Friday, July 27, 2012

Lace and Sandals OOTD

Quite a while since an OOTD eh?
Repetitive and mundane are what come to my mind when I look in the mirror most days, but today I wore a dress I never featured.

The dress is lace all over and is more of a cream shade than white.
It was a bit tight when it first arrived, but by some miracle I now fit.
(100+ degrees and perspiration must have shaved off a lb. or two on the thighs)

It’s shown here with my sandals which I kept on all day. My n*de heels were at home and I was too lazy to bring them back to the office. Also when I wore this with my black heels it suddenly looked a lot shorter and tighter so sandals were slapped back on to keep the outfit more grounded and less trash…
Luckily I stayed in my cubicle all day and was less inclined to walk around showing off my pedicure color. Essie’s Exotic Liras if anyone is wondering.

Most of my make up in the photo ( which I am aware is cut off) is all stuff I'm trying to use up outside 1 new item
The new Maybelline BB cream.

This is the first Western BB cream I have tried ( and the only one I have heard decent things about)
Just purchased this, and gave it an initial run today.
The shade Light Medium is quite perfect for my skin even with my bit of a tan.
Quite happy with it so far. Will keep you posted if this stays a constant.

The Olympics also start today! *HOORAY*
Guess I will be going straight home most days to catch up on the games! Anyone else excited to watch?
I have my TV watching outfit ready!

Cheers to the weekend ladies!


  1. Love this look--it's perfect from top to bottom! LOVE those nude sandals...I have the black patent ones. Excited to hear that you like the Maybelline BB Cream--I got the same shade but haven't tested it out yet.

  2. the BB cream surprised me! lasted well over 14 hours and looking pretty good!

  3. Really want to give the Maybelline BB Cream a try. ;)

    ps the dress is gorge.

  4. I really want to try the maybelline bb cream! I've tried some higher-end ones and I wasn't a fan - but I've only heard good things about that one! And I love that dress! I've been on the hunt for a nice lace dress for a long time. I find that most are too short for my tastes!

  5. That dress is absolutely stunning! I love it paired with the sandals too. Really like your phone cover too :) SO excited about the Olympics, so happy its started. I'm off to see the basketball on Wednesday, ridiculously excited about that!!! xo

  6. Gorgeous dress!

    Did you see the opening ceremony? It was amazing, Bond! Corgis! The Queen! Sheep! Kenneth Branagh! As an owner of an NHS staff card, that section made me very happy.

  7. H&M and ASOS are good for lace dresses- they tend to do the same style in different colours each season so you can build up a collection!

  8. Such an interesting dress-- I can see how it would look really different depending on what heel you wore. Looks AMAZING on your figure.

  9. I love the lace dress.

  10. omg girl did you say you want to lose more weight?! You are super slim! Loving the dress!

  11. Nice dress! Lovee


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