave crying, that's all I really ask for!

After wards I gave myself a little bit of a dye

I always use this brand. I always change the color but I never venture too crazily into new shades. This shade is called Maple Doughnut! lol.

To me my hair change was large and I thought everyone would see a big difference ( NOT REALLY) no one noticed! Oh well, I like my new hair for summer! That's all that matters lol.

I read my first Haruki Marakami book

I don't think this particular book is anything like anything he has previously written. I have seen his other books in stores and have always passed, but this was very simple to read, and led me to find out this author is quite an accomplished runner!

Received a new addition to my Starbucks collection

On Memorial Day after the gym I decided to go shopping and purchased these!

I will post them in my next OOTD. I love how they have a hot pink sole!
I was actually looking for sandals! I ended up ordering some Sam Edelman's online.
Thank you to all the ladies on twitter who helped me with the sizing!

We had gorgeous weather over the holiday weekend!
But Memorial Day itself was HOT and STEAMING

Still looking for sandals. These were not for me...

On Friday my boyfriend and I went to "The Counter" which is a build your own burger chain

I really liked my burger! but really do not recommend the Parmesan fries. We only ate about 1/5th combined. Too cheesy, far too salty, and soggy.

More weekend food, and my FIRST completed soda in...I don't even know how many years.
Blood Orange!

Today, finally I went for a run. My knees have not been feeling that great lately so I took a few days off and tried other exercises

I ended up running today farther than I have ever previously ever completed on concrete but as I was walking home I realized... it REALLY hurt to stand still! I guess my legs were not ready to stop walking so I ended up going to a bakery, a drugstore, and super market running in place, and trying to tell myself not to say "OWWWW"out loud. Everyone must have thought I was impatient...

I will be taking a running break until next weekend, for now it's all about ice and elevation!


  1. I feel the same about going to the hair salon! That's why I limit it to twice a year haha I've been thinking of trying to trim my own bangs at least but I'm scared of how...
    Those oxfords look so pretty! Can't wait to see how you pair it with your outfits :D

  2. I hate getting my hair done too. I just hate sitting there for so long!
    Love those oxfords!
    I hope your legs are ok!

  3. Hi J, Love the new shoes! When I first saw the haircut photo in icon size I thought it looked kind of like a monk's robe. Maybe because it was orange? I need a haircut too.

  4. I'm inspired with your exercise kick! I went for a run the other day - 5km. I almost died halfway. I've read two of Murakami books and they're interesting to say the least. His themes tend to repeat quite a bit, so I dropped off his novels.

  5. Lovely pics hun. I've been trying to run/jog to keep fit, its been so difficult - can't seem to excel in my speed =( any tips? :)

  6. Love the loafers and pics of the city, as per usual. I may borrow this idea and do a bit of weekly wrap-up post myself!

  7. Great post! It's only 10am and I'm drooling over your food posts. Lunch time can't come fast enough!

  8. I know what you mean about cutting your hair, it took me a while to find a hairstylist who knew what they were doing. I use to get it cut, completely hated, waited til it grew out so I can try another salon. I really hated it when you walk in and they pull out a magazine and are like show me what you like. I'm thinking, you're the professional, you tell me what would look good on me because what I may like may completely look horrible on me. As usually completely jealous of your food pics. Next time I'm passing by NY I will definitely ask you for recommendations.

  9. I just got my hair trimmed this week too! I'm not too fussy with my hair and I hate going in for trims. I think I've went maybe close to a year when I was younger without cutting my hair haha. Your new shoes look really nice! Hope they fit great :) The burger looks great. I need to find new places to eat nearby school since my boyfriend is taking summer classes with me. Any places you recommend in particular? :D

  10. Love your shots! Makes me wish I had an iPhone. Murakami is one of my favorite authors ever! You MUST read Sputnik Sweetheart and Kafka on the Shore (that is if you're interested haha)! :D

  11. i trim my own hair too and usually do that twice a year max, once around New Yrs of course!! lol

  12. aw thank you sweetie!!! ice and elevation! i will prob spin the rest of the wk and skip running until the wknd!

  13. HAHAHAHa i LOLed when I read this on the train, monk's robe. When I had it on i thought i should get a dress this color, this creamsicle color! i liked it on me

  14. ahh i read the back of the books and thought ehhh i actually didnt realize it was Marakami until after purchase i thought this name sounds familiar....he is a great regular runner, he competed in over 20 marathons and was in a super marathon, aka 62 miles!!! WTH lol

  15. thank you lovely!
    i actually don't focus on speed bc i kno the way I train it happs eventually. I am more about distance running bc ppl who run distance tend to have long lean legs! lol
    When you run far distances you just keep going, you can slow down, but dont walk and keep going the farthest you can on 1 day. The following days you have less time but you always want to go far
    When you know you have less time but still have the stamina of long distance but with less time, you end up naturally getting faster.
    The results are slower this way speed wise but stamina wise you improve a great deal.
    I used to run 1 mile in like 13 min (embaressing) and after that 1 mile i was KA put!
    Last week I was able to run 10 miles with the average speed of 9 min 30 seconds.
    On most days I only run on the tredmill about 4 to 5 miles but I have the stamina for longer, since I know Im going to stop short, my body has excess energy and can reach 9 min mile and under now with ease.
    I know this was long, but i hope this helped, everyone is diff but just never stop trying! That's the thing that will slow you down the most.
    Maybe I should do a post on running lol

  16. please do!!!! it's nice to know how other ppl live, lol i always think of my life as mundane but glad to see other ppl enjoy these posts and i end up taking more pictures appreciating my life

  17. i feel like that everyday! ur my kinda girl! lol

  18. YES i know EXACTLY what u mean the TRAUMA of a terrible cut, growing it out and never seeing the last horrible person again. Going to a new person and thinking ughhh awful!! lol
    Terrible cycle!! lol

  19. REALLY????? i dont know if his books are for me, but hey summer is here, I may pick up a few lol

  20. REALLY????? i dont know if his books are for me, but hey summer is here, I may pick up a few lol

  21. im not fussy abut hair either, thats y i need a good cut! bc i know for the rest of the next months im not going to do anything with it, so it has to look good naturally lol

    Burgers @ school? Hmm I like good burger by Union Sq. My bf said it was ok, he prefers shake shack but to be honest I dont think the line is worth it at all!!!
    Good burger has yummy shakes!! but this is 1 area where I DO think Shake shack is superior
    I don't really eat alot of hamburgers lol but I have been trying to eat more meat, if i find a yummy place i will tell you.
    There is also STAND 4 in University place, the food was EHHH but they have toasted marshmallow milkshake!!

  22. Oh, I meant any kind of food, not just burgers :D I've actually been trying to eat less meat haha. Why are you trying to eat more if you don't mind me asking? Thanks for the mini burger reviews! They'll come in handy lol

  23. Oh haha I have been trying to eat more MEAT. I don't eat much meat not the biggest fan...i hate all poultry, i dont eat too much beef, and pork is eh. I do eat alot of fish but the dr told me I lack protein, all the hummus and tofu was not enough ;( I bought turkey slices to snack on....EHHHHHHHHHHHHH not for me lol

    I DID want to try this sandwhich place across the street from Stand4 I dont know the name, its a hole in the wall but it was Zagat best rated sandwhich for 2 yrs and it's like a Pho sandwhich place but with better mix ins.
    Around school...wth do i eat.. I like Rohm...Haru, East Sushi if they have a deal, Holmes Chinese (I normally HATE chinese take out but Holmes is a huge hit @ work, if you don't mind walking a bit for dinner, Don Quihote in Chelsea, they have the BIGGEST veal chop and their paella is huge also!)
    I see now you guys have Ralphs Italian ice! i need to visit this summer!

  24. Thanks for the detailed response hun! Currently I jog on the treadmill and do about 1km in 10mins (about 0.6miles in 10mins- worse than what you used to do) and been like that for a while now. I think I will take your advice and stick with the trying to build stamina instead of speed. You should def do a running post~

    Also, does the shoes make a very big difference in how far/fast you can run?

  25. Aaaaah, Aranciata Rossi- so addictive, I ration myself to one can a week.

    I'm looking forward to getting out my bike for cycling commutes now the weather has improved.

  26. I'm glad I'm not alone when it comes to going to get my hair cut! I have to suck it up and just go to someone. I tried to cut my own hair once, and it did not go so well, probably because I tried to do it at 3AM after half a bottle of winee.

    Lovin' those oxfords, too cute!

  27. I'd love to see a pic of your new hair color! I was thinking about dying my hair a bit lighter for summer this weekend. I keep going back and forth though because I literally JUST finished growing my hair out. Now that my hair is back to it's natural color, I am eyeing the box of dye again. I ALWAYS do that (that or moan about how I hate my short hair and spend forever growing it back--only to cut it again as soon as it grows out). :P

  28. Thanks for all the recommendations! Will keep them in mind next time I'm hungry around school :D Maybe you can eat things like eggs to get some more protein? Do eggs count as being poultry? I like the taste of pretty much all meat but I try to restrict how much I eat because I can get carried away if I don't watch myself haha. Complete opposite!!

  29. awww you should show a pic of your new hair!!! I know what you mean the hair salon experience.. my husband always takes the piss out of me (I cried once in Japan and a few times when I was young and it still haunts me).. however I have stuck with my stylist for like 2-3 years now and he always does a good job (for most part) LOL.

  30. show us your new do! i hate getting hair cuts too. they either cut too much or my hair looks really damaged afterwards.

  31. hi lilladylife, i always enjoy your posts :) i am in the process of looking for a good hair salon in NY geared toward asian hair, do you have any recommendations? ty


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