Sunday, July 22, 2012

An HG Bronzer or a N*de Idea?

Bronzer years ago was something I never really was interested in.
(I've certainly changed my tune over time) and my collection has grown, but none from Rimmel, Edward Bess or the famous line of Guerlain has really made me feel as much bronzer love as my original NARS Laguna
(yes, he caught me young)

But recently I've come across a new contender and an ultimate replacement?
A few posts ago I seemed to have been gushing about a bronzer against my aims, as I stated I was unsure if it was discontinued, but after some online searching I think I have found it.

YSL 's Poudre éclat dété in #1 ( I found the bronzer name on the back, but Google taught me the shade name to be Golden Sand)

It has everything I want in a bronzer. No trace of orange (on my skin tone) slight shimmer for the satin finish I prefer (Thank you NARS) that is non detectable on the skin, effortless blending, fine pigment, you know all the good stuff!

Now, here I am applying it everyday with satisfaction, creating a nice little dent in the powder when I I just like this because it's light?

It seems that many bloggers and Youtubers this season are embracing the idea of a pale bronzer.
Dior's new line of N*DE bronzers could also be aligned with such an idea.

In the drugstore base make up world I am in the color category deemed "Light/Medium"
Glad to know I have a place in the world.

I've always bought bronzers in the second to lightest shades. I've never ever considered buying the palest bronzer, I had always thought those were NC 15 to NC 20 range or below.


Pale Bronzers are amazing (cue in Eureka moment) "You just build it up!"
(ie: Foolproof)
You can go crazy with a dense bronzer brush or spend a while layering with a fluffy one but you are never going to have stripes down the face, you are never going to have obvious lines on your forehead that needs to be blended out, yes in the car seat! Less of a chance for the head to have been on vacation while your neck stayed in the winter frost as you enter the office.

No, no, no.
With a paler bronzer, it just looks so much more natural.
Of course, it all depends on what look you are going for. Bronzed goddess? yeah... that would take some layering, but to just have that healthy look to your skin that is believable from winter to summer, the pale ones can get you there too.

Now going back to this baby:

Yves Saint Laurent - <span class=

I had quite a little search online to find this. I had not heard about the éclat dété line from YSL, but due to re branding, re naming, and two re packages later I have come to find that YSL's Poudre de Soleil #1 will be the replacement product of my current pan.

Funny enough, Poudre de Soleil only comes in shade 1, and the Terre Saharienne line also has a shade 1 from a total of three. Poudre de Soleil is the current remake of my bronzer, and the Saharienne line is more new. Both have shade name #1 Sand.
I may have to do a side by side on which one I will be trying next but am confident in the idea that either way, I'm still buying shade #1.

So if anyone of you are interested in my current bronzer of choice, I would walk on over to a YSL counter for a quick swatch.

What are your ideas on pale bronzers?


  1. will put it down to my wish list for the next summer(?) when my Terracota will be over :) but i think i need to check Laguna first. seems that it's a great bronzer - so many bloggers rave about it!

  2. This sounds amazing! I love a natural bronzer.. Coz i use bronzer to just warm up my skin more than contouring.. Awesome post hun.. Thanks for sharing

  3. I love the sound of this, and LOVE the packaging. I don't know why but I much prefer square compacts to round. Great review and research ;) I'll have to have a look in store!x

  4. I've been all about paler bronzers too, ever since I started using my Dior Matte bronzer in sad it's been discontinued. This YSL one looks so nice, though! My new Clarins one is really pale too because I got the lightest shade, but I think it's actually TOO pale for me :(

  5. that YSL one looks divine. I swatched on of the Terre Saharienne ones and found it to be too orangey for my taste, but I cant rmember which shade it was--so I'll definitely go back and swatch shade one just to be sure!

  6. I am of the same philosophy. I like the flexibility a lighter bronzer gives.

  7. good researching! haha. I think you may like the dior ones, they have just a bit of shimmer which it sounds like you like :) Don't really remember what the shades look like, but the selection is more extensive than I expected!

  8. can u comment on guerlain bronzer as well ?


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