Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Pick Me Ups

Let's be honest. Monday, for most people is tough.
Today I decided to lick my wounds with a bit of Chanel healing

For those of you keeping count, this will be lip product number 2 out of the total of 5 I am allowing myself for the remainder of the year.

Keeping along with the pick me ups, this was quite surprising!

Quite possibly the most amazing skill I have seen for quite a while

At 5:16
I certainly can't do that! Her lining skills are also excellent! lol

Counting the days to Friday!
Whose with me???


  1. O_O
    You're right -- Queenie's lining abilities are astounding. If only I could do the same!

  2. They way she took out the contacts was amazing too, probably too dangerous to try haha.

  3. YAY--you got Boy!!! I just recently got it and am in the middle of photos before I can play with this beautiful color. Ahh the suspense!

  4. yay for makeup pick-me-ups! A little treat now and then is totally underrated.

  5. Beautiful choices! I must have missed the five product declaration. For a year? Wow. I do think Boy is a very beautiful and practical choice if that's the count! I loved the color swatches of Frenzy I've been seeing. Really great picks!

  6. Fridays for me are an afternoon transplant clinic which runs forever.

    I need a whole shop of make-up pick me ups.

  7. Iamy!!


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