Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Revlon Cherries in the Snow

Happy 4th to all my Americans!!

On the day to celebrate the red, white, and blue, I have my focus on the red!

I've been searching (obsessing) over red nail polish lately, and realized
(alot don't look good on me) but I won't give up!

Today's holiday is the perfect reason to use a nice red on the fingers.

So my search for the HG red comes to it's first contender

I bought this last year, and never tried it! I have the corresponding lipstick which I love, and the nail polish is a spot on dead ringer for it.


It's a very 50's red (which I believe is when the color was created! aka classic!)
It was very difficult to show in photos because in sunlight and artificial light it looks warmer but it is a cool blue based red with a shot of fuchsia pink in it.

Indoor Lighting
(better representation but more fuchsia pink and darker in real life)

Pros: Outstanding formula! This is 1 coat to complete opacity. I love the 1 coaters!! and no top coat!it dries glossy enough. No streaks, and easy to apply

No real cons, but it is not my HG I want something blue toned but with less pink in it, but this is an excellent one for the collection and I think I will be wearing it all of the winter holiday season!

What is your favorite red?


  1. This is a gorgeous color! love that it looks perfect in just one coat- time saver!

  2. I have this one on my toes right now! Love how 50s it is and you're right...the lipstick IS a perfect match of the shade :)

  3. I've only tried the lipstick so far, but this looks equally as lovely!

  4. A classic red is perfect for any occasion. I love Wet N Wild's Red Red.

  5. It suits you well. Great shade of red I must say. :)

  6. Ah, a classic. I didn't know there was a nail polish version to Cherries in the Snow! I'm wearing L'Oreal's Apple (?) on my toes today which is a nice red jelly. I like my reds a bit darker. NARS Jungle red is probably my favorite; I find it to be really balanced

  7. completely know what you mean when you say 'reds don't look good on me' - i love classic reds but they always make my hands look darker (dirty) and i am forever envying olivia palermos perfect red mani ... guess it's all about finding the 'right' red =) this one looks great on you!

  8. I love Revlon Polishes too! And I must get my hands on Cherries in the snow! :)

  9. ahhh a Olivia fan!!! I actually bought the red she wears! Essie's Lollipop but it looked AWFUL on me!!! (say it aint so!)
    the hunt is still on!

  10. oh sounds nice!!! i know i can count on you to know ur NARS!!!

  11. i love this on the toes too!!! the lipstick is also AMAZING! especially during the winter holidays!

  12. Ahh, Cherries In The Snow, a classic. My favourite red is Chanel Pirate, I wore it every day of my final year at university and went crazy when it was discontinued. I own lots of reds and none of them compare to my beloved and much lamented Pirate.



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