Monday, July 9, 2012

Current Likes and Dislikes

It's been a while since I posted some of my current go to cosmetics, everyone loves one of these posts ( well I love reading them!)

Avené Thermal Water: I give myself a spritz of this throughout the day and carry it in my bag for a refresher when my skin just needs a lift. I also apply it throughout the night after my cleaning routine to keep my skin super hydrated before bed.

Lush Tea Tree Toner: I buy this every summer. It's light, non irritating on my skin (except when I spritz the eye area) and absorbs quickly. It does have a light tea tree percentage in it so I believe it may help my skin as the day goes on when it's oilier in summer. Just slightly helps the pores from becoming clogged and I do believe it helps during this season.

Sephora Airbrush 55: I use this to lightly dust on a sheer layer of mineral foundation on my T zone as my base everyday. Another favorite product I'm currently loving is my Lancome Mineral Foundation.

Sephora Profession 44 Bronzer Brush: Can you believe this was my FIRST Sephora purchase and I have never used it before now (how I bought this 1st is such a stupid story lol) but anyway, I have always thought it was too tense for bronzer, until the bronzer I am currently using arrived in my life. Together they are perfection!

MAC Quad: I have been neglecting my MAC shadows so I decided to create a quad and try to mix and match to a set I can be happy with it. This combo currently consists of Brule, All that Glitters, Mulch, and Print.
Brule and Print I believe I bought on the same day because I don't even recall purchasing them (naughty!) but now I am in LOOOOOOOVE with them. Because in the summer I don't mind a shimmer bronzer, blush, and highlight (yeah I go all out) I like to have simple eyes. Brule is an all over skin color which I just swish on all over the place with a MAC 224 (amazing), and lightly line my top lashline with print with a MAC 263 (equally amazing!) The dark shimmery grey is enough definition without being harsh.
The n*de eye also brings out the curls of my lashes and mascara I have been playing with.
I sometimes add Mulch to the outer corner, or all that glitters all over the place, but Brule and Print have been my go to for a few months, and I see no end in sight for a while!

NARS Madly: Ok this has been something I kind of like. When I first apply this, it looks great. A perfect n*de beige pink, but I noticed, especially if I wear bronzer, at about 3 o clock this blush turns more terracotta???? What the heck?? I don't mind the 2nd color but really would prefer it's original shade which I think looks far better
Has anyone else noticed this with Madly??

Jemma Kidd Rose Gold Dewey Glow: Not THE BEST highlighter in the world, but the packaging, portability, texture, and huge mirror makes this something I carry around every single day. I apply it every morning for a very natural glow, and re apply at night if I am going out. It gives just enough highlight without looking like you tried to hard, and I can see myself hitting pan on this one day!

YSL Bronzer #1: I don't think I am going to review this bronzer alone even though it is absolute love because it may be discontinued? I tried to see if YSL has just re launched this in their new packaging but #1 is NEVER on display! (why??) So I can't confirm yet, and would not want to review something no one else can get.
This was actually given to me by my mother. Normally I wouldn't use old products but it was new in box, still sealed, and never used or swatched. I douse the thing in alcohol before applying it to my face and received no reactions (hooray!)
This bronzer is AMAZING.
I have never owned a bronzer in shade 1. I usually buy the 2nd or 3rd lightest shade but this is EXACTLY what I needed. I build this up with my dense Sephora brush and apply it all over my E or 3 zone and a bit across the nose and jawline and so many people at work have complimented how radiant my skin has looked and the nice color I have.
It does have shimmer but it does not translate on the skin really.
I really must find out if they still make this in the new packaging but if they do, I can say this has been my favorite hands down bronzer so far.
Thank you mom!!!!!

Estee Lauder Gloss in Coral Kiss: I have actually just been trying to use this up so it's been my new go to. I know I showed all those lovely lip products I was going to crack into, but I actually have not used a single one! not until this is gone!
It's just a light coral with gold flecks, it may have been LE, but it's nothing to run out for.
Nice scent, but a bit thick and slightly sticky.

L to R: Jemma Kidd, YSL, Madly, Brule, All that Glitters, Mulch, Print


Ok, not for the bad news. If you are a beauty junkie there is a bit of a trial and error process. Not everything people claim are as great as you may think. I know I bought all of the above due to great claims but for me they came to be duds.

Origins Super Spot Remover: First of all, how TINY is this??? Moving on (I'm still staring...)
This does nothing for me. For years I used the Clinique blemish solutions which looks alot like the Origins version only larger (and the same price) but it actually worked for me.
I would use the Clinique when I can feel a spot trying to come up, and it would zap it.
With this, zapping never happens and the spot comes through every time. What gives...

Essie's Lollipop and It's in the Bag
Essie's Lollipop: If any of you are Olivia Palmero fans you will be happy to know THIS is the red she uses. A bit of orange mixed in with this. The formula of this is actually quite nice, but if you have pale hands stay away from orange reds, because it will just look ORANGE.
I have tried this a few times and have never painted a full hand. The color was just too gross for my hands and taste and regrettingly have another red in my pile of duds in terms of HG's.

It's in the Bag: is a pretty sheer white but a streaky MESS. Don't buy this. 1 coat is streaky, 2 coats is more streaky, and 3 coats is thick and streaky.
I've tried this alone, and mixing it with other shades, but it just made the other shades streaky!
This only looks good if you can get 3 PERFECT thin thin thin coats. Something a professional can most likely do, but not moi.

Revlon Lip Balm Stains: The new hype drugstore product or has the BB creams and Caresse lipsticks done that yet?
I don't know, I just did not think this was that great. It's supposed to be balmy but it made my lips pretty dry, I also was not the biggest fan of all the colors. I don't mind this if I place balm before and gloss after, but that's a bit much for me when the product claims to do so many things.

Ok, so that it! My current cosmetic go to's and down turns

What have you been trying lately?


  1. These are some of my favorite posts to read and I think I should do one soon again :) I've never tried a facial mist in the pressurized aerosol cans due to the alcohol content. I like to use rose water or any kind of scented (non-alcoholic) toner in a tiny spray bottle throughout the day. I don't own Madly but I think I know what you mean when you say the color changes. I think it's the makeup oxidizing when the oils in your skin seep through the base makeup. That's my guess anyway. I've been wanting to try the Origins Spot Remover because SO MANY people love it. I might get it still... but I have to finish LRP Effaclar Duo first.

  2. thanks! i did not know the water sprays had alcohol in them? I thought it was just water.
    Yes, i do think Madly oxidizes which surprises me bc I own many NARS blushes but none of them oxidized on me outside this one.
    Blv me, the LRP Effeclar Duo is light years better than the origins (on my skin anyway!)

  3. Aaaah, another JK Rose Gold highlighter fan! I've always thought it so pretty. But it's one of those things that's not available locally so I'd have to order and...just can't bring myself to do it :( I've been having a lot of luck with my tea try skin care products. Loving them! But this made me wonder if I need to rethink using them in fall/winter.

  4. Ohhh I LOVE Brule too! It's one of my newer shades in my MAC palette but my most used :) I'm so jealous of that YSL bronzer, you make it sound absolutely fab!

  5. ah in the fall and winter the tea tree is a bit too strong for me and i favor aloe, and vitamin E nourishing rose water witch hazel which is less drying! :)

  6. right???????? it looks like a dud in the pan, but its a complete winner!

  7. Aw, sad to hear that you didn't like the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains, I've only heard good things about them. You make the YSL bronzer a must have, it looks like a gorgeous colour in the pan. :) I definitely need to pick up the Tea Tree toner when my current one runs out. I love posts like these! :D xx

  8. Oh, I love these posts of yours, J! So many fun pictures. I've been really enjoying KORRES powders lately and bright lipsticks, particularly Lime Crime Centrifuschia and Revlon Lollipop and Tutti Frutti.

  9. The Revlon Kissable Balm Stains make my lips dry and peel too! So sad. I had only heard raving reviews on them. I love your quad combination, and the YSL bronzer...I may need to track this. Have you tried looking into a CCO to see if they carry it?

  10. Nooooo I'm so sad the balm stains didn't work for you :( I find them to be quite moisturizing, it's funny how a product works for one person and not the other! On a happier note, I'm so happy to see the Avene thermal water spray in your post, I love love loveeee it! What a wonderful product, isn't it?? :) I love Olivia Palermo and had no clue she used Lollipop! I may give this a try, thanks for sharing love!

  11. The bronzer sounds amazing!

    I need to try the JK highlighter.. It looks stunning!

    I've been trying out Smashbox matte bronzer.. it's lovely so far.. And shiseido cream shadow in the bronzey shade.. It's beaaautiful!

  12. Hrm, I did a bit of research and I think the Avene one is just water. Maybe they all are. But I could have sworn I remember GossMakeup talking about alcohol in some kinda spray.... Maybe it was just the UD setting sprays and I'm getting mixed up XD

  13. I have been using Madly a lot lately too! it's a great summer blush when your skin has a bit of color! I don't notice that it changes color on me though. Looove the JK Dewy Glow- one of my favorites- but it's been beat out by the Becca ones at the moment. :)

  14. I want to try that Lush toner--sounds really good for my skin type. Also just got a few of the Revlon balm stains so excited to try them!

  15. oo i need to do a post like this. sad you dont like lollipop. always a shame when popular colors just dont suit a skin tone! i will have to use madly and print in honor of this post. i have both but havent touched them in a while! i barely ever use print...hmm

  16. thanks for reading them!!! i seem to be in the minority about the kissable stains so you can still give them a go, u may love em!

  17. Revlon lip butters are so fun for summer!!! korres powders are quite nice too!

  18. CCO's carry YSL???? lol i have only been 2 CCO's in my life and both had pretty slim pickings!
    Glad to know i was not the only one not loving those stains!

  19. everyone loves those stains! thats why when i found them i bought TWO! i wanted like 4!!
    Avene thermal water is love, a repurchase too!!!
    Olivia Palmero is famous for her red nails i see! it's Lollipop!!!! hope it works better on your skin than mine!

  20. the shiseido eye creams are soooo pretty and i love the lil pots they come in, u know what... i need one now lol

  21. Becca is pretty hard to beat!!! i need to review them asap! and show you my trick on carrying them around!

  22. The toner is excellent for summer, not too heavy, but helps fight again sweat and cloggage ( i believe!)

  23. use print!!!! it's great on the upper lashline and wont be as dark in summer as black!
    i know!!!! i wanted to like lollipop cute name and color!

  24. sorry to hear the revlon stain balm hasn't worked out.. I like the red one (only).. it's moisturising at first but it does feel drying at the end >_< Still I like it a lot because of the colour and pay off :)

    Ohh thanks for the note on madly.. shame to hear it oxidizing as well! I have the three MAC eye shadows you mentioned and Print is deifnitely my fave. Will need to check out Mulch now! hehe


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