Monday, July 2, 2012

Finished Products of May and June 2012

Finished products posts are popping up all over the place! (Loving it!)
Here is my latest installment

I have not been posting these every month as opposed to last year because in 2011 I was in some kind of product finishing frenzy!
All my half used stuff, opened stuff, nearly expired stuff had to go.
Now I have hit the hard point in my collection where I am weeding through what I have and finally making a decent dent in the incredible amount of just STUFF I had emmassed for no apparent reason.

Skin Care

Skin care is where I have been making the most strides. Ideally one day I would come home to 1 cleanser, 1 toner, 1 moisturizer and so on. Things I know I love, and not just need to get through to get to this ideal state.

Thayers Rose Petal Toner: Another one of these down. Gentle, soothing, natural. This is not too expensive nor is it a miracle product but it does seem to help my skin, make it feel refreshed, hydrated, and clean. I think this will be a repurchase (again). One of my go to toners.

Avene Clearance Cleanser: Quite possible the most gentle acne cleanser I have ever tried. If you have sensitive skin that is prone to spots I would give this a go. It's very mild, non irritating in my opinion, and lasts forever! I used this with my clarasonic, and it foamed nicely and I think this is again another repurchase! This lasted me about 6 plus months, so this went the distance.
If Avene is not easily available to you, I am currently using the Neutrogena Stress Control Acne Gel Wash which I find very comparable, outside the fact that it is scented and Avene is scent free

Korres White Tea Cleanser: Reviewed here. My feeling towards this product has not changed. I really don't feel like it cleanses well, and would not recommend this as my skin never felt very clean.
I would just use this after my cleansing oil to remove any remaining excess product

Neutrogena Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin: This product is "ok" There is nothing actually wrong with this, but I have just used better drugstore moisturizers. Olay Sensitive Skin I believe is superior to this product. This is quite a passable product in my opinion.

Face Care

Anessa Sunscreen: I purchased this in Asia and liked the formula (the liquidy shake up kind) but I would not get this again. First of all it smells. It smells like if someone washed the public pool the night before and you were the first person to use it the next morning. Slightly reminiscent to chlorine. This claims a more matte finish but I did notice it had to sit on my skin for a while before this happened. A good 5 to 10 minutes. I still prefer La Roche Posay which I think is better for oily skin, and mattifies fully within 1 minute.

Clinique All About Eyes Rich: I've gone through so many of these! This was the first time I ordered the extra large jar, and when I got it in the mail I thought they sent me a face cream it was so large! Never the less, I finished this and quite like this for daytime before my concealer for a nice base that is not too emollient..

Shisiedio Sunsreen for Eyes: This is ok. I actually have not seen too many sunscreens for the eye area and may try the khiels one next but I would not get this again. For some reason I just was not feeling this. (Terrible explanation on why I wouldn't recommend a product but there you go..)

La Roche Posay Effeclar K: I will do a review on this with Effeclar Duo soon

Misc Care

Garnier Face Wipes: I am not a fan of face wipes but for the gym, these are my favorite

Sephora Nail Polish Remover: I always use this. I think it leaves my nails healthier than the ones sold in drugstores and leaves my nails less thin. It also removes nail polish faster than anything in the drugstore. I need another one of these asap!

Lumene Eye Make Up Remover: I've tried quite a few drugstore eye make up removers but this had to be one of my least favorites. It's a bit too greasy for my taste on the eyes it left quite a film, and it did not even remove my make up easily. I would not recommend this. Try Sonia Kashuk instead!

I Love Coconut Cream: The last of my "I Love" lotions. As mentioned in my last empties post. I totally regret buying these. I see on YouTube and various blogs people loves these! I must be in the minority. I love very hydrating body creams and this to me was a fail. I will admit this smelled damn delicious!

Tsubaki Conditoner Mask: Ever notice I NEVER have hair products in these posts? That is because I use refillable shampoo and conditioners so I only have to show empty bags which I throw out immediately but this is the brand I swear by. Shiseido Tsubaki for damaged hair. I always use damaged hair version, because I like the most benefits a product can offer.
If you have fine while thick hair, I really recommend this line. My HG hair line!

Make Up

Maybelline Mineral Power concealer: Is it just me, or is this discontinued? I have not seen this in stores lately...but anyway. This is not 100 percent done... it's about 85 percent complete. I used to use this on my face when I was paler in the winter, then I used it under my eyes when I started to get more color, but now, I notice that I think it was starting to become really patchy and the formula seemed very drying on my face all of a sudden so while I did enjoy this in the beginning, if it is still available, I would not get it again. I think there are better drugstore concealers out there.

The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Tint: I really loved this. Loved the color, the ease of the applicator, the all natural ingredients, and the price! ( Get it on sale!)
I have never tried Benefit's Benetint, but I tried it in the store. I thought the applicator was too little, and the product too watery. I think The Body Shop version is a far better alternative that deserves a look to those who are curious.
The only con about this is the packaging. In the beginning and about most of the time you have this product it leaks. When you dip the applicator back into the tube, and close the product, excess products seeps out through the sides so be careful before popping this in your bag, so the contents all don't stain red.

Dior Lipgloss 436: Every single Dior lip product I every purchased I have finished. Lipstick, lip balm, and now lip gloss. They seriously know their stuff in the lip products department! Every time I went to Sephora I would pick up this Dior gloss thinking it was the prettiest one of all, and realized I owned it! A very nice peachy gloss with gold shimmer. Not very pigmented but looks amazing over pink, red, peach, or n*de lipsticks. Alone it looked natural and healthy. Long lasting, and non sticky. I would love to have another Dior gloss for my make up bag soon!
Pricey but a gret formula, and this tube lasted me forever!

Urban Decay Lash Growth Serum: My first lash growth product. In short this is not a miracle omg my lashes grew 1.5 inches!! No. They did grow slightly but I think this mainly gave my lashes a nice boost. I would use this and notice my lashes felt so much fluffier! They became softer, and so nice to touch! The product came with a serum on one side, and a conditioner for your lashes on the other, which may have been the stronger product.
This was a nice introduction to lash growth serums and while I did like the conditioner, I think I would want to try another brand with more growth results.
This caused my eyes and skin around my eyes no irritation.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes!: This was a surprise but I really liked this! The brush is wonky looking, and this mascara does clump! *be warned* but wow can this hold a curl! Not only does it hold a curl beautifully, but the clumps actually added to the volume effect
( to which I naturally have none) so I really liked this and am considering a full size!

Do be careful with adding several coats ( I only wear 1 coat) because the flakes can be annoying.

That's it!!
As I mentioned before, I have seen these kinds of posts popping up everywhere! So if you finished a few things, do blog or post about them because they are incredibly informative and a fun read!


  1. I love reading about finished products! Great post!

    I recently picked up the Thayers toner and I *adore* it. I use it in the morning before my moisturizer, and after my bike rides I use it as a body spray to cool down. It's really good stuff!

    It's interesting what you say about the Urban Decay serum. I'm so curious about lash serums lately, specifically RapidLash. I'll probably cave soon. :)

  2. Nice reviews! :) I like reading them! I think they discontinued the Maybelline concealer. I found two different shades at my local discount store so I'm quite sure it's gone. I also noticed they replaced the concealer with some roller ball type thing.
    Ah, love Dior lip glosses. And Guerlain's.. they feel really similar. I have the Dior reflect glosses and I love them :D

  3. I really should try and find where I can get myself a bottle of the Thayers toner!
    I love these posts! Especially since I've had good results with a couple of other recommendations you made :D

  4. You are and will forever be the queen of finishing up beauty products! And omg, yes, I love all of my Dior lip products too!

  5. woo my favorite posts of yours <3 i really want a dior gloss. one natural looking one and i am determined to get black tie plum!

  6. Can't wait to see your effaclar K post! Thanks to you I have the Avene cleanser; it's my go-to now. It really is perfect for acne prone skin that's sensitive to many things too. Love!

    I wish I could do empties posts, but I'm seriously so slow at emptying things!

  7. I get so excited seeing your new finished posts lol

  8. great post! i think the maybelline concealer has been discontinued in australia too >.< if you're looking for a new drugstore moisturiser, i really like the biore nourish moisture lotion spf 15 =)

  9. Such a lot of empties, that is awesome! I like the look of that Dior gloss, I might have to check it out soon. I also like the look of the Avene cleanser, but I think my skin needs something stronger to knock it into shape.

  10. Thanks for the rec on the Sephora Nail Polish Remover! I'm always on the hunt for a good one and will be picking this up next time I'm near one.

  11. woah you went through so much stuff, it's all very impressive! I'm interested to hear your thoughts about the La Roche Posay Duo.. it's available in the UK! I can't live w/o the Effaclar K so I stocked up before leaving Japan haha.

  12. Im trying Rapid Lash right now! It's only day 3 so I will let you know! the UD has good reviews on Sephora but for me it seemed to just make my lashes healthier than longer

  13. They sell the toner in Whole Foods! :)

  14. aww thanks! lol i felt bad I was posting less of these bc I have been finishing items slow in my opinion! lol
    DIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is LOVE

  15. the plum one is GORG!!!! thanks so much for reading these, and u really need to treat yourself to a nice one!

  16. slow is ok! as long as you get through your products and enjoy what you buy. Sometimes i have to finish items i hate bc it needs to get out of my life!!!
    Glad you are enjoying the cleanser, how is the facial spray? Ive been using it non stop! Love them. I know it's water but i think it helps!

  17. Biore makes makeup?????? I think we only have their skin care...

  18. Dior Glosses are winners, im sure u will find a shade you would fall in love with. The cleanser is nice, but only if your skin is very sensitive, if your skin is sturdier but needs a kick alot of Neutrogena stuff has a kick esp the pink grapefruit line for summer, smells nice too!

  19. i hope you like it!! every time i run out and buy another one the packaging changes! that part is always weird ! lol

  20. Review should be coming semi soon!!! but i heard the formulas are slightly diff depending on the country which makes it harder to read the review :(

  21. Yeah I know what you mean cos when I reviewed the Effaclar K Thr different ingredients definitely played a big part of my review for Asia and Europe's formula.

  22. You are the Queen of empties! I love reading your posts :) Just bought my first Dior Addict gloss and I know what you mean - they're just perfect!

  23. I must be the only person on earth who doesn't get a curl out of Lights Camera Lashes. I soooo want to love it and it looks awesome on so many people. Maybe it's worth trying in waterproof. The Sephora polish remover is going on my list. I paint my toes but they always need be done way before I actually get around to it. I just hate working so hard to get the old stuff off.

  24. YAY! what shade did you get? actually, theyre ALL nice lol

  25. awww bummer!! everyone's lashes are diff!!
    I really think the Sephora nail polish remover is worth it, no constant buffing over and over with the cotton pad to just get rid of the shades esp dark ones!! 1 or two swipes, all done! and dosent leave my nails as thin!

  26. I always love your comprehensive empties posts :) I'm going to give the Avene cleanser a go once I've finished up the ones I have now. I have a mini sample size of the Korres cleanser and I used it for the first time yesteday. It was... meh. Definitely not a repurchase. I think you'd like theBalm's Stainiac if you don't like a watery lipstain. Stainiac is more of a gel texture and it can be built up to a really bright color. I've been slackin' on my blog lately so my empties post is still in the works >.<

  27. Yay! Love empties post! We had two of the same this month- Effaclar K (loved it) and the Sephora nail polish remover- you're right, this stuff rocks!


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