Friday, July 27, 2012

Lace and Sandals OOTD

Quite a while since an OOTD eh?
Repetitive and mundane are what come to my mind when I look in the mirror most days, but today I wore a dress I never featured.

The dress is lace all over and is more of a cream shade than white.
It was a bit tight when it first arrived, but by some miracle I now fit.
(100+ degrees and perspiration must have shaved off a lb. or two on the thighs)

It’s shown here with my sandals which I kept on all day. My n*de heels were at home and I was too lazy to bring them back to the office. Also when I wore this with my black heels it suddenly looked a lot shorter and tighter so sandals were slapped back on to keep the outfit more grounded and less trash…
Luckily I stayed in my cubicle all day and was less inclined to walk around showing off my pedicure color. Essie’s Exotic Liras if anyone is wondering.

Most of my make up in the photo ( which I am aware is cut off) is all stuff I'm trying to use up outside 1 new item
The new Maybelline BB cream.

This is the first Western BB cream I have tried ( and the only one I have heard decent things about)
Just purchased this, and gave it an initial run today.
The shade Light Medium is quite perfect for my skin even with my bit of a tan.
Quite happy with it so far. Will keep you posted if this stays a constant.

The Olympics also start today! *HOORAY*
Guess I will be going straight home most days to catch up on the games! Anyone else excited to watch?
I have my TV watching outfit ready!

Cheers to the weekend ladies!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

No Sheer Contest

This may be a silly obsession to some, but I think most of the readers of this blog will nod their heads in understanding.

The perfect "My natural nail color" hunt. IS ON.

That perfect sheer but shiny, slight slight pink cast on the nails given with a perfect polish with a an excellent formula that will be a repeat winner.

I have tried many of the most famous shades claiming this title and will show you my personal favorite.

Essie's Sugar Daddy
("ugh" at the name, I wish this was the one called Mademoiselle!)

The first and last photo are the most true to life color swatches.
The third item looks more opaque due to the angle.

This, is my perfect "My Nails but Better"
No bubbles in the formula, super natural in 1 coat, perfectly natural and clean in two coats. High shine and gloss finish, no top coat needed. With these kinds of colors I don't really care about top coat. After two coats you can see that faint pink whisper of a cast, that just makes it look more like a natural and fuss free french manicure without the maintenance.
Some may try this, see no color, and think "what's the point?"
No, a polish like this, is needed in a woman's collection.
Clean hands, that even after a bit of chipping due to hectic lifestyle, that still makes your hands look great, is a search worth delving into.

Other Polishes that fall into this category but just did not make the cut:

OPI's Bubble Bath: Very nice OPI shade, and I found myself adding three coats, because I think this one actually looks better a bit more opaque. If you prefer OPI over Essie, this would be my choice, and 2nd favorite for this family.
Essie's Ballet Slippers: Nice, but streaky. Add a shade such as Mademoiselle on top and be prepared for some salvation!
Essie's Mademoiselle: Very sheer, and had more of a pink white cast than that sheer pink.
(Time to split hairs)
OPI's Sweetheart: Pretty, perfect pastel pink, but too opaque for this category
Bourjois Rose Lounge: Pretty! but very very thick formula! You make quite a dent in your bottle with each use.
Essie's Allure: Too sheer white than pink, also very thin

There goes a brief history of my current status on searching for my perfect natural nail colors.
Do you have any favorites to recommend?

On a last note, a photo I posted on Instagram.
Chanel's Frenzy. Hmm still debating if I like this. It may not be a "me" shade but it's quite a nice one for fall, and I see it as an excellent item for their Fall Collection.
I did roll the bottle between my hands instead of shaking it, to stop air bubbles, but I got so many air bubbles with this...
Maybe I should go back to shaking?

Yay or Nay ladies?

And a big thanks to all the ladies who commented on this photo on Instagram for their votes! I read them all! lol

Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Pick Me Ups

Let's be honest. Monday, for most people is tough.
Today I decided to lick my wounds with a bit of Chanel healing

For those of you keeping count, this will be lip product number 2 out of the total of 5 I am allowing myself for the remainder of the year.

Keeping along with the pick me ups, this was quite surprising!

Quite possibly the most amazing skill I have seen for quite a while

At 5:16
I certainly can't do that! Her lining skills are also excellent! lol

Counting the days to Friday!
Whose with me???

Sunday, July 22, 2012

An HG Bronzer or a N*de Idea?

Bronzer years ago was something I never really was interested in.
(I've certainly changed my tune over time) and my collection has grown, but none from Rimmel, Edward Bess or the famous line of Guerlain has really made me feel as much bronzer love as my original NARS Laguna
(yes, he caught me young)

But recently I've come across a new contender and an ultimate replacement?
A few posts ago I seemed to have been gushing about a bronzer against my aims, as I stated I was unsure if it was discontinued, but after some online searching I think I have found it.

YSL 's Poudre éclat dété in #1 ( I found the bronzer name on the back, but Google taught me the shade name to be Golden Sand)

It has everything I want in a bronzer. No trace of orange (on my skin tone) slight shimmer for the satin finish I prefer (Thank you NARS) that is non detectable on the skin, effortless blending, fine pigment, you know all the good stuff!

Now, here I am applying it everyday with satisfaction, creating a nice little dent in the powder when I I just like this because it's light?

It seems that many bloggers and Youtubers this season are embracing the idea of a pale bronzer.
Dior's new line of N*DE bronzers could also be aligned with such an idea.

In the drugstore base make up world I am in the color category deemed "Light/Medium"
Glad to know I have a place in the world.

I've always bought bronzers in the second to lightest shades. I've never ever considered buying the palest bronzer, I had always thought those were NC 15 to NC 20 range or below.


Pale Bronzers are amazing (cue in Eureka moment) "You just build it up!"
(ie: Foolproof)
You can go crazy with a dense bronzer brush or spend a while layering with a fluffy one but you are never going to have stripes down the face, you are never going to have obvious lines on your forehead that needs to be blended out, yes in the car seat! Less of a chance for the head to have been on vacation while your neck stayed in the winter frost as you enter the office.

No, no, no.
With a paler bronzer, it just looks so much more natural.
Of course, it all depends on what look you are going for. Bronzed goddess? yeah... that would take some layering, but to just have that healthy look to your skin that is believable from winter to summer, the pale ones can get you there too.

Now going back to this baby:

Yves Saint Laurent - <span class=

I had quite a little search online to find this. I had not heard about the éclat dété line from YSL, but due to re branding, re naming, and two re packages later I have come to find that YSL's Poudre de Soleil #1 will be the replacement product of my current pan.

Funny enough, Poudre de Soleil only comes in shade 1, and the Terre Saharienne line also has a shade 1 from a total of three. Poudre de Soleil is the current remake of my bronzer, and the Saharienne line is more new. Both have shade name #1 Sand.
I may have to do a side by side on which one I will be trying next but am confident in the idea that either way, I'm still buying shade #1.

So if anyone of you are interested in my current bronzer of choice, I would walk on over to a YSL counter for a quick swatch.

What are your ideas on pale bronzers?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Bronzer Bonanzaa

Bronzer Wish List

I was never a bronzer girl, until I started working.
I thought pale skin was ideal with a pink blush was the ultimate form of girlishness and I relished it, but women in my office soon taught me about bronzer, and how health and the look of bein sun kissed is also appealing. Since then, I have been addicted.

It started with NARS Laguna, and now my current collection contains Chanel, Gueralin, Edward Bess, all the way down to ELF! I even want to try the NYC bronzer in Sunny (have heard many good things)

Above is my current bronzer wish list. I am not sure if I will purchase a bronzer this year ( I have too many already, many brand new in the box!)

But if I could purchase one this summer, these are my current top wish list contenders.

Clarins Bronzing Duo: I don't have too much experience with Clarins but this looks damn appealing, with the two shades to choose from for contour or an overall color, and ease of swirling the colors together for a happy medium.

Laura Mercier Matte Bronzer: Laura Mercier is a brand I want to like. I have had mixed results with her products but this bronzer has always caught my eye.

Too Faced Chocolate Soilel: I have heard soooo much about this, the matte perfect brown hue, and the scent? Just an added bonus!

Tarte Matte Bronzer: For years I thought Tarte only sold that Park Ave Princess Bronzer with the mega shimmer, and I have always passed, but I recently found out they have a matte version (where have I been?) I swatched it and it was instantly wish listed!

Mark Bronzer for Avon: I have heard the pigmentation and color of this is excellent from the likes of the Pixiwoos (they know thier stuff)
The price is just a bonus!

Guerlain Bonne Mine Powder: Ahh the super fine glow this gives, the gradual build up of color, the beautiful warm gold bronze, grab a MAC 150 and go crazy with this one to add health and radiance to the face

Shisiedo Bronzer: Did you know Shisedio made a bronzer? I think this may be only sold in the US and Europe. It comes in three shades in an an enclosed brown case with a built in brush (bonus ) and shade 2 looks just perfect!

Clinique Almost Bronzer: Something that has always peaked my curiosity. I am aware the pigmentation is light, but this looks like the perfect item during winter to build up a bit of color

Chanel Terre Epice Bronzer: I own another Chanel bronzing powder but I think this shade would suit my skin tone better.
Every woman wouldn't mind a little Chanel ;)

So there it is, my current bronzer wish list. Have you tried any of the above or have any favorites?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Fitness Friday – A Staple in my Kitchen

The other day I had a craving for pasta, pasta with vodka sauce
Now this is strange for me because
1. I don't really like pasta ( yes, it's true!)
2. I never order this in restaurants
But sometimes, SOMETIMES I get these random cravings for foods
( I think most people understand...)

I stood in the supermarket aisle for a good 10 minutes and kept going back to the pasta section thinking...should I?'s just a craving. Leave it be. I walked back, eventually I left the store.
Usually cravings only last 20 minutes, so if you can be strong for 20 minutes you can usually get through it.

Fast forward two hours later, me in PJ's, and not feeling like going back outside to buy pasta sauce... but dreaming of this...

Then I decided to have it. (Googling images of pasta did not help! ) but I made it under my own terms.

Something I ALWAYS have in my kitchen is Fage 2 percent Greek yogurt. I go through one of the mega tubs alone in about a week and a half

I have tried all the super market brands (pass) I have tried a few Greek brands that are available to me (again pass)
Fage is my favorite. It has the most thick consistency and was an absolute staple when I was once dieting. I stuck it in everything. Originally, I was not yet used to Greek Yogurt. I was very accustomed to the sugary stuff in colorful packaging most super markets hold.

If you never had Greek yogurt, it's super thick in consistency. If you flip it upside down, it really shouldn't too move from the tub. It also has no sweetness, it's sour, it actually reminded me of sour cream *light bulb eureka moment*
I started to substitute dressings and toppings for Greek Yogurt and have never looked back.

So here is my basic steps and tips on how to make a healthier version of Penne al la Vodka.

1. Use whole wheat penne, and while it's still uncooked place the amount you would normally eat in a bowl.

Now take half out.

Once it's fully cooked it will expand to double it's size.
Since I don't like and also try to avoid pasta, I just want to have this 1 meal, to remove my craving. If you like pasta, keep full 1 bowl uncooked but once it's finished cooking put half away for another day. (1 bowl uncooked, will be 2 portions)
Just try to stick to half a bowl if it's dinner where you want to eat a bit lighter.

2. Try to use a low sodium tomato sauce. I am not the kind of woman who makes her own sauce I'm quite happy buying it from a jar. Usually I will just buy a can of crushed tomatoes and add garlic, oregano, chili, and basil. Simple!

3. Once the pasta is cooked set it aside and create the sauce.
Add garlic, onions, whatever you want! Once the tomato sauce is bubbling add in a good scoop of Greek yogurt. Instead of cream this will replace it, while still giving it a rich taste.
Sometimes if the tomato sauce is too acidic I add in a bit of Truvia sugar, but again personal taste.

Bring together the pasta and sauce to have a healthier portion and recipe for Penne al la Vodka!
Skip the cheese topping (you don't need it)

Looks like this in the end.
Sorry about the picture, I ate about half before I decided to post!

But moving on back to Greek yogurt, it's a complete staple.
I eat it often for breakfast with honey, fruit, and almonds but it can be used in many more ways!

If I make taco's (I like fish) I add in veggies, hot sauce, guacamole, and Greek yogurt in place of sour cream! try it! you won' taste the difference!

Greek yogurt is also a great filler in smoothies

Add oats, raisins, almonds, and honey to yogurt before bed, and stick it in the fridge. In the AM you can have home made museli!

A perfect snack between meals (amazing with pineapple, honey, and slivered almonds!)
(the 2 percent makes you feel fuller than 0 percent due to the fat)

It is also amazing in curry. It adds richness and fat. If you ever make your curry too spicy for your taste, instead of adding water add yogurt. It adds creaminess and brings down the spice level a notch.
(This creaminess will not work as well with 0 percent, as the fat content is needed)

Lastly, linked here, is a post on how to use yogurt for beauty!

So, this is one of my absolute staples of my diet, and everyday life.
It took me a bit of getting used to in the beginning, but now I just have it pretty much every day!
If you have never tried Greek yogurt before, do give it a go!
Additional links on why Greek Yogurt is something to try the next time you are in the super market!
Health is not about conquering everything in 1 day but about gradual and acceptable changes you can take in and live by

Monday, July 9, 2012

Current Likes and Dislikes

It's been a while since I posted some of my current go to cosmetics, everyone loves one of these posts ( well I love reading them!)

Avené Thermal Water: I give myself a spritz of this throughout the day and carry it in my bag for a refresher when my skin just needs a lift. I also apply it throughout the night after my cleaning routine to keep my skin super hydrated before bed.

Lush Tea Tree Toner: I buy this every summer. It's light, non irritating on my skin (except when I spritz the eye area) and absorbs quickly. It does have a light tea tree percentage in it so I believe it may help my skin as the day goes on when it's oilier in summer. Just slightly helps the pores from becoming clogged and I do believe it helps during this season.

Sephora Airbrush 55: I use this to lightly dust on a sheer layer of mineral foundation on my T zone as my base everyday. Another favorite product I'm currently loving is my Lancome Mineral Foundation.

Sephora Profession 44 Bronzer Brush: Can you believe this was my FIRST Sephora purchase and I have never used it before now (how I bought this 1st is such a stupid story lol) but anyway, I have always thought it was too tense for bronzer, until the bronzer I am currently using arrived in my life. Together they are perfection!

MAC Quad: I have been neglecting my MAC shadows so I decided to create a quad and try to mix and match to a set I can be happy with it. This combo currently consists of Brule, All that Glitters, Mulch, and Print.
Brule and Print I believe I bought on the same day because I don't even recall purchasing them (naughty!) but now I am in LOOOOOOOVE with them. Because in the summer I don't mind a shimmer bronzer, blush, and highlight (yeah I go all out) I like to have simple eyes. Brule is an all over skin color which I just swish on all over the place with a MAC 224 (amazing), and lightly line my top lashline with print with a MAC 263 (equally amazing!) The dark shimmery grey is enough definition without being harsh.
The n*de eye also brings out the curls of my lashes and mascara I have been playing with.
I sometimes add Mulch to the outer corner, or all that glitters all over the place, but Brule and Print have been my go to for a few months, and I see no end in sight for a while!

NARS Madly: Ok this has been something I kind of like. When I first apply this, it looks great. A perfect n*de beige pink, but I noticed, especially if I wear bronzer, at about 3 o clock this blush turns more terracotta???? What the heck?? I don't mind the 2nd color but really would prefer it's original shade which I think looks far better
Has anyone else noticed this with Madly??

Jemma Kidd Rose Gold Dewey Glow: Not THE BEST highlighter in the world, but the packaging, portability, texture, and huge mirror makes this something I carry around every single day. I apply it every morning for a very natural glow, and re apply at night if I am going out. It gives just enough highlight without looking like you tried to hard, and I can see myself hitting pan on this one day!

YSL Bronzer #1: I don't think I am going to review this bronzer alone even though it is absolute love because it may be discontinued? I tried to see if YSL has just re launched this in their new packaging but #1 is NEVER on display! (why??) So I can't confirm yet, and would not want to review something no one else can get.
This was actually given to me by my mother. Normally I wouldn't use old products but it was new in box, still sealed, and never used or swatched. I douse the thing in alcohol before applying it to my face and received no reactions (hooray!)
This bronzer is AMAZING.
I have never owned a bronzer in shade 1. I usually buy the 2nd or 3rd lightest shade but this is EXACTLY what I needed. I build this up with my dense Sephora brush and apply it all over my E or 3 zone and a bit across the nose and jawline and so many people at work have complimented how radiant my skin has looked and the nice color I have.
It does have shimmer but it does not translate on the skin really.
I really must find out if they still make this in the new packaging but if they do, I can say this has been my favorite hands down bronzer so far.
Thank you mom!!!!!

Estee Lauder Gloss in Coral Kiss: I have actually just been trying to use this up so it's been my new go to. I know I showed all those lovely lip products I was going to crack into, but I actually have not used a single one! not until this is gone!
It's just a light coral with gold flecks, it may have been LE, but it's nothing to run out for.
Nice scent, but a bit thick and slightly sticky.

L to R: Jemma Kidd, YSL, Madly, Brule, All that Glitters, Mulch, Print


Ok, not for the bad news. If you are a beauty junkie there is a bit of a trial and error process. Not everything people claim are as great as you may think. I know I bought all of the above due to great claims but for me they came to be duds.

Origins Super Spot Remover: First of all, how TINY is this??? Moving on (I'm still staring...)
This does nothing for me. For years I used the Clinique blemish solutions which looks alot like the Origins version only larger (and the same price) but it actually worked for me.
I would use the Clinique when I can feel a spot trying to come up, and it would zap it.
With this, zapping never happens and the spot comes through every time. What gives...

Essie's Lollipop and It's in the Bag
Essie's Lollipop: If any of you are Olivia Palmero fans you will be happy to know THIS is the red she uses. A bit of orange mixed in with this. The formula of this is actually quite nice, but if you have pale hands stay away from orange reds, because it will just look ORANGE.
I have tried this a few times and have never painted a full hand. The color was just too gross for my hands and taste and regrettingly have another red in my pile of duds in terms of HG's.

It's in the Bag: is a pretty sheer white but a streaky MESS. Don't buy this. 1 coat is streaky, 2 coats is more streaky, and 3 coats is thick and streaky.
I've tried this alone, and mixing it with other shades, but it just made the other shades streaky!
This only looks good if you can get 3 PERFECT thin thin thin coats. Something a professional can most likely do, but not moi.

Revlon Lip Balm Stains: The new hype drugstore product or has the BB creams and Caresse lipsticks done that yet?
I don't know, I just did not think this was that great. It's supposed to be balmy but it made my lips pretty dry, I also was not the biggest fan of all the colors. I don't mind this if I place balm before and gloss after, but that's a bit much for me when the product claims to do so many things.

Ok, so that it! My current cosmetic go to's and down turns

What have you been trying lately?

Today's Postcards


All taken today on the train ride home
Thank you camera phone.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Sunday Post

I should really change the title to "My Friday Night!"

I honestly don't recall much from the week outside a declared heat wave, drinking mega tons of water, and watching a boatload of tennis...

What I do remember is leaving work on Friday night to celebrate my 7 year anniversary with my boyfriend ( I wrote 8 on Twitter! typo!)

So I don't have pictures from the week really that I deem worth digging up and uploading so be prepared for food pictures my fellow foodies!!

For our anniversary, my boyfriend told me to pick the place...
So off the help of Yelp and Menu Pages I discovered L'Artusi
I told him of my pick, and he said
"Italian food?? You hate Italian food! Pick something else"
Right he is...but I decided, "This is where we are going, ok???"
I had faith in online reviewers!

I picked a place in a part of town we never go to, far from trains, expensive parking, and needed walking towards in a heat wave (sounds like me...)
Also it was just this little place in the wall...BUT inside was far better.
Downstairs is comfortable and cozy while the upstairs has a canopy for bright sunshine

Home made ricotta cheese was the special cheese of the day off their cheese menu, and he chose fluke ceviche as an appetizer
( This man hated fish, after 7 years of dating a seafood lover he can now eat fish in the raw!)

The pasta's are home made and made to order so there is a slight wait (cocktails time!)

Our main courses of pasta looked deceptively small but you get quite full after the waiting, and slow enjoyment. The wine menu was huge, and the sides are a lot bigger than the dishes. The crispy potatoes were more of rounded baked baby potatoes cooked with herbs and sage?
The American girl in me would have preferred ketchup to eat with them, but I ate what the chef prepared which reminded me of French onion dip. I passed on that, but the potatoes were quite divine.

The house specialty dessert was olive oil cake which everyone seems to rave about but it tasted like yellow cake to me but enhanced?
The meal was splendid, and the only thing I would change next time is the dessert
Mini restaurant review on my dinner date!

Are anyone you guys Yelpers?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Revlon Cherries in the Snow

Happy 4th to all my Americans!!

On the day to celebrate the red, white, and blue, I have my focus on the red!

I've been searching (obsessing) over red nail polish lately, and realized
(alot don't look good on me) but I won't give up!

Today's holiday is the perfect reason to use a nice red on the fingers.

So my search for the HG red comes to it's first contender

I bought this last year, and never tried it! I have the corresponding lipstick which I love, and the nail polish is a spot on dead ringer for it.


It's a very 50's red (which I believe is when the color was created! aka classic!)
It was very difficult to show in photos because in sunlight and artificial light it looks warmer but it is a cool blue based red with a shot of fuchsia pink in it.

Indoor Lighting
(better representation but more fuchsia pink and darker in real life)

Pros: Outstanding formula! This is 1 coat to complete opacity. I love the 1 coaters!! and no top coat!it dries glossy enough. No streaks, and easy to apply

No real cons, but it is not my HG I want something blue toned but with less pink in it, but this is an excellent one for the collection and I think I will be wearing it all of the winter holiday season!

What is your favorite red?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market, have been here twice the last few days, and ate Lobster Rolls twice (I recommend them) washed down with Elderflower Bubbly (addicting)

Ice Cream from the Milk Bar is also quite good (I had hazelnut *thumbs up*)

Relaxing way to end the work day before the 4th!

Happy Holiday everyone!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Finished Products of May and June 2012

Finished products posts are popping up all over the place! (Loving it!)
Here is my latest installment

I have not been posting these every month as opposed to last year because in 2011 I was in some kind of product finishing frenzy!
All my half used stuff, opened stuff, nearly expired stuff had to go.
Now I have hit the hard point in my collection where I am weeding through what I have and finally making a decent dent in the incredible amount of just STUFF I had emmassed for no apparent reason.

Skin Care

Skin care is where I have been making the most strides. Ideally one day I would come home to 1 cleanser, 1 toner, 1 moisturizer and so on. Things I know I love, and not just need to get through to get to this ideal state.

Thayers Rose Petal Toner: Another one of these down. Gentle, soothing, natural. This is not too expensive nor is it a miracle product but it does seem to help my skin, make it feel refreshed, hydrated, and clean. I think this will be a repurchase (again). One of my go to toners.

Avene Clearance Cleanser: Quite possible the most gentle acne cleanser I have ever tried. If you have sensitive skin that is prone to spots I would give this a go. It's very mild, non irritating in my opinion, and lasts forever! I used this with my clarasonic, and it foamed nicely and I think this is again another repurchase! This lasted me about 6 plus months, so this went the distance.
If Avene is not easily available to you, I am currently using the Neutrogena Stress Control Acne Gel Wash which I find very comparable, outside the fact that it is scented and Avene is scent free

Korres White Tea Cleanser: Reviewed here. My feeling towards this product has not changed. I really don't feel like it cleanses well, and would not recommend this as my skin never felt very clean.
I would just use this after my cleansing oil to remove any remaining excess product

Neutrogena Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin: This product is "ok" There is nothing actually wrong with this, but I have just used better drugstore moisturizers. Olay Sensitive Skin I believe is superior to this product. This is quite a passable product in my opinion.

Face Care

Anessa Sunscreen: I purchased this in Asia and liked the formula (the liquidy shake up kind) but I would not get this again. First of all it smells. It smells like if someone washed the public pool the night before and you were the first person to use it the next morning. Slightly reminiscent to chlorine. This claims a more matte finish but I did notice it had to sit on my skin for a while before this happened. A good 5 to 10 minutes. I still prefer La Roche Posay which I think is better for oily skin, and mattifies fully within 1 minute.

Clinique All About Eyes Rich: I've gone through so many of these! This was the first time I ordered the extra large jar, and when I got it in the mail I thought they sent me a face cream it was so large! Never the less, I finished this and quite like this for daytime before my concealer for a nice base that is not too emollient..

Shisiedio Sunsreen for Eyes: This is ok. I actually have not seen too many sunscreens for the eye area and may try the khiels one next but I would not get this again. For some reason I just was not feeling this. (Terrible explanation on why I wouldn't recommend a product but there you go..)

La Roche Posay Effeclar K: I will do a review on this with Effeclar Duo soon

Misc Care

Garnier Face Wipes: I am not a fan of face wipes but for the gym, these are my favorite

Sephora Nail Polish Remover: I always use this. I think it leaves my nails healthier than the ones sold in drugstores and leaves my nails less thin. It also removes nail polish faster than anything in the drugstore. I need another one of these asap!

Lumene Eye Make Up Remover: I've tried quite a few drugstore eye make up removers but this had to be one of my least favorites. It's a bit too greasy for my taste on the eyes it left quite a film, and it did not even remove my make up easily. I would not recommend this. Try Sonia Kashuk instead!

I Love Coconut Cream: The last of my "I Love" lotions. As mentioned in my last empties post. I totally regret buying these. I see on YouTube and various blogs people loves these! I must be in the minority. I love very hydrating body creams and this to me was a fail. I will admit this smelled damn delicious!

Tsubaki Conditoner Mask: Ever notice I NEVER have hair products in these posts? That is because I use refillable shampoo and conditioners so I only have to show empty bags which I throw out immediately but this is the brand I swear by. Shiseido Tsubaki for damaged hair. I always use damaged hair version, because I like the most benefits a product can offer.
If you have fine while thick hair, I really recommend this line. My HG hair line!

Make Up

Maybelline Mineral Power concealer: Is it just me, or is this discontinued? I have not seen this in stores lately...but anyway. This is not 100 percent done... it's about 85 percent complete. I used to use this on my face when I was paler in the winter, then I used it under my eyes when I started to get more color, but now, I notice that I think it was starting to become really patchy and the formula seemed very drying on my face all of a sudden so while I did enjoy this in the beginning, if it is still available, I would not get it again. I think there are better drugstore concealers out there.

The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Tint: I really loved this. Loved the color, the ease of the applicator, the all natural ingredients, and the price! ( Get it on sale!)
I have never tried Benefit's Benetint, but I tried it in the store. I thought the applicator was too little, and the product too watery. I think The Body Shop version is a far better alternative that deserves a look to those who are curious.
The only con about this is the packaging. In the beginning and about most of the time you have this product it leaks. When you dip the applicator back into the tube, and close the product, excess products seeps out through the sides so be careful before popping this in your bag, so the contents all don't stain red.

Dior Lipgloss 436: Every single Dior lip product I every purchased I have finished. Lipstick, lip balm, and now lip gloss. They seriously know their stuff in the lip products department! Every time I went to Sephora I would pick up this Dior gloss thinking it was the prettiest one of all, and realized I owned it! A very nice peachy gloss with gold shimmer. Not very pigmented but looks amazing over pink, red, peach, or n*de lipsticks. Alone it looked natural and healthy. Long lasting, and non sticky. I would love to have another Dior gloss for my make up bag soon!
Pricey but a gret formula, and this tube lasted me forever!

Urban Decay Lash Growth Serum: My first lash growth product. In short this is not a miracle omg my lashes grew 1.5 inches!! No. They did grow slightly but I think this mainly gave my lashes a nice boost. I would use this and notice my lashes felt so much fluffier! They became softer, and so nice to touch! The product came with a serum on one side, and a conditioner for your lashes on the other, which may have been the stronger product.
This was a nice introduction to lash growth serums and while I did like the conditioner, I think I would want to try another brand with more growth results.
This caused my eyes and skin around my eyes no irritation.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes!: This was a surprise but I really liked this! The brush is wonky looking, and this mascara does clump! *be warned* but wow can this hold a curl! Not only does it hold a curl beautifully, but the clumps actually added to the volume effect
( to which I naturally have none) so I really liked this and am considering a full size!

Do be careful with adding several coats ( I only wear 1 coat) because the flakes can be annoying.

That's it!!
As I mentioned before, I have seen these kinds of posts popping up everywhere! So if you finished a few things, do blog or post about them because they are incredibly informative and a fun read!

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