Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Sunday Post

Time to sit down for our weekly update, most of these photos are from the weekend though.

My boyfriend and I went back to MARKT because we wanted to give it another try and test out the item that everyone in the place seemed to have ordered last time. Mussels!!

I chose the curry, cilantro, and cream mussels. You get soooo much! Towards the end I could not have anymore. Not due to fullness but too much of 1 taste

On Saturday my boyfriend and I ate some Hong Kong style breakfast while watching the qualifying rounds for the Grand Prix. My boyfriends favorite driver won today!

But back to Saturday. After lunch and tv, we headed off to the beach!

The weather was great, unfortunately I had thought it was supposed to rain so I was the only person wearing black skinny jeans at the beach! Thankfully my boyfriend also wore long jeans so we were over dressed together and thankful when the clouds started to come in to cool us down

It did rain after this sunset, thankfully we were already in the car LOL

Dinner was Taiwanese. We had never gone to this restaurant before, more likely because it is in a Best Western Hotel (yeah...that's probably why I never noticed it) even though I have walked passed it 109473388771 times, thank you Yelp!

On some random notes, I saw this picture on the train this weekend and saw how much our MTA is really getting with the times...

And lastly I DID do something beauty related this week. I had visited INGLOT.

Sneak preview of a post coming this week

Have a very happy week ladies!!


  1. The food looks delish! I promptly bookmarked MARKT's website thanks to your photos :D I've been wanting to go to the beach too but scheduling and the weather hasn't been cooperating! Is the taiwanese restaurant you ate at the one next to Flushing Mall or am I completely wrong? If I'm right, then my boyfriend and his family loves that place and the one time I ate there it was pretty good :) Can't wait to see what you picked up from Inglot!

  2. thanks!! MARKT is ok, its not outstanding and the tables are crampt but we enjoy the atmosphere and the service is quite nice. The food is ok, some things are better than others, i see other tables eating DELICIOUS looking things and i try to make some mental note

    Yea! it is next to Flushing mall! my bf told me and i said... there is a place there???? I never saw it... then again I dont go to best western! haha yea the food was pretty good, my bf is obsessed with finding the perfect taiwanese rest, he said its good but not THE ONE lol
    Did you see Lu's 66 got a C rating lol

    Inglot post will be coming up this week. Took the swatch photos today!

  3. I like Duvel and the Taiwanese food looks so yummy. I can't wait for your Inglot post, I have been really into their products lately.

  4. I'm dying to visit an Inglot store, been hunting for their stores in each new city I visit. BTW, the translation of Duvel in flemmish is Devil... reason being, the bubbles in Duvel are smaller, so the alcohol rush gets into your head faster. So devilish beer it is. :-)

  5. I really enjoy these posts, I look forward to them. Keep them coming!

  6. Loved all of the beach pictures (I think I favorited them all on Instagram too) ;) AND Inglot!!! yay!!!

  7. nothing beats a day @ the beach, inglot trip is quite comparable though!

  8. awww thanks so much Kate, much appreciated!

  9. hahaha thank you for the translation! that one was my bf's. I asked the man the pales ale for me! I can only drink half lol

  10. will be coming up this week! thank u for reading my posts!

  11. I really should stop reading your posts with food porn an hour before lunch... it makes the hour sooo long!

  12. I love your sky pictures - something always soothing looking at the sky don't you think? Nom-tastic food piccies!


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